While we might not notice it all the time, we encounter microinteractions quite a lot during our day. From replying to emails to playing music on the music app, we come across these microinteractions every day.

When a woocommerce smart coupons is designing a digital product such as an online store, microinteractions are something that needs to be incorporated. All though ‘microscopic’ they do play a key role in the user experience when a customer interacts with the site. Using the right microinteraction can vastly improve the appeal of your site, but in the same way, opting for a wrong microinteraction can break your product. To make the task easier, here are the top plugins to enhance the user experience of your online store.

Button Loader

Pressing a button might be interesting depending on the outcome, but the actual process of pressing a button is mundane and dull. You can change this by using Button Loader which shows a loading icon or text when a user clicks send or accept on something like the Terms and Conditions. It might not seem interesting, but letting the customer know that his response was registered is important as it might keep them on the page instead of them leaving under the assumption that the page is broken.

Button loader comes with a number of eye catching loading buttons that you can apply to your website. Another application that does the same is called Ladda.

WordPress Tooltip

Tooltips are a great asset to an e-commerce site. Anyone who has done a woocommerce coupon project will agree. They give out a lot of handy information, and by animating them, you can add a bit of “ooh” to your online store. The WordPress Tooltip allows you to add tooltips to your forms or any specific icon in the website.

A common mistake here is the inclusion of too many tooltips. Remember to keep it low and nice!

In the event that either Contact Form 7 or Gravity Form is being used, then Magic Tooltips is a much better option to make use of.

Amazing Hover Effects Plugin

Adding the hover effect to your website is pretty easy, but there needs to be a reason for them to exist. Ideally, the hover effect should let a user know more information about what will happen when they click an icon on your online store.

Setting up and implementing Amazing Hover Effects Plugin is not that difficult, but the effect it gives your site is quite profound. Of course, Amazing Hover Effects Plugin is not the only option available to users. The other options available include Microthemer Lite and Animate it

FB Quote Plugin

The FB Quote Plugin allows a user to quickly share any text he or she highlights on the site. When they highlight text, a link to their Facebook profile opens up and clicking it takes them to Facebook. This neat and handy feature allows customers to quickly share any exciting promotions and deals present on your online store.

With other social media sites like Twitter available, chances are you are looking for a asimialr app but for other social media sites. If that is the case, Highlight and Share is a great option worth checking out.

I Recommend This Plugin

This plugin gives users the option of recommending products on your site for another user. Another benefit of this plugin is that it allows you to get feedback from consumers and interact with them on a deeper level. This plugin allows you to include the option for like hearts – similar to what is on Instagram.

Zillalikes is very similar to I Recommend This Plugin and offer almost the same functionality. You are recommended to try both out and go for whichever one fits your style the best.

After you have installed ZillaLikes, include the code “Zzilla_likes” to the page or post and you should be done!

Annnd that’s a wrap up!

Before you go about adding all the microinteraction plugins you see, it’s important to remember that less is more in this area. The microinteractions are meant to be subtle and enhance the user experience with little actions and should never be the main spotlight on the website.


Junaid Ali Qureshi is a digital marketing specialist who has helped several businesses gain traffic, outperform competition and generate profitable leads. His current ventures include Progostech, Magentodevelopers.online, eLabelz, Smart Leads.ae, Progos Tech and eCig.

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