Adding a WooCommerce product video will make online shopping more fun and significantly increase your conversions. However, to present your product or service in a way that the image can’t, you need the help of an add-on.

Once WooCommerce is set up, it is impossible to add a video to a single product. However, because of the strong impact of gather content in the video, you may have spent many hours looking at how to add to your product pages.

The good news is that there is no need to keep looking for an answer. Instead, you can add a video to your WooCommerce gallery with the plugin named WooCommerce product Video.

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Why should you add a product video?

Adding a video to your product landing page can help you increase your sales by up to 80%. In addition, recent polls have shown that 90% of users believe that a video product helps them choose.

Video is a good return on investment. However, creating a video is not cheap or easy to process; it takes a lot of time. Although images taken with video game manufacturers’ help have become relatively inexpensive, and many different applications are available in the market due to different prices. You can also make a video with your smartphone.

Videos can also help you rank your website on Google rank tracking system as visitors spend more time on it. Therefore, longevity increases trust and shows search engines that your ”website” has good content.

How to improve your product video?

When creating a product video for your online stores, you need to focus on the following aspects to make the most of it.

1. Clarity and simplicity of the message

In a product video, you have to clearly and easily explain the purpose of the product. A product video that accurately describes how the product solves a specific problem the user faces is a straightforward approach. When you talk about how a product can help solve a problem they are facing, you immediately stimulate users’ minds.

And be sure to shorten it. When promoting a product for the first time, no one needs a short photo. Instead of describing the street, a video marketing product can provide an overview of the product and its appearance.

2. Connecting instantly

Today’s consumers are a group of impatient consumers. If you can’t offer something interesting in the first few seconds of the video, you’ll lose audience feedback. As mentioned above, the best way to communicate is to say how this issue solved their problems. Try to hear the audience at the beginning of the video.

3. Getting the problem right

If you’re trying to tell us how your product is causing some of the problems your audience is facing, you need to fix it. The problem you are talking about must be honest, and your audience’s broader audience must be involved. When you model the real problem your audience is facing; you effortlessly stimulate their attention.

You also have to resist the temptation to discuss too many things in one video. Instead, expect one thing that affects a large number of your audience.

4. Using audio effectively

Videos are not just motion pictures. It takes good audio writing to convey ideas. If the video is too quiet, users can quickly lose interest. If your video market is dead, you need to add background music to make the video fun.

However, there is another side. A large number of Facebook videos continue without sound. This is because users are open to work or other public places; they want to be quiet. How to convey a message in such a situation? You can add captions to videos to compensate for the lack of noise in these situations.

5. Include a call to action

Call power serves as an essential part of any video marketing. At the end of the video, the viewer needs to be compelled to do something, not to buy your product. Sometimes it may be a good idea to entice customers to click the Add to Order button. You can also refer customers to do additional product research. Informing them about current purchases at your store can also help improve conversions.

Most stores ask the audience to subscribe to your newsletter or share the product through their social networks. Whatever the reason for your call, you need to include it in your video marketing product. Without a definite call to the message, the effectiveness of your video marketing will be significantly reduced.

6. Use graphics and animation suiting the target audience

Animations and graphics can help maintain your audience with your audience. If you use beautiful pictures and graphics to complete your writing, your video will be more fun to watch. Customers will prefer the video rather than enjoy the video full of facts.

It only helps if you try to entertain your audience with tutorials. However, it would be best if you were careful not to overdo these things. Instead, use images and fun that add value only to the message you are trying to convey. Also, humor elements should be used infrequently and do not seem convincing.

7. Demonstrate how the product works

An explanatory video on the product page should help the user understand the operation of this product. Nothing works better for that than demonstrating the proper production process. Now the product can have several uses, but it is best to show the first ones. For digital products, such as plugins, a video demonstrating critical features can significantly help users, sometimes even more than documentation. As with any physical product, a potential customer can be sure if you present its core features perfectly.

Even existing customers can get tips or two when they look at a basic product introduction. This will help to improve the overall customer experience of your store.

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