If you are thinking of starting a blog or developing a website, you may want to consider using WordPress. WordPress is the most popular blog and website development tool amongst website and app development companies.

Why is WordPress popular?

WordPress is popular amongst all the web and mobile app development companies because of so many reasons. A few of them will be discussed.

It eases web and app development project

WordPress makes website, blog or app development faster for web and app developers unlike when they have to build one from scratch. The WordPress development company has undertaken a bulk of the development process, such as the coding and programming aspect. The codes used by web developers in developing a website have been done on the WordPress web development software, thereby making it easier and faster for web and app developers to complete a project. Better still, WordPress enables web developers to complete web development projects in a timely fashion.

It reduces web development costs

If you have to build a website from scratch, web and app development companies may charge you more due to the volume of work that they’ll be putting into the development project. However, since part of the work has been done by the WordPress development company, the charges may be reduced. Not to mention that you will still get the same outcome from the top web and app development companies whether you have your website designed with WordPress or it was developed from scratch. The bottom line is that you cannot take away experience when it comes to developing a professional website, more importantly, when building an app. All the same, having a website does not cost an arm and a leg as some people think.

It is self-hosting

Websites and blogs developed with WordPress are automatically hosted online for free. Web and app developers like WordPress based on this advantage because after completing your website development project, they do not need to start searching for internet hosting companies that will offer them this service. With WordPress, they just develop and it is hosted. It is that fast and simple. This is not so with other website development platforms and/or when your website is developed from scratch.

It has built-in SEO

Another very good reason why web development companies like WordPress is that it has built-in SEO, thus, making WordPress-powered websites search engine friendly. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) allows websites to rank high in search engines. This is a great advantage to website owners because their websites can be easily found via search engines. So basically, WordPress offers more for less; it is cost-effective and result-efficient.

It has various themes and templates

As already discussed, WordPress allows web and app developers to develop a website or blog using its web development software. Themes and templates have been provided; the only thing your web developer needs to do is to choose any of the themes and templates to develop yours. No matter the type of business you do, various themes have been created by the WordPress developers that can suffice. This means that there are countless templates that your web or app developer can select from to create a beautiful and professional website for you.

It has plugins

Aside from having numerous templates, WordPress has thousands of plugins that can be used to add features and functionalities to a website or blog. With plugins, all the necessary features of a standard and/or professional website can be added.

It supports media

Yes, websites developed with WordPress can support pictures and videos. With pictures and videos, you can get your site visitors spellbound, thus, creating an opportunity to convert them to potential customers. Remember that the purpose or objective of your website in the first place is to attract clients or customers. So, a professionally-designed website has a high chance of making that possible.

It is ideal for content management

Even if your website or blog was developed by an experienced website developer, you can still undertake the content management by yourself. Regular update of the information on your website is usually necessary if you want to increase your customer base. So to do this, you may not require the services of the web or app developer. There are various reasons why you may want to edit your web content; such as new prices, new products, promotional offers, discounts, etc. So, when any of these situations arise, you can easily edit your site content.

Moreover, if you have the app, you can as well edit your content anytime and anywhere. That’s the beauty of a mobile app.

It is secure

Yes, WordPress is very secure. Thanks to the development company whose developers work tirelessly in making sure that the WordPress server remains extremely strong and invulnerable to hackers and cyber attacks. These developers carry out regular server maintenance services and other services aimed at preventing cyber attacks.

It is good for e-commerce

WordPress supports payment gateway, making it ideal for e-commerce. As stated above, the WordPress internet server is very powerful, so it can support online businesses. Also, plugins are available to add extensive functionalities to e-commerce sites.

Finally, it can be seen from the above that web and app development companies cannot be wrong as to why they enjoy working with the WordPress web development platform. In addition to all that, the top web and app development companies perform some other customized services such as bitcoin development, AR/VR development, business app development, and other related services.


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