If you are an experienced webmaster who has used WordPress since its inception, you surely recall how it began as a straightforward blogging platform with a fairly small code base. Back then, the majority of WordPress blogs could be successfully run on any average shared hosting package. Now the situation is different.

Since then, WordPress has undergone a number of significant modifications and upgrades over the years, and as a result, it is now the most widely used and highly configurable content management system (CSM) in the world.

Doing so significantly increased the complexity of the code base and the system’s resource usage. Forget about cheap shared hosting plans if you have a well-established e-commerce website that is built by WordPress and WooCommerce. Most likely, you’ll require a fully dedicated server, a virtual private server (VPS), or a premium managed WordPress service

How to choose?

All of these choices can provide enough resources, such as CPU, RAM, disk space, etc., to support an e-commerce site’s high server demand.

However, it may not always be easy to choose a provider you can rely on to be there for you whenever something bad happens with your site or server. Especially with so many “best” hosts available and so many conflicting evaluations, the decision is not an easy one.

The three hosting companies listed below are under the radar but a great choice for WordPress e-commerce websites since they offer quick and dependable servers as well as friendly and speedy technical assistance. 

  1. Verpex- Managed WordPress

Verpex offers WordPress hosting, and they have specifically created and configured their server software to operate with the WP system in a very effective manner. This contrasts with other general web hosting providers who load all kinds of websites and technology into their servers.

For WordPress and WooCommerce, they offer one of the quickest, fully managed hosting packages. Whether you are a seasoned webmaster or a complete novice, managing your WordPress site is made incredibly simple with their user-friendly, custom-built control panel.

  1. ScalaHosting-VPS

ScalaHosting provides reliable servers with high-performance hosting services at affordable prices that are ideal for small business websites. They provide shared plans, completely managed and self-managed cloud VPS, both at affordable pricing. You can create your own VPS plan by selecting the number of CPU cores, RAM size, and SSD space from a few pre-set options.

ScalaHosting owns servers that offer VPS hosting for far lower costs in comparison to other VPS hosting providers. 

  1. ChemiCloud – Cloud VPS 

Another reputable supplier of inexpensive shared hosting and powerful cloud VPS is ChemiCloud. Their shared plans may support a small WooCommerce site, but a VPS package offers more specialized resources and better performance, making it more suited for a high-traffic business.

Plans for WordPress and WooCommerce come with cPanel and offer a number of important features, such as a free SSL certificate, daily backups, a network firewall, round-the-clock server monitoring, profile isolation, LiteSpeed caching, and many more. 

Additionally, some plans come with sophisticated server-side caching and high-tech security features like malware scanning and eradication.

What kind of plan should you pick?

With unmanaged services, you will be responsible for all the technical details of installing, maintaining, and managing the software on your server. Only seasoned users with server administration skills should think about using an unmanaged (also known as self-managed) solution because it comes with little technical support.

It is more advisable to use a managed hosting solution, be it WordPress or VPS, if you are a newbie or have little experience managing servers. Having a support team manage all systems and resolve problems as they arise instead of you attempting to figure out how to handle stuff on your own will save you a lot of time. This may be the best choice if you are running a business website.


Before choosing a hosting option for e-commerce, you need to decide if you are going to go with self-managed or managed hosting. Depending on the technical knowledge you have, it is up to you to decide whether you can handle all the tasks or not. Of course, if you go with the more affordable option, which comes with more responsibilities, you can always do some research and look at some video guides and tutorials. 

You can choose managed or unmanaged WordPress hosting, VPS, or cloud VPS to fully utilize this content management system. 


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