Thousands of companies and individuals are making daily decisions to launch a WordPress Blog for Startups. One of the most important decisions one has to make is the type of platform they want for their website blog.

Nowadays, there are no shortages of custom-built content management systems out there. We will always see great results whenever we look at the overall open source CMS market share. WordPress is known to be way above all the rest and even their closest competitor us approximately 40% shares shy away from being anywhere close to the WordPress sites.

In this article, we will look at the various benefits of using WordPress for startups. Below are 5 reasons why to choose WordPress blog for startups –

1. Easy to Install

Most of the business owners who start their startups do not have technical skills. Hence, they will have to depend on the expensive web developers and programmers in order to get their preferred websites up and running.

However, opting to use WordPress is known to come with its own benefits. All you have to do is purchase a domain, host it under a plan and then you can perform automatic installation of the WordPress from the CPanel. The next stage is the theme installation since the website is already hosted. All these will take you less than 1-2 hours and you will not require any technical skill to install WordPress.

Future updates will be sent to the WordPress dashboard and you will have to do is just click on the update now button and the site will always be updated. However, nothing that is remotely difficult when it comes to installation on a WordPress website. This explains why it is important for most startups to use WordPress. With that, they will be able to avoid unnecessary installation costs that they will have to pay if they were using over platforms.

2. SEO friendly

Lack of visibility is one of the major problems that any new startup faces. In a world hugely dominated by content, SEO has developed to become an important component. Instead, search engine optimization has taken a totally different dimension since it is today achieved by using the best keywords that will be able to suit any business and be in a position to build a great content. WordPress is known to assist startups to key in metadata, keywords, and other important information while at the same time ensuring that the articles and posts are search engine optimized.

WordPress is quite SEO friendly. SEO is known to help websites run on WordPress to appear top of Google search results. This is known to be one thing any business will desperately need to achieve.

3. No Need for coding or Technical skills

Startups in most cases do not have a big budget for hiring professional designers or developers. They prefer to develop their websites on their own. This is beneficial if the startup owners have knowledge of coding. However, most of the startup owners do not have any knowledge in coding and do not have the right resources to hire professionals. That is where WordPress comes to their rescue since they do need to have HTML knowledge to setup the website.

4. Customer Support is Available

Though WordPress is known to be an open source, it contains a network of hundreds of thousands of developers on its groups and forums most of whom are known to provide free support and advice. Though it might take some time in order to get the right help, you will always be assured of free support especially to those who are interested in it. There is also an option of custom WordPress development just in case you might be interested in custom solutions.

5. It is Available all over the World

People use WordPress all over the world. No writer needs an introduction to WordPress. In case you are planning to set up and have content that will be ranked high in Google search results, WordPress is considered one of the best tools around. Nearly every tech person knows how to use WordPress. All you have to do with your site is to provide your writer with tasks and they will update it for you on a regular basis.


WordPress is currently the best option for any person who has started a company and is looking towards setting up a new website for it. It is not only cost effective but robust too. WordPress is easy to install and you don’t have to spend much on getting professional developers. It is also SEO friendly and you do not have to have knowledge of HTML in order to use WordPress. Get your WordPress today and let your new startup be discovered.


Kerin is an experienced WordPress developer and a part time blogger. She works for Stellen Infotech, which is a custom WordPress web development company. When Kerin is not working, she likes to cook, take pictures and share insightful posts with her readers.


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    Really nice reasons why one must have a WordPress blog for one’s business website. I do think it is a much-needed trend of the present. Every kind of business can be grown using content marketing tricks and WordPress is the best way you can build a better blog. right.

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