Talking about business, one can’t deny the fact that its visual presentation is one of the most vital points. Basically, finding your auditory is your main task in case you want your deal to be well-known and successful. So, how can one develop their business when nobody knows about it? On the other hand, even the most advantageous services or the most unusual creativity will not be popular if it has a bad presentation. Can you remember those pulp fiction books with the awful covers and the poor short descriptions? None of them was taken seriously thanks to these two things. Yep, they say don’t judge a book by its cover. Actually, these days everyone does it because we live in a material world. Given these points, you should think wisely about the visual presentation of your deal whatever it is about. Given these points, today we decided to help you. To make a long story short, in this post, we will introduce you a fresh list of top 15 magnificent best WordPress themes. Undeniably, these top-notch products will make your business / personal / art website look unforgettable! Would you like to hear more? Therefore, let’s move to these bodacious templates!

Reasons to Choose These New-gen Parallax WordPress Themes

In a word, choosing these uppermost Parallax WordPress themes, you literally get your site just out-of-the-box! To say more, the templates have a clean, well-structured and carefully commented code. Therefore, one doesn’t need to learn coding in order to work with these first-string Parallax WordPress themes. What is more, the products are feature-rich and easy-to-use. Finally, would you like to launch a professional and powerful online project, which will be in a class all by itself? Would you like to have your prime website done without writing a single line of code? Furthermore, would you like to impress web audience with a lightning-fast speed and showcase your content in all its glory? In this case, these ready-made Parallax WordPress themes are just what the doctor ordered!

About the Features of These Top-level Parallax WordPress Themes

To start with, the first thing you should know about the showcased Parallax WordPress themes is that each of them is pre-packed. In a word, the team of pros from that TemplateMonster worked hard to create all these immersive templates. That is why they include everything you may want to use for your website. Moreover, all the design elements of the Parallax WordPress themes below are styled according to the latest web trends! Needless to say, a charming zest of these products is Parallax effect, which is already in all the packs. Undeniably, you will have such basic functions as social sharing feature, blog, newsletter subscription, a modern menu and eye-pleasing gallery. Moreover, in the packs of these ace Parallax WordPress themes you will see the features that come for your particular business type.

By the way, we have prepared the detailed description of these innovative Parallax WordPress themes. Thus, don’t stop reading! In the end, these faultless Parallax templates have so many options to surprise you with! Also, we have added the demo buttons for every Parallax template, so now you can view them out effortlessly. To finish with, another marvelous thing about the themes is that using them means that you will have a friendly technical support. To say more, it is free for you and available 27 /7! In addition, there are so many updates for these uppermost Parallax WordPress themes. Therefore, your website will always look attractive. As it was promised, below you can see a new list of 15 best Parallax WordPress themes that will surely enrich your project! Are you ready to impress your potential audience? Let’s shook people with a unique and incomparable presentation of your business!

Organixine – First-class Biofuel Company Parallax WordPress Theme

Honestly, we chose Organixine to be the first product in this magical selection because of its elegant color palette and deep, modern Parallax effect. Talking about the design elements of this adorable Parallax WordPress theme, Organixine offers one to arrange their content with the help of the columns, text editor, spacer, divider, various icons, etc. In addition, this template features Smart Slider, which means that all the sections of your website will be scrollable when people view them via smartphones. To finish with, Organixine contains brand-new Elementor that alleviates the customization and provides you with all the needed things effortlessly!

Details | Demo

The Ballot – Prime and Powerful Political Candidate Parallax WordPress Theme

At the outset, The Ballot proposes its owner to use a lot of modern custom widgets (such as social media widgets, post carousel or Simple Slider) that will showcase the content in all its glory. Secondly, there are many stylish and easy-to-manage counters you can add to your website’s design to notify people about your news all the time. By the way, a prime Parallax WordPress theme below features Google fonts integration, which means that you will have 500 + examples of an inimitable and eye-friendly typography. Finally, we are glad to inform you that each picture you will see in The Ballot’s demo version is also included to the pack of this powerful and professional product!

Details | Demo

Voodioo – Eye-catching and Easy-to-use Videographer Parallax WordPress Theme

Without a doubt, a voguish and beautiful design is the thing that every online project needs but you can’t deny that it is a true must-have for a site, related to videographer’s services. To begin with, Voodioo provides one with a set of modern content modules that help them to add multiple content types to their online pages. For example, it contains the next modules: number, circle and bar counters, contact form, side bar, pricing tables or countdown timer. Without a doubt, all these things will help you to manage a gorgeous and unparalleled business website easily, so don’t miss the demo of Voodioo!

Details | Demo

RyanZoom – Groundbreaking and Handy Photographer Portfolio Parallax WordPress Theme

Basically, this 100 % responsive and fully customizable Parallax WordPress theme consists of many modern and helpful features and one of them is a powerful Drag-and-drop Page Builder. In a word, such a flexible tool allows one to build their website without learning how to work with the code. What is more, it contains more than 25 modules to choose from and has a huge library of the presets. Additionally, RyanZoom is an Ecwid ready template, which allows its owner to add web store functionality to their site in 5 minutes and just for free!

Details | Demo

Roy Bed & Breakfast – Inimitable and Innovative Small Hotel Parallax WordPress Theme

Crafted with care and designed by the team of pros, this incredible and Parallax WordPress theme provides a soft and cozy design for your site. Honestly, Roy Bed and Breakfast has only the options you may need to launch a brand-new online project showcasing your small hotel. To illustrate, there is a progress bar feature, which shows a percent of your clients’ types (for example, business travelers) and the satisfaction rate. Moreover, Roy Bed and Breakfast includes the easy-to-use maps, so people will find your hotel with no trouble wherever they are located.

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WhiteLight – Uppermost and Ideally Running Photographer Portfolio Parallax WordPress Theme

First of all, to enhance your photography related online project’s work, WhiteLight includes a pack of the premium Cherry plugins. What is more, this fine-tuning Parallax WordPress theme is quite easy-to-manage and takes only 5 minutes to install WhiteLight. In addition, there is a magnificent Live Customizer, which allows customizing a website with so many theme options, so using it one can see all the changes they made without reloading the pages. To say more, the template is mobile-friendly, which means that your fantastic website will look and work well on all the devices!

Details | Demo

MaxPaxton – Fabulous and Feature-rich Freelance Copywriter and Journalist Parallax WordPress Theme

Without a doubt, using MaxPaxton for your business means that the website you built will be popular, as it will be easy-to-notice for the search engines thanks to a powerful SEO integration. What is more, there are 7 header layouts you may use, so this Parallax WordPress theme lets one show their creative part. Furthermore, don’t hesitate to customize the design of your online project using a rich set of configuration options and the versatile color schemes! To sum everything up, MaxPaxton is a perfect choice for those who are going to set up a fully responsive site, showcasing their writing services. By the way, the theme also lets you add an online store to a website, so here is an amazing chance to develop your deal!

Details | Demo

MagicTouch – Unbelievable and Unsurpassed Web Design Studio Parallax WordPress Theme

At the outset, MagicTouch is a child of a well-liked WordPress product – Magic, so you can be sure that the product has everything you may want to use for a shining online project. Would you like to manage a site with a beautiful Parallax effect and a hamburger menu that looks cute and contains so many details? In this case, don’t miss this unsurpassed Parallax WordPress theme, which, by the way, comes with free tech support working every sing day! To continue, there is a helpful Social sharing feature, so you can share your posts and works using all popular social networks. Given these points, don’t forget to know more info about MagicTouch, as this pixel-perfect theme has so many features for you!

Details | Demo

Codathon – Breathtaking and All-encompassing Hackathon for Coders Landing Parallax WordPress Theme

To start with, just look at a voguish and exclusive TM gallery this responsive Parallax WordPress theme provides you with! Basically, the feature allows one to set up the bubbly and fast loading galleries that you can display in a wide variety of layouts. What is more, Codathon knows everything about Google Page Speed, so your project will get higher rankings from the search engines. Finally, although the template is an easy-to-manage one, it includes the step-by-step guides to make the installation process even easier!

Details | Demo

Swanxy – Strikingly-colored and Strong Parallax WordPress Theme

Designed in the prepossessing tones, this strong and strikingly-colored Parallax WordPress theme contains 5 brand-new blog layouts and some inimitable formats for your post. With it, using grid, masonry, and multiple readable web fonts you can easily introduce the subject of your site in a professional and tasteful way. Also, this template is MailChimp ready and crossbrowser compatible but these are just to name a few of Swanxy’s benefits! Seeing that, would you like to see all of the functions in action? In this case, don’t hesitate to run the demo of this rich template!

Details | Demo

Helilar – Texture-rich and Minimalist Solar & Renewable Energy Parallax WordPress Theme

Although we have added Heliar to this cool list, Parallax scrolling is not the only theme’s feature that is worthy of our readers’ attention! For example, Heliar has a well-structured and clean code that conforms all the recent standards, so you can quickly understand the purpose of each element. Next, there is Social option, which means that you can enlarge your auditory and promote your business via social media. To end up with, this texture-rich Parallax WordPress theme is SEO-friendly, so its code follows the best SEO-practice, which lets the search engines find your site without difficulty. Therefore, hit the demo of this high-res template right now and don’t forget to view out its details to know more info!

Details | Demo

Pull Out – Crisp and Content-driven Auto Towing Parallax WordPress Theme

Beforehand, from today you can forget about this annoying browser-testing routine because Pull Out is a responsive Parallax WordPress theme, which makes your content look awesome in any browser! To continue, the template provides its owner both with an eye-pleasing Parallax scrolling and the high-quality background video option. As s result, you may create an unusual presentation for your business and guide people through its history, services, etc. in an interactive way. In summary, being WPML ready, Ecwid ready and fully responsive, Pull Out is pretty easy in installation and managing. Thus, the theme offers you a possibility to construct a popular and professional website even if you have never built a project before.

Details | Demo

Cherfort – Stunning and Stylish Furniture Company Parallax WordPress Theme

In the first place, Cherfort is a clean and stunning Parallax WordPress theme, which provides you with these web forms: contact form, newsletter subscription, search form, user registration and, obviously, login form. Moreover, this abundant product has a set of the pre-built modules and the stylish font icons that you can adjust without loss of quality. Also, Cherfort will help you to get the impressing rankings from Yahoo and Google because it features SEO integration and has a super-high page speed! Finally, the product below automatically adjusts to the viewport dimensions when it is viewed on the tablets and cells. Altogether, Cherfort is a magnificent and well-featured template, which allows one to amplify their business and obtain new clients from all over the globe!

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Innovi – Hip and Fully-functional Startup & Creative Digital Agency Parallax WordPress Theme

In the first place, Innovi is an awesome choice for showcasing your deal because the theme provides its owner with a code-free page creation. It means that you don’t need to have any website building experience, as this Parallax WordPress template is pretty easy in use and comes with the step-by-step instructions. Moreover, there is a free technical support and their team is ready to assist you anytime! By the way, officially, Innivi is a child of Monstroid that for today is the most popular product of all the TM’s WordPress themes. Therefore, have do doubts about the quality of this hip and creative theme and don’t forget to view out a live demo of Innovi!

Details | Demo

Magic – Multipurpose and Marvelous WordPress Parallax Theme for Your Creativity

And now it is time to finish our list with Magic – another popular and powerful Parallax WordPress theme, which, by the way, is multipurpose. As you can see, it contains TM Dashboard plugin that is here to make the backups automatically, so all your content, styles and settings will always be safe. Moreover, Magic provides its owner with 4 professionally styled and ready-to-use skins and 7 resplendent home pages to choose from! To say more, using Magic you will have such plugins as Cherry Timeline and MegaMenu, TM Wizard, Gallery and WooCommerce Pack, Power Builder and much more! Finally, there are the modern dropdown cart and dropdown menu features that will enrich the visual appearance of your online project.

Details | Demo

In conclusion, today owning a worthy and bodacious online project if an easy thing thanks to the recent technologies. On the other hand, now it’s hard to stay unique and keep working when everything is already made and pre-packed for your comfort. Still, the thing is that the brilliant appearance of your business is only a way to interest people in it. Thus, you have to think twice about your content! Without a doubt, these stunning and strong Parallax WordPress themes are ready-made and well-packed. As a result, they will help you to present your business all over the world. One day Ralph W. Emerson said: ‘To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.’ Given these points, don’t be afraid to experiment! All in all, the showcased Parallax WordPress themes give you all the opportunities to express your individuality!

P.S. As it was previously stated, all the introduced Parallax WordPress themes are from TemplateMonster website. Honestly, they have an unbelievable assortment of different business, personal and creative templates! Thus, we suggest one visit their gallery. Actually, although there are over 26 000 of the premium themes, you will not be lost thanks to the cool filters. So, what are you waiting for? Just go ahead and find a gorgeous theme, which will ideally suit your business.

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