Your website is a typical shop or store where your customers and prospects gets to see what you have in stock, only that it is an online platform.

Woocommerce Plugin is one of the leading technologies of any ecommerce development company that makes it a point of duty to create websites that are not only attractive and valuable but also in line with meeting the essential needs of your clients and prospects.

As a business owner who has made up his or her mind to take the business online, the most focal point to start from is how to build the website in such a way that would resonate with what you do and your customers’ needs.

Here are the simple ways to go about it.

Know Your Target Audience And Segment Them

Just like the offline store you have been running successfully, knowing who needs your products and services and why they need them is perhaps the most important thing to understand before starting up the business. Creating a website is no exception.

While building your website, you must be crystal clear about the demography of your target audience and use these data judiciously in building a website that would resonate with their information. It would be out of rationale for you to create a jersey store website with the concept of insurance demography.

Recognize Your Customers Needs

What kills most websites sprouting out these days is their inability to comprehend the thin line between what their target audiences want and what they need. This is why most beautiful website only gets visitors and views but could not convert them to sales.

The demography of your target audience should guide you in denoting what your audience needs at any given time. This information should naturally flow with the building of your website so that your customers can come to you whenever the need arises.

Stamp Your Authority

Being in the offline model of your business is a positive for you while building your website and you can use this to create a customer-oriented website that converts with relative ease.

The psychology of humans is designed in such a way that we tend to flow with someone who has more experience and knowledge than us in a particular industry or niche. Using this experience to build your website and stating how you have helped clients get things done with ease in the offline world would definitely make your website a go-to site when similar problems occur.

Be Relevant and Valuable With Your Content

It is possible for me to stumble upon your website while surfing the internet, what will make me stay and digest your content is the relevance it has, nothing more. The importance of creating website that has valuable content cannot be overemphasized.

While building the website, your customers are not sincerely concerned about what you are or what you can do, what they want to know is the effect of those things on their personal life. Once they can figure that out on your website, congratulations, you are a step closer to closing the deal.

Be it web copies or blog posts, images, or videos, all content on your website must be a solution to a certain pressing need of your customer or prospect.

Swift And Fast

Just like you, nobody loves waiting forever to get the information they need. Building your website with this in mind would help you get to your customers as soon as possible.

On the other part of swiftness is the loading time of your website. Latest Plugins like WooCommerce Product Size Charts Plugin can resolve the loading time. If your website takes forever to load, you are definitely going to chase potential customers and loyal clients away from your website; this is definitely not good for your business at all.


Having a great website with lots of beautiful layouts and images is not enough to convert visitors to customers, building your website from the scratch with these tips would invariably go a long way in establishing your dominance in your industry or niche.

Your website is meant to project you to your customers and solve their problems with ease, don’t forget that when you are at the building stage of the website.


Junaid Ali Qureshi is a digital marketing specialist who has helped several businesses gain traffic, outperform competition and generate profitable leads. His current ventures include Progostech,, eLabelz, Smart, Progos Tech and eCig.

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