The WooCommerce pagination plugin offers three distinct pagination options to enhance your website’s catalog browsing experience. Replace your existing pagination with the following:

  • Infinite Scroll: Continuously load more products as customers scroll down the page.
  • Ajax Pagination: Implement Ajax pagination to seamlessly load additional products without page reloads.
  • Load More Button: Integrate an Ajax-based Load More button, enabling customers to load more products with a single click, eliminating the need for page refresh.

Present your customers with the choice of WooCommerce pagination, infinite scroll, or load more buttons, eliminating the necessity for page reloads while navigating through the product catalog. Incorporate ‘back-to-top’ and ‘show less’ buttons to facilitate effortless scrolling back to the top.

Features of WooCommerce Pagination and Infinite Scroll

  • Three distinct product loading methods: Infinite Scroll, Ajax-based Pagination, and Load More Button.
  • Configure the initial number of products to load.
  • Select from various pagination styles and types.
  • Upload a custom “loading icon” for Infinite Scroll and Load More Button.
  • Customize the position and color for Ajax pagination and infinite scrolling elements.
  • Activate the “Back to Top” button for smooth navigation.
  • Display the “Show Less” button when the Load More option is in use.
  • Customize the load more button text, background, and text color for seamless integration with your website’s design.

Ajax-Based Pagination

The WooCommerce Load More Products plugin allows you to replace traditional pagination with an Ajax-based style, enabling the display of more products without requiring a page reload. Choose pagination types such as arrows or next/previous based on your specific requirements.

Multiple Pagination Styles

The WooCommerce Custom Pagination plugin provides various Ajax pagination styles, including highlighting selected links, a large number of links, custom input, round corner pagination, pagination link application, simple application, and next and previous links.

Enable Infinite Product Scroll

Utilize the WooCommerce Infinite Scroll plugin to load more products automatically as users scroll down. Decide the initial number of products to display and select the threshold after which the footer appears, allowing users to load more products at will using the Load More button.

Display Load More Button

Rather than employing infinite scroll or traditional pagination, opt for an Ajax-based Load More button, enabling customers to load additional products with a single click. Customize the product loading icon and the text of the “Load More” button according to your preferences.

Add a Show Less Button

When the “Load More” button is active, the WooCommerce Infinite Scroll plugin provides the option to display a “Show Less” button. Customize the text and colors of the “Show Less” button to align with your store’s aesthetic.

Include a Back-to-Top Icon

The Load More Products for WooCommerce plugin simplifies the process of scrolling back to the top with the “Back to Top” option. Customize the “Back to Top” icon, change its color, and determine its position according to your design preferences.

Extensive Customization Options

Empowering you with a wide array of customization options, the WooCommerce Product Pagination plugin allows you to choose colors, positions, loading icons, and text for each product loading type. Additionally, customize the “Load More” and “Back to Top” buttons to suit your specific requirements.


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