Discover a diverse collection of beautifully designed Modx themes to elevate your website’s aesthetics. From minimalistic to bold, our themes are crafted to impress. Browse through our collection and find the perfect theme for your Modx site today.


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This pixel perfect tech, multipurpose, and one-page HTML5 theme is created using the Bootstrap 4 Grid System and is constantly evolving. Utilizing a powerful and advanced framework, modern websites can be developed. Take pleasure in the extreme customization power and a vast array of modern components, features, and options.


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Codrop’s landing page template is constantly being updated. The framework for developing modern websites was built using MODX CMS, a powerful and advanced framework.


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Stroyka is an eCommerce MODX theme that can be utilized for tool and instrument stores, but it can also be utilized for auto parts, electronics stores, and other related stores.


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Jhair is designed for any kind of business, whether it’s a corporate or consulting agency. All the business, corporate, and consulting features that a company requires have been created by me. Business, corporate, and consulting agency businesses can customize their options with each section being unique and creative.


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Barristar is a MODX 3 law firm theme that features a clean, unique, and modern design. Law firms, lawyers, or any law-related business or company was the intended target audience for its creation. The template layout has pages that are specifically designed for the Law Firm niche, such as Practice, Case, and Attorney.


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A CMS framework that is powerful, fast, and advanced is used to build modern websites with this theme. Enjoy the unmatched customization power and a plethora of modern components, features, and options. Consulting services come with a customizable option and each section is unique and creative. Consulting businesses can benefit from its unique design and amazing features when building their website.


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Structura is a one page theme that can be used for multiple purposes and is built on Bootstrap and Fred MODX. It has a lot of customization power, making it easy to use. Take pleasure in the extreme customization power and a comprehensive assortment of modern components, features, and options. It is applicable to all types of businesses, including creative, arts, artistic, grunge, urban, minimal, full-page, and agencies.

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