Businesses are evolving day by day. With new trends in fashion and technology, it would be difficult imagining a modern business without digital tools. Using specialty tools for every line of your business would be ideal. However, such solutions tend to be quite expensive and require an investment not many are willing to make.

That’s why targeting specific areas of business with the software will help you improve it and develop it to its full potential. Besides being handy, such tools are easy to use and can aid you and your customers towards better service. So, what kinds of software you can use for fashion businesses?

1. Planning and time management

Running a fashion business requires exquisite attention to detail and organizational skills that make your dreams come true. But in chaos between designing, manufacturing, and communicating with customers, you need to find a perfect balance that will keep your business in the loop.

Even though many are good at memorizing specifics, planning their time, and staying on top of all their obligations, fashion businesses benefit from planning and time management apps. Digital planners help you keep up with a busy schedule and multiple deadlines. On the other hand, time management apps streamline your organizational skills and prevent you from burning out from too much work.

2. Communication apps

Besides a solid plan, the baseline of every business is adequate and straightforward communication. In the fashion industry, business owners need to communicate with multiple streams from manufacturers, and vendors to customers and partners. To ease the process and prevent miscommunication and misinformation, having communication apps certainly helps.

Various communication software can help you with the business organization as well. With just a couple of clicks on your phone, you can control delivery, stay in touch with manufacturers or negotiate with clients and customers. On top of that, communication apps are essential for the internal organization of employees. Keeping people informed is one of the greatest values businesses give.

3. Smart sizing tools

While ecology and sustainability are top topics in the world, the fashion industry tries to keep up by implementing organic materials and low-waste policies. To retain existing customers, attract new ones, achieve profit and manage waste, think about some of the biggest issues in fashion: sizes!

In addition to materials and manufacturing costs, the biggest expenses come from improper sizing and clothing returns.  To avoid that, consider implementing smart sizing tools that help your customers choose adequate sizes for your clothes. By simply entering their measurements, this software helps customers find clothes that fit and try out new outfit combinations perfect for their shape.

4. Clothing design software

Not too long ago, designers used to draw models of clothing and accessories by hand. Rarely anyone could imagine a tool that would make the job simpler, boost creativity and allow such freedom. However, nowadays we have numerous different designing tools you can implement in your daily life. The matter is finding the best one!

If you’re looking for software with infinite variations of patterns, colors, and materials, consider Unmade software for your business. Unmade software boosts your creative juices and helps you create unique pieces your customers will love. Such software allows absolute customization and ensures your product is delivered to the right hands.

5. Image and video editing programs

Businesses rely on marketing and advertising and the fashion industry is no different. To sell your brand to the customers you need to engage with them and create a positive feeling around your business. Today, there is no better way to do so than through photography and videography. Therefore, consider installing some image and video editing programs.

With editing programs like these, you will be able to present your clothes and designs in the best possible light. Paint the true and amazing picture just by adjusting colors and making your creations pop up on the screen. It’s time to implement some tech updates that will improve your company and the way you do your business. 

6. Audience analytics

Marketing is only effective if it helps you reach your goal. Whether it is more hits on your website, higher reach and social media engagement, or more sales, marketing will help you get there. But how can someone who had no previous marketing experience achieve that and more with software and digital tools?

Try audience analytic tools that are widely available all over the internet. Such software helps you collect customers’ data and analyze it so it benefits your brand. Gather information on which type of product customers liked the most or which got a lot of attention and aim your business towards new challenges and goals.

Final thoughts

In the modern world, we cannot live without technology, so neither can our businesses. To be successful in your niche and achieve the great desired success, you need to implement a couple of handy tools. Digital applications can help you boost your business and smoothly run your business. So, don’t forget to give technology a try before giving up on it!


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