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How to Set Different Prices by Using WooCommerce User Role Based Pricing

Pricing is one of the most important components of a WooCommerce business owner’s business strategy. In times of personalized pricing, it can be worthwhile to offer certain customer groups unique prices.

By offering different prices, you can focus more precisely on building long-term customer relationships. The idea is that those customers who consistently get the best price from you want to come back to your business.

This can be an important part of your price, especially if you are selling in bulk. Fortunately, there are a number of role-based WooCommerce pricing plugins that you can use. Read on to find out more.

WooCommerce Role Based Pricing Plugin

With the role-based WooCommerce price plugin, you can set product prices based on user roles and individual customers. You can increase or decrease prices by a fixed amount or percentage.

After a price change, only the specified customers and user roles see the new prices, while other customers see the regular prices.

This plugin has rule-based management that allows you to change prices for an entire category or selected products at once. When you set up a price change, you can set a minimum and maximum order quantity and prevent customers from making purchases in excess of a predefined quantity limit.

WooCommerce User Role Based Plugin

With the WooCommerce user role based plugin you can activate the catalog mode of your shop. With the WooCommerce plugin based on user roles, you can set any price for different user roles.

This plugin allows you to change product prices based on user roles. Price changes can be made at the product level. The plugin also offers the ability to change shipping costs based on user roles. If you’d like to hide or specify a blank price for a specific item, you can.

How This Plugin Works

If you want to set a user-based pricing role for a specific product, go to ‘Add New’ product and you will see a for each product for “User Role” section on the ‘Admin’ product page.

You can add regular or retail product prices for each user role. If you want to leave the product price field blank, this option will also be available to you. When you’re done, click “Update” and the product will be configured.

Rule-Based Price Management

Rule-based price management allows you to change product prices in large quantities. Instead of changing prices by product, you can use a rule-based feature to change prices for specific products and categories.

Other WooCommerce Role Based Pricing Plugins

If you are looking for solutions, you can find good role-based pricing plugins for WooCommerce. Most of these plugins have additional features to help you with general pricing strategies as well.

  1. YITH WooCommerce Role Based Prices

Dealing with a wholesale or retail store with segmented prices can be a real headache. Often you want to create price tables for specific customers or customer groups. With this YITH plugin, you can automate the entire process and seamlessly manage role-based pricing in your store. With this plugin you can authenticate registered users and display a unique price for each one. For each user role, you can choose to display the regular price, the retail price, or the price based on the unique role of the user.

  • WooCommerce Fees and Discounts

WooCommerce fees and discounts allow you to create all sorts of dynamic pricing options including role-based pricing.

You can set global price adjustments based on roles, by product category, or by product. Each role can have a different type of setting – a discount or an additional fee in the form of a fixed amount or percentage.

  • WooCommerce Advanced Pricing

With this plugin, you can create effective pricing rules. You can set different pricing models at the store or “at the product level”. Plugins allow you to use the default WordPress user roles as well as any custom roles you may have created in your store. The plugin also treats unregistered users as a special role and this helps you have a guest user plan.

Advantages of Role Based Pricing

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of role-based pricing in your WooCommerce store.

  • Improve customer experience

In some cases, customers do not make purchases due to the higher price of the product. Likewise, you probably have a group of customers who don’t care about price at all. Offering a unique price that suits a specific customer segment will improve both sales and customer service. The trick, however, is to do the right segmentation with the right analysis and market research.

While this may sound interesting, this approach has its drawbacks. If buyers find out that you are offering discriminatory offers, this could affect your store’s reputation. Role-based pricing can take some trial and error to properly understand its usefulness for your store.

  • Use in wholesale deals

Role-based pricing is particularly useful when segmenting your customers based on their purchase volume. This is especially easy for a wholesale store where you can easily create different user roles for customers based on the amount they buy from you. With Wholesale you are able to offer offers to customers who purchase more items from you.

Final Thought

Providing custom pricing for your online store users can be a tedious and manual task. Often, wholesalers need to create separate pricing tables for their customers and then report them directly.

With the WooCommerce user role-based pricing plugin, you can create custom and global product prices that are specific to user roles. These plugins should, of course, take the strain off your shoulders and offer your customers a superior experience.

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