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What Are The BEST Design Trends Of Summer 2019?

IT is a rapidly changing industry, so professionals working in the field need to improve their skills constantly to stay relevant. MasterBundles is the number-one website to learn the hottest topics, news, and trends. Web designers and developers, marketers, copywriters, and other nerds will find lots of interesting posts and resources on MasterBundles to get inspired.

High-quality graphics resources are always worth their weight in gold. So do the insights on the most recent and relevant trends in design. The pricing is beyond affordable, plus there are mind-blowing discounts offered regularly. Some resources are provided completely free of charge or at a discount of up to 90%!

So, what are the latest trends in 2019 every IT prof needs to know about?

  • Certificate of Completion Certificate Template
Certificate of Completion Certificate Template

More Details

Don’t waste your time and time of your company on creating a certificate. Use ready-made certificate templates.

For instance, Certificate of Completion costs only $9 but looks more presentable.

Certificate of Completion’s features:

  • four different colors: blue, white, green and white;
  • different types of file: PSD, AI, EPS, and PDF:
  • Easy to edit at Adobe Photoshop CC+;
  • Universal and modern design.

Unicorn Clipart Elements: For those who Believe in Miracles

Unicorn Clipart Elements

More Details

It doesn’t matter if you like or hate unicorns, they are trending in 2019. It’s a grave misconception to think that unicorn designs are only applicable in children-related projects. Despite their sweet look, unicorn clipart can be applied in a vast range of design projects. So, don’t limit your creative urge and experiment with the custom-made unicorn clipart!

Think big, as unicorns aren’t only working for kids’ bedroom decoration! In case your fellow designers need to spice up their projects with something special, unicorn clipart bundle can be a perfect gift. So, how can you use unicorn designs?

  • Textile prints (clothes, accessories, bed linen)
  • Stationery design (calendars, notebooks, school utensils)
  • Interior and furniture decoration (wallpaper, pieces of furniture)

Intrigued already? Then take a closer look at the cute unicorn clipart bundle below:

  • Unicorns: Hand-drawn Style Cartoon Illustrations – $15
Unicorns: Hand-drawn Style Cartoon Illustrations

In this bundle, you’ll find a number of sweet and lovely unicorn designs and clipart. Whether you need illustrations, cards, lettering, patterns, and other design elements, you’ll find all of it in the Magical Time Collection. The bundle also contains items with hand-drawn lettering and a 2019 calendar.

Postcrossing. Postcards For Hobby With No Borders

Postcrossing. Postcards For Hobby With No Borders

More Details

Postcrossing is a great hobby for those feeling a bit nostalgic for paper mail. Portuguese students came up with an idea of an online service that would help random people worldwide send and receive postcards. Postcrossing got so popular that January 2012 was marked by sending the ten-millionth postcard.

At MasterBundles, designers see postcrossing as an opportunity to flaunt their creativity. Sending paper postcards is a perfect way to express your feelings for somebody without any special occasion. After the registration on, the randomizer chooses the recipient from over 500 thousand users. Over the past decade, the service has helped millions of people exchange paper postcards.

If you’re looking for an outstanding postcard to send someone you care about, MasterBundles has plenty of items with an option of affordable delivery to feast your eyes upon:

  • I Liked It So It’s Mine Postcard – $3
I Liked It So It’s Mine Postcard

This cute postcard will be most definitely appreciated by the lovers of kink. At that, it doesn’t need any special occasion to be sent!

  • MasterBundles Postcard for Designers – FREE
MasterBundles Postcard for Designers

MasterBundles now has its own-designed postcard given absolutely for free. It’s a great item to present to a fellow IT professional!

  • PRINTABLE Darth Vader Valentine card [Star Wars] – $3
PRINTABLE Darth Vader Valentine card [Star Wars]

Is there anything cuter than this little Darth Vader? Any Star Wars fan will fall in love with this sweet little postcard presented for St. Valentine’s Day!

  • Your B-Day is … Postcard – $3
Your B-Day is … Postcard

This unique postcard will help you express your genuine feelings for someone you care about dearly. As delivery is available to any country of the world, you can greet your friends living abroad.

  • Motherhood: Funny Postcard for Mommy – $3
Motherhood: Funny Postcard for Mommy

Give this postcard to greet a mommy on a Mother’s Day! Handwritten typefaces look as if a kid had written the words with their small hand. Isn’t that special?

Mandala Designs 2019: Express Yourself With Gorgeous Graphics

Mandala Designs 2019: Express Yourself With Gorgeous Graphics

More Details

The mandala symbol has been around for quite some time, but very few people actually know its meaning. In Hinduism or Buddhism, the mandala symbol has is deemed sacred. From the Sanskrit language, “mandala” translates as “circle”, “disk”, “center.” Owing to its convoluted structure, mandala symbolized the multiple levels Universe.

In 2019, mandalas are becoming a big trend seen everywhere from tattoos, floral compositions to web design, clothes prints, etc. If you’re a creative professional aiming to try something new in your designs, you may want to employ mandalas in your projects. To unravel the process of mandala creation, check out these bundles:

  • Mandala Creator Collection – $29
Mandala Creator Collection

Designers who work in Adobe Illustrator will appreciate over 800 mandala patterns with unlimited combinations. With their help, putting together an outstanding mandala design won’t be an issue.

  • Mandala Coloring Book – $12
Mandala Coloring Book

Did you know, mandalas can help you cope with stress? These awesome coloring books with outlined mandalas and coloring mandalas are just the thing to help you cool down.

  • Delphina | Beauty Script Font Font
Delphina | Beauty Script Font Font

More Details

Having a selection of beautiful design fonts in your arsenal is always a good idea. Any of your designs will sparkle with new colors with a beautiful font.

Delphina font might be the one, which will help you add a little spice. This font is nice, universal and easy to read, which is very important. There will be no problem with using it on PC, Mac, Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Word.

Delphina has PUA Encoded Character and many other useful features.

25+ Bullet Journal Fonts to Make Your BuJo Fancy in 2019

25+ Bullet Journal Fonts to Make Your BuJo Fancy in 2019

Bullet journaling is yet another trend flourishing in 2019. A New York designer Ryder Carroll was the first to set out the basic principles of bullet journaling in “The Bullet Journal Method: Track the Past, Order the Present, Design the Future.” Initially, Carroll was looking for a handy way of tracking his ideas. Keeping a bullet journal would help Carroll go back to his ideas and use them.

Seeking unconventional and unique typefaces for your bullet journal? This post contains 25+ fonts catering to every need and purpose, so take a look:

  • Devie Regular, Italic & Bold Font – $10
Devie Regular, Italic & Bold Font
  • Chalifor Dalsatic SVG FONT – $15
Chalifor Dalsatic SVG FONT
  • Brainik Font Family: a Typeface You’ll Love – Just $9!
Brainik Font Family: a Typeface You’ll Love
  • Mandalica Calligraphy Handwriting Font – $12
Mandalica Calligraphy Handwriting Font
  • Older Historica Signature Type Font – $2
Older Historica Signature Type Font
  • Geometric Luxurygold Pattern
Geometric Luxurygold Pattern

More Details

If you want a new stylish design for your business, you always have two options. You can set up everything from scratch yourself or try to find quality images, even if you have to pay for them sometimes. The geometric luxury gold pattern might be exactly what you are looking for and cost only $6.

Download 20 background images. There are two styles of background, 10 different designs, 2 formats – PNG and JPEG and high resolution 300 dpi and 2700 x 2700 px.

7 Gold Foil Textures 2019. Best Bundles for Creative Use

7 Gold Foil Textures 2019. Best Bundles for Creative Use

More Details

Finally, the design trend we’ve all been waiting for! In 2019, the rich and lavish translates into gold foil textures. So, if you’re looking to throw some luxury into your designs, this one is definitely worth a try. Be careful as using too much gold can be an overkill. Still, gold metallic textures are a great way to emphasize specific parts of the design.

In this post, you’ll get your hands on the trend overview as well as high-quality gold foil texture bundles.Who knows, maybe these nuggets of gold are the best fit for your project:

Adenium Font + Gold & Rose Gold Foil – $21

Adenium Font + Gold & Rose Gold Foil

This bundle provides you with a set of great typography, design elements, plus gold & rose foil textures. Check it out!

  • 540 Hand Crafted Patterns Super Bundle from Blixa 6 Studios – $19
540 Hand Crafted Patterns Super Bundle from Blixa 6 Studios

In this Super Bundle, you will get 540 hand-crafted patterns which include majestic gold textures.

  • Gold Foil and Glitter Textures – $4
Gold Foil and Glitter Textures

If you need high-resolution Gold Foil and Glitter Textures to embody your bravest design fantasies, this bundle will be the perfect fit!

Sistec Instagram Promotional Banner Social Media

Sistec Instagram Promotional Banner Social Media

More Details

Here is for you a set of AI templates purely for Instagram promotion.

Download 9 templates for Instagram posts that will fit for 9 different categories: quotes, tips, news, fashion/sales, greetings, and so on. This social media template will help you to create a professional look of your business for all your customers. All images have 1200 x 1200 px size and ready to use. Use Adobe Illustrator CS2+ to edit text and photos.

5 Top Educational WP Themes

Some people think that the process of website-building is a challenging task. Especially if you are a representative of some specific niche. Especially if we are talking about education. Actually, we are here to talk you around. Everything will turn out to be easy when you possess one of the most marvelous WordPress educational themes. The Internet is overloaded with dozens (or even hundreds) of worthwhile ready-made solutions. They are capable of simplifying the process of content creation and management. However, it can take you lots of efforts to choose the most appropriate one. Today, we decided to help you in escaping these tremendous efforts. For the reason that our team has prepared a collection of fully-fledged educational WP themes. They will allow you to bring your educational services online.

You will not be extremely surprised if we say that there are various educational establishments all over the world. Multiple universities, colleges, schools, kindergartens, and many other institutions are competing for attention every single day. Each of them requires a special approach. Both in design and functionality. First of all, you should make sure that the chosen WordPress theme is compatible with a learning management system.

Thanks to it, you will be capable of grabbing the attention of your target audience. Feel free to manage lessons timing and create a well-organized schedule. You can also create and work with different types of courses. Furthermore, it is possible to award your students with certificates. Your visitors will also be able to communicate with each other on educational forums. As you can understand, a learning management system is considered to be an essential part of your educational website.

Educational WP themes options:

If you are interested in standing out from the crowd, we offer you to explore the most eye-catching variants. Their packages come together with the following options:

  • cross-browser compatible design;
  • custom post types and formats;
  • various customization options;
  • additional widgets and plugins;
  • multilingual support;
  • Google Maps;
  • drop-down menu;
  • social integration;
  • visual effects;
  • and many-many other features.

Now, it is time to boost your educational services. Take a look at these impressive ready-made solutions and grab the most suitable one. We think that it is already waiting for you in the list presented below. Do not lose your time and look through them here and now…

School Multipage HTML Template

School Multipage HTML Template


E-learning Multipage HTML template

E-learning Multipage HTML template


Education Multipage HTML Template

Education Multipage HTML Template


University Website Template

University Website Template


Multipurpose Education HTML5 Template

Multipurpose Education HTML5 Template


Whether you are a president of the university or a professional tutor, you should always care about your online-presence. People should be ready to trust you. They should be sure of getting the most reliable educational services. For this reason, you need something from this wonderful assortment of ready-made solutions. Keep in mind that you will be provided with some top-notch options. Each of them is considered to be essential for the perfect education-related online-project. We hope that you have found something to your liking in this list. Thanks for reading!

10+ WordPress Assets for St. Valentine’s Day That Will Take Your Breath Away

St. Valentine’s Day is one of the best days to share your love with beloved ones. Many people can already be busy with a search for gifts for their lovers. Lucky those who do not need to cope with one more task. Now we are talking about people who need to get their online-projects ready for this very holiday. They can think of creating a romantic atmosphere on the website that will not be compared to others. In order to provide people with a warm aura and encourage them to stay longer on the website, they need to get something unusual. If you are one of these people and you need these very unusual things, you can get them here and now.

In this article, we decide to include 10+ WordPress assets to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day in the best possible way. Among them, you can find different watercolor sets, illustrations, fonts, and WordPress themes to make your online-project stand out from the crowd. By the way, those people, who are searching for some materials to create their own greeting cards or invitations, will also find some pleasant things here. Let us not keep you intrigued anymore and present the most amazing assets to win your heart right now…

Valentine’s Hearts Watercolor Png Illustration

Valentine's Hearts Watercolor Png Illustration

Lovely Details

If you are looking for an aesthetically-spectacular watercolor set, this one really deserves your attention. Here you will find different kinds of illustrations that can be used in order to make your project look romantic. There are 40 files that will become your ideal choice to accomplish various objectives. You can easily create lots of stuff that will have not a boring but extremely attractive. As an example, we really offer you to include these images in your wedding invitations, posters, quotes, greeting cards, and so on and so forth. In general, there are four PNG-files (300 dpi) and 36 JPG-files (3500 x 3500 px). Among them, you will find frames, borders, patterns, and isolated images. All of them are highly-detailed. Using Adobe Photoshop, it is possible to change illustrations in their size and color. Do you think of printing these images? You will be always free to do it.

Pink Peonies Watercolor png Illustration

Pink Peonies Watercolor png Illustration

Lovely Details

One more watercolor set that will impress your imagination with its bright and attractive design. Yet this time we are not speaking about a typical symbol of St. Valentine’ Day that is a heart. We would like to present your pink peonies that will also capture the attention of people. As you can understand, this package is not a penny the worse than its predecessor mentioned on the top. There are 106 files included in this collection of aquarelle elements. Among them, you will get 84 JPG-files (3500 x 3500 px) and 22 PNG-files (300 dpi). It is also possible to use them for patterns, backgrounds, borders, and frames. In order to adorn your greeting cards, postcards, quotes, wedding invitations, and other creative things, you certainly need to choose these illustrations. If you need to make some changes (change them in color or size), you can open Adobe Photoshop and give them a look you are dreaming about.

Moon Flower – Flower Shop WordPress Theme

Moon Flower - Flower Shop WordPress Theme

Lovely Details

When we are talking about holidays, it is impossible to keep silence about gifts. For the reason that it is always a pleasure not only to get presents but also choose them. If you want people to purchase presents for their beloved ones exactly in your online-shop, you should grab this excellent WordPress theme. There are many tools included in its package that you will find extremely helpful. Let us get familiar with them together.

Main Features:

  • a drag-and-drop builder that allows building your pages without coding;
  • an ultimate package of Cherry Plugins to showcase services, team members, and testimonials;
  • multiple layout options to choose from;
  • different content modules that allow adding buttons, pricing tables, sliders, and other elements to your online-project;
  • a fully-responsive design that allows using different devices to browse your website;
  • seven marvelous header layouts;
  • lots of custom widgets to provide your website with advanced functionality.

Lovely Monograms: 26 elements in 3 color variations

Lovely Monograms: 26 elements in 3 color variations

Lovely Details

We are definitely in love with these cute monograms from MasterBundles. For the reason that they make it possible not to limit your imagination. You can create impressive cards, invitations, and different types of decor by means of them. There are some things about them that you should learn.

What Does This Package Include?

The First Monogram Set:

  • 26 items that are available in three color variations (pink, violet, and yellow);
  • all in individual PNG and three ESP10 set;
  • Size – 3000 px.

The Second Monogram Set:

  • 26 excellent items;
  • all in individual PNG and three ESP10 set;
  • Size – 3000 px.


  • Five graphic items that will make it possible to grab even more attention.

Some Additional Files:

  • you can download links used in the package (.txt);
  • info on the color palette (.jpeg).

You should also notice that PNG-files have a transparent background. Those of EPS10-format are vector files. They can be edited in size. Open them in Adobe Illustrator.

Geraldine – Vintage Fashion Blog WordPress Theme

Vintage Fashion Blog WordPress Theme

Lovely Details

Geraldine is a modern WordPress theme that will meet all requirements of those people who want to create a fashion blog. It has a stylish design that really cannot be compared to others. Each of its elements was carefully crafted which means that your website will correspond to the latest web-design trends. Your future website will become an attention-grabber that more and more people will decide to take a look at. There are even more reasons to choose exactly this fashionable ready-made solution. You can find out more about them below.

Main Features:

  • a special bonus in the form of relevant images;
  • such custom widgets as a carousel, post slider, social media widgets, and many others;
  • an amazing WordPress Live Customizer that includes multiple customization options and allows making changes in a real-time mode;
  • a modern collection of Google Fonts to choose from;
  • a mobile-first and fully-responsive design to provide people with the best user-experience ever.

Hearts and Arrows Valentines Clipart

Hearts and Arrows Valentines Clipart

Lovely Details

We have already mentioned a watercolor set with hearts. Now we want you to take a look at hearts and arrows clipart that also deserves to be recognized. These graphics were hand-drawn which means that all of them are meant to impress all possible people. Everyone will turn out to be a fan of your talent if you decide to try your luck using this digital clipart. You can use these illustrations to create cards, invitations, and many other things. If you are crazy about scrapbooking, you will also find lots of helpful things in the package.

The Package Will Gladden You With:

  • all elements were painted on the watercolor paper;
  • all images are 300 dpi (and a watermark is not included in the files);
  • 1 ZIP with 18 PNG and 18 JPG (with the same coloring on the transparent background);
  • all elements have different sizes (from 100 x 100 px to 1200 x 1200 px).

100 Typography Logos and 100 Frames Bundle

100 Typography Logos + 100 Frames Bundle

Lovely Details

Choose this typography logos if you want to get a perfect combination of style and attractiveness.

What Will You Get Together With Your Purchase

  • 100 typography logos:
    • Part 1: 50 typography logos for personal and commercial use;
    • Part 2: 50 typography logos created mainly for personal use;
  • 100 logo frames;
  • AL, EPS, and PSD-files (all of the are fully-layered and fully-editable);
  • CMYK color-mode;
  • 300 dpi;
  • 1 font list with links to download and some additional information.

How to Work with Files?

  1. Open a logo-file (AI, EPS or PSD).
  2. Choose a logo and look which font is required for the logo you have selected.
  3. Download those fonts that you need and install.
  4. Add your text to the logo and color if there is a need to do it.
  5. Copy your new logo and them to your business cards, brochures, websites, blogs, and so on and so forth.
  6. Everything is ready. Now you can create your logo designs in a flash.

Love Story – Valentine Watercolor Kit

Love Story: Valentine Watercolor Kit

Lovely Details

If you are searching for a little (or big) collection of hand-drawn illustrations, we have something to gladden you with. Actually, there is even more. You are going to get eye-catching patterns and decorative elements that will make a strong impression on everyone. It is possible to use these graphics for different purposes. Posters, romantic cards, postcards, book and notebook covers, quotes, greeting cards, and many others.

Illustrations, Illustrations, and Again… Illustrations:

  • 21 watercolor floral and leafy elements (isolated PNGs at 600 dpi);
  • 9 watercolor subtle textures (isolated PNGs at 600 dpi);
  • 20 watercolor hearts and balloons (isolated PNGs at 600 dpi);
  • 10 watercolor seamless patterns (isolated PNGs at 600 dpi);
  • 50 vector wreaths (EPS + isolated PNGs);
  • 50 vector heart-shaped wreaths (EPS + isolated PNGs);
  • 8 watercolor couples (isolated PNGs at 600 dpi);
  • 30 watercolor decorative elements (isolated PNGs at 600 dpi);
  • 50 vector floral and leafy elements (EPS + isolated PNGs).

Mega Fonts – Bundle

Mega Fonts - Bundle

Lovely Details

This bundle is overloaded with different fonts that have different styles. It does not matter what texts you want to adorn by means of them. You will always find something that will suit your special purpose. As an example, you can use them in various creative projects and include them in:

  • logos;
  • headings;
  • posters;
  • wedding invitations;
  • T-shirt designs;
  • badges;
  • signatures;
  • letterheads;
  • signages;
  • labels;
  • news;
  • and many-many others.

If you are interested in taking a glance at the names of these fonts, you can get familiar with all of them below.

  • Wolf Reality
  • Soulmater
  • Arkana
  • Elrotex
  • Jarvish Blurry
  • Roselowe
  • Sottafles
  • Passion
  • Constanta
  • Mornin Awesome
  • Morracle
  • Asia Otasi
  • Valdemar
  • Wosser
  • Sobbers
  • Rissa
  • Karenina
  • Morning Wishes
  • Tristan
  • Bottle Massow
  • Tycho
  • Atora
  • Zurich
  • However Store
  • Palm Brush

Stunning Red Tulips PNG Watercolor Set Illustration

Stunning Red Tulips PNG Watercolor Set Illustration

Lovely Details

If you want to decorate your projects with passionate red tulips, you cannot pass by this small collection of illustrations. Here you will find lots of variants to create a romantic atmosphere and impress all possible viewers. Below you can find all needed details concerning these images and their properties.

Main Characteristics:

  • a watercolor set consists of 72 files to choose from;
  • ideal materials for creating wedding invitations, quotes, posters, greeting and romantic cards, postcards, and many other projects;
  • can also be used to decorate blogs, online-shops, ordinary websites, and so on and so forth;
  • various frames, isolated images, borders, and patterns to make use of;
  • aquarelle elements can also be used to create backgrounds;
  • fully-editable images (change their colors, sizes, and other aspects by means of Adobe Photoshop);
  • graphics are presented in PNG-files (300 dpi);
  • patterns are presented in JPG-files (3500 x 3500 px).

Stunning Roses PNG Watercolor Set Illustration

Stunning Roses PNG Watercolor Set Illustration

Lovely Details

If illustrations of wild red tulips are not enough for you, we have more watercolor sets to provide you with. As an example, you can take a look at this collection of images. This time they will be with tender and cute roses. There are some main properties of them that you should be aware of. Give them a look here and now.

Main Characteristics to Take Into Consideration:

  • every image is a separate file;
  • graphics are PNG-files (300 dip without background);
  • patterns are JPG-files (7500 x 7500 px);
  • excellent frames, patterns, borders, and isolated images;
  • fully-editable (you can change their sizes, colors, and other aspects by means of Adobe Photoshop);
  • images are hand-drawn;
  • all illustrations are highly-detailed;
  • an opportunity to print all elements for anything your soul want;
  • can be used in order to create posters, postcards, quotes, wedding invitations, greeting cards, and so on and so forth.

Free Printable Valentine’s Day Tags

Free Printable Valentine’s Day Tags

Lovely Details

You may find various tags on the Internet. Yet it can be difficult to find those which can become a perfect fit for St. Valentine’s Day. These tags will certainly make it possible to impress people and get more of their attention. There are some of the titles that you can find on them:

  • be mine;
  • especially for you;
  • you are so special to me;
  • I love you;
  • you are loved;
  • for you;
  • and some other nice words.

We hope that it will be possible for you to declare your love by means of these stunning assets. Show your love by creating the most impressive online-projects ever. Thanks for reading!

Woostroid2 Review: Get 30% Off the Nr.1 eCommerce WordPress Theme

Launching a web store is an important milestone for every business. However, many procrastinate, fearing the financial burden it may turn out to be. Fortunately, this winter, you’ve got a great chance to launch a cutting-edge e-store without breaking the bank with the upcoming Woostroid sale.

What’s Woostroid?

If you’re searching for the Nr.1 WordPress template for eCommerce, it’s Woostroid2.

And here is the reason why:

  1. Not a single existing e-commerce WordPress theme can beat this template in terms of selling options, customization ease and richness of its functionality.
  2. Woostroid is just supercharged with all the essentials you need to effectively create a success-bound e-store.
  3. With its help, you’ll build a feature-rich and user-friendly e-store without losing sleep over it.

Now, listen carefully:

Sale Details

If you want to get Woostroid at a sound discount of 30%, purchase it between January 28th and February 2nd. The discount will be automatically counted towards your order. The sale lasts for 6 days only, so you better hurry up learning more about this awesome template.

Woostroid Features

Woostroid is currently the top WordPress theme for eCommerce, and for good reason. Let’s brush over Woostroid functionality to see why this theme is named the best option.

#1: Two eCommerce Solutions

Are you eager to take your time developing a well-rounded e-store? Or are you after a basic and sleek e-store that you can power on the go? In both cases, Woostroid will perfectly accommodate your needs.

This groundbreaking theme supports both WooCommerce and Ecwid e-store engine. Both engines are newbie-oriented and easy-to-operate. So, the choice is up to you!

#2: Niche-related Skins

It’s hard to get your e-store up-and-running quickly if you have to go into its redesign to make it fit your niche. With Woostroid, you can just ditch all this and simply choose one of the ready-made Woostroid skins (aka ‘themes’). Let us list these skins for you:

Clothes store;

Tools store;

Jewelry store (2 design variations);

Lingerie store;

Handmade items store;

Electronics store

Online marketplace;

Kids store;

Cosmetics store.


#3: Elementor

A template is not a modern one without a visual page builder. And, no doubt, Woostroid has got a splendid option on board. The theme comes with the prebuilt Elementor page builder, which is the leading option among modern builders.

Using this page builder, you can edit skins, create pages, add content blocks and adjust layouts in a comprehensive drag-n-drop interface.

#4: Mobile-friendly

With Woostroid, you won’t ever compromise the convenience of users on the go. This template is fully responsive. It features a legible small-screen UI, friendly mobile UX and imagery with the resolution up to 4K.

#5: Large Pack of Premium Extensions

If you want the UX on your website to be top, you need a bunch of first-class plugins to provide for such an experience. If you don’t know which plugins to choose or don’t want to pay for them, simply choose Woostroid as it already has a smashing collection of plugins on board. Let us name just a few:

Elementor Website Builder.

JetElements, JetMenu and JetWooBuilder.

TM Ajax Filters, TM Compare&Wishlist.

TM Megamenu, TM Timeline, Cherry Team Members.

Power Builder.

WooCommerce Quick View.

Cherry Search and Cherry Sidebars.

WooCommerce Currency Switcher and more.

Websites Built With Woostroid

Nothing speaks better for a theme than the real-world examples of gorgeous websites built with it. We are happy to feature a few of them here:

Yes Clothing Online Fashion Store

Sea And Her Swim Online Store

EZPOG Software Online Store

Wrapping Up

Fitting all the features of Woostroid into this short review is impossible. However, there are a whole lot of other Woostroid features that you may find useful for building a front-running e-store. You can learn more about them here.

Make your choice and grab a Woostroid instance at a 30% discount on January, 28 – February, 2. We wish you good luck with building your perfect e-store!


10 Best Business WordPress Themes

Each business is a tricky thing. Especially nowadays when you certainly need to promote it on the web in order to gain success. Yet there is no need to be extremely worried because we have a marvelous solution for you. A ready-made WordPress theme designed for multiple niches.

In this article, you will find 10 best business WordPress themes that will win the hearts of your potential customers. Yet, to begin with, let us introduce you the reasons to opt for WordPress these days.

Reasons to Choose WordPress for Your Business Website

    1. WordPress is an open-source platform. In addition to this, you don’t need to pay any money for its use. There are no additional fees that you need to pay for downloading or updating this very software.
    2. WordPress takes its security extremely seriously. It will do everything in its power to protect your future website from various attacks. Anyway, don’t forget to make basic precautions as not downloading themes or plugins from untrusted websites (better take a glance at these premium and reliable WordPress themes for personal website).
    3. As you can understand, WordPress can also impress you with a wide range of customization opportunities. You can work with various aspects of your future design – tweak colors and fonts, modify layouts, play around with header and footer variations, and so on and so forth.
    4. By the way, WordPress will also provide you with a stunning support. Its incredible community that consists of thousands of professional web-developers is always ready to do their bit in launching your online-project.
    5. Finally, WordPress will unleash the potential of your website thanks to its SEO-friendliness. If you want your website to be on the top in Google search results, be sure to choose exactly this platform.

Are you ready to choose an incredible theme to launch your successful business website? We are pretty sure that yes. For this reason, let us present these amazing business WordPress templates to you…

Imperion – Powerful Business Marketing WordPress Theme

Business Marketing WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

An incredible template that includes such a huge number of options that will certainly win your heart. A huge collection of Cherry Plugins, marvelous WordPress Live Customizer, different types of header and footer styles, eye-catching bonus images – all of these features and even more are already waiting for you in the pack. By the way, you will be also impressed with a stunning WooCommerce package.

Interous – Minimalist Business Services WordPress Theme

Interious - Business Services WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

A marvelous solution that will become your amazing assistant in build a website to showcase your business services. With the help of various stylish pre-made pages, you will get the opportunity to present your mission, projects, and team in the best possible light. In addition to this, this template comes with a bunch of impressive bonus images.

Fabricator – Stunning Industrial Company WordPress Theme

Fabricator - Industrial Company WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

If you cannot help but think about promoting your industrial company on the web, then you should pay your attention to this amazing template. By means of the feature-rich Elementor Builder, you will be able to build your content without not being an expert in coding. Furthermore, you will be impressed with such features as excellent header and footer variations, outstanding plugins, and many others.

JohnnyGo – Impressive Home Services WordPress Theme

JohnnyGo - Multipurpose Home Services WordPress theme Handyman

Details | Demo

JohnnyGo is a powerful theme that will assist you in presenting any type of home services on the Internet. Thanks to it, it will take you nothing to introduce your team members, showcase your best projects, and display reviews of your loyal customers on them. Moreover, you will get a fully-fledged Revolution Slider to highlight the most important information from your website.

Irozo – Remarkable Welding Services WordPress Theme

Irozo - Welding Services WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

If you need to make an eye-catching presentation of your welding services, don’t pass by this amazing template. It includes such essential options as 35 robust custom widgets, various impressive bonus images, and stunning color schemes. By the way, you can also take advantage of Ajax Product Filter, social options, and excellent background options.

Highwayz – Modern Road Construction WordPress Theme

Highwayz - Road Construction WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Make a website regarding your road construction services play out in fresh colors. A wide variety of stylish pages for multiple occasions won’t leave you alone in describing your professionalism and skills. Don’t forget to make use of such stunning elements of this template like WordPress Social Login and Cherry Socialize to promote your services on various social networks.

Mortgates – Excellent Financial Services WordPress Theme

Mortgates - Financial Services WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

In order to fight off your competitors, you don’t need to make a lot of efforts. Just make use of this remarkable template that comes equipped with an incredible mega-menu extension that will allow you to divide your information into different categories. Furthermore, your visitors will be able to find the information that they are looking for in a flash thanks to a marvelous Cherry Search.

Farmelio – Marvelous Farm WordPress Theme

Farmelio - Farm Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Farmelio is a good-looking template that will become a discovery for those who want to present their farm company on the Internet. With the help of different Cherry Plugins (Services, Team Members, PopUps, and others), you will get a chance to become the most reliable provider of farm services. Moreover, you can take advantage of multiple header and footer styles, bonus images, and blog layouts.

Webion – Wonderful Business Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Webion - Minimal Elementor Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

If you still cannot decide which business you want to take up, this multipurpose solution is definitely waiting for you. Thanks to a fully-functional Elementor Builder, you will be ready to work with your content and experiment with its presentation. By the way, you will also get a big pack of such amazing functions as an excellent WordPress Live Customizer, stunning plugins, and many others.

Grandviz – Incredible Financial Company WordPress Theme

Grandviz - Financial Company Premium WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

In order to showcase a professionalism of your financial company on the Internet, use this outstanding template. It comes together with a wide variety of fully-functional plugins that will make it possible to enhance the functionality of your online-project. Don’t forget that you don’t need to browse a lot of websites to find high-quality topical images because they are included in the package.

Your business can become a real discovery for your target audience – just make use of one of these professionally-looking and impressive themes to build your online-project. They include such a big number of robust tools that no one will be left indifferent. Just choose a variant that will convey your message at its best and start creating your website here and now. Thanks for reading!

Get the Maximum From Your Online-Store Together With These 25 Shopify Themes

Table of Content:

  1. Make Your Brand to Click With Users by Means of Shopify
  2. The Most Popular Shopify Themes to Look at
  3. A Few Words in Conclusion

Make Your Brand to Click With Users by Means of Shopify

Without a doubt, design is not the last thing when it comes to eCommerce. It can do two main things with your online-store. If you do everything right, the look of your website will increase your sales. If something is wrong with the website appearance, your income will certainly fall.

Yet there is one more thing that you should think about. Here we should talk about the most appropriate eCommerce platform. What is the most powerful among them? It is possible to start comparing a number of features included in various platforms. In addition to this, it is possible to give you an answer here and now.

Shopify is a leading eCommerce solution that is used by lots of people all over the world. Exactly for this reason, this article consists of 25 custom Shopify themes that will make your brand famous. All of them have a modern design that can be customized up to your needs. Furthermore, all of the templates below will quickly adapt to any screen size. There is no need to speak a lot about its options because they are just incredible. In order to find out more, just scroll the page and get familiar with short descriptions of these Shopify themes. Here we go…

The Most Popular Shopify Themes to Look at

NamePriceMain Features
  • fully-responsive;
  • multilingual and multi-currency functionality;
  • social options;
  • theme color switcher.
  • 7 ready-to-use stores;
  • 20 sections;
  • sorting options;
  • mega-menu.
  • drag-and-drop sections;
  • highly-customizable;
  • unlimited product filtering;
  • mobile layout included.
  • fully-responsive;
  • add to wishlist;
  • slider;
  • Parallax effect.
  • Ajax cart;
  • Google Map;
  • product carousel;
  • theme color switcher.
  • newsletter pop-up;
  • testimonials;
  • blog functionality;
  • wishlist.
  • notification bar;
  • team members;
  • contact form;
  • five banners.
  • Visual Editor;
  • Revolution Slider;
  • services;
  • fully-responsive.
  • three unique sliders;
  • drop-down menu;
  • quick view product;
  • social media integration.
Lilac Odor$139
  • mega-menu;
  • slider;
  • wishlist;
  • multi-currency functionality.
  • four ready-to-use stores;
  • 17 pre-made sections;
  • Shopify Visual Builder;
  • banners.
Dress Shop$119
  • collection list;
  • product carousel;
  • sorting options;
  • slider.
Sound King$139
  • fully-responsive;
  • add to wishlist;
  • Parallax effect;
  • multi-currency.
  • collection banners;
  • single product;
  • blog articles;
  • featured products.
  • 10 header styles;
  • product badges and stickers;
  • various sliders;
  • different banner variants.
  • product carousel;
  • Parallax effect;
  • multi-currency functionality;
  • sorting options.
  • Shopify Visual Builder;
  • contact form;
  • product quick view;
  • Ajax cart.
Swimwear Hut$139
  • mega-menu;
  • add to wishlist;
  • slider;
  • collection list.
Game Space$139
  • search form;
  • Google Map;
  • social options;
  • slider.
  • fully-responsive;
  • mega-menu;
  • brands;
  • collection list.
Your Stylist$139
  • slider;
  • Parallax effect;
  • multi-currency;
  • sorting options.
  • newsletter subscription;
  • Ajax cart;
  • Instafeed;
  • theme color switcher.
  • blog module;
  • six ready-to-use homepages;
  • single product page;
  • mobile-friendly.
  • product details;
  • grid and list view;
  • image slider;
  • fully-responsive.
Teen Code$56
  • wishlist;
  • block-color;
  • quick view product;
  • various product styles.

m.a.l.l. – Clothing Store Shopify Theme

m.a.l.l. - Clothing Store Shopify Theme

Details  Demo

One of the Shopify mobile theme that allows getting a fashionable online-store. It is capable of delivering an intuitive user-experience. Everything is easy. From installing and making final touches in the appearance of the template.

Main Features:

  • Shopify Visual Builder to get as many different layouts as you want;
  • contact and search form;
  • Ajax cart, product quick view, and sorting options;
  • a marvelous lookbook section to increase your sales.

SuitUP – Excellent Multipurpose Online-Store Shopify Theme

SuitUP - Multipurpose Online Store Shopify Theme

Details Demo

There are lots of online-stores that you can build together with this stylish theme. For example, you can build an online-shop related to fashion accessories, clothes or bags. Without a doubt, your website will welcome more and more new visitors every single day.

Main Features:

  • multiple layouts of product pages;
  • different listing layouts;
  • an eye-catching Instagram Feed to display the last posts from this social network;
  • collection list, product column, and text columns with images.

Tronex – Remarkable Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Tronex Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Details Demo

Tronex is an innovative template that presents home appliances and clothing trends in the best possible way. Allow people to choose the best of them using this modern ready-made solution.

Main Features:

  • theme color switcher;
  • RTL-support to capture the attention of people from different countries;
  • a wide range of flexible layout options;
  • a unique minimal design to make a focus on your assortment.

Meoow – Bright Pet Shop Shopify Theme

Meeow - Cute Pet Shop Shopify Theme

Details  Demo

Everyone admires cats and dogs. Make them believe that your pet shop is a combination of price and high-quality together with this lovely template.

Main Features:

  • a powerful cross-browser compatibility to get everyone the best user-experience;
  • Google Web Fonts;
  • booking, contact, and newsletter subscription forms;
  • a user-friendly commenting system to allow sharing thoughts on your goods for pets.

Bodybuilder – Great Sport Nutrition Shop Shopify Theme

Body Builder - Sport Nutrition Shopify Theme

Details Demo

A name of this unforgettable template speaks for itself. You cannot be out of training together with this ready-made solution. It allows being in good form for all online-shops connected with a healthy way of life.

Main Features:

  • a stunning mega-menu to provide people with a clear navigation;
  • add to wishlist;
  • an attention-grabbing slider to create different slideshows;
  • an excellent logolist to allow selecting products by their manufacturers.

Nokshi – Marvelous Handmade & Craft Shopify Theme

Nokshi - Handmade & Craft eCommerce Shopify Theme

Details Demo

A tender template that allows showcasing various information connected with handmade in a stylish way. If you have lots of visual content to present, this variant is your best one.

Main Features:

  • two styles for service sections;
  • four header and footer variations;
  • a fully-fledged social media sharing to spread the word about your amazing works;
  • multiple icons specifically crafted for various payment methods.

TMart – Minimalist Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Tmart - Minimalist Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Details Demo

If you want to incorporate style into your future online-store, take a look at this trendy template. Everyone will be pleased to browse such a vibrant and remarkable website. In addition to this, your visitors will be shocked by a number of options included in the package.

Main Features:

  • product with carousel and masonry;
  • related and quick view product;
  • eight tailor-made sliders to make people agape with wonder;
  • a professionally-looking portfolio with a grid and single view to promote your items.

Shopy – Stunning Fashion Store Shopify Theme

Shopy Fashion Shopify Theme

Details Demo

Shopy comes packed with all the necessary features you need to make your online-shop become popular. It does not matter what kind of niche you decide to present. This stylish variant will become your helper in every possible case.

Main Features:

  • dozens of different layouts to get a truly unique website;
  • an excellent Instagram Shop to catch the eye of Instagram-fans;
  • team members and testimonials to get a reliable online-store;
  • multiple Ajax filters.

Stuff – Unusual Furniture Shopify Theme

Stuff - Furniture Shopify Theme

Details Demo

A bold template that will assist in building a furniture brand and promoting its products. A distinctive design will not allow people to pass by your huge assortment and choose another furniture company.

Main Features:

  • a great product with banner to draw the attention to the hottest offers;
  • product and collection sorting;
  • a marvelous shipping calculator to find out a price for delivery;
  • a stylish newsletter pop-up to start informing people on your sales.

Lilac Odor – Elegant Perfume Shop Shopify Theme

Lilac Odor - Perfume Shop Shopify Theme

Details Demo

Lilac Odor is a voguish template that provides people with a comfortable and pleasant user-experience. It has loads of design options to choose from. In such a way, it will be impossible for your online-store not to stand out from the crowd.

Main Features:

  • collection tabs and banners;
  • an amazing product quick view and carousel to give a closer look at the assortment;
  • an exciting blog to share articles on some related topics;
  • an eye-catching Parallax effect to create a feeling of depth on the website.

Kardone – Powerful Auto Parts Shopify Theme

Auto Parts Shopify Theme

Details Demo

Do you need to showcase car tools and equipment in the most attractive way ever? In this case, this splendid template can be called a good choice for you.

Main Features:

  • a powerful Google Map to show whereabouts of your auto-company;
  • collections catalog and sorting options;
  • a useful theme color switcher to make colors express your brand, too;
  • a cross-browser compatible nature to make sure your website will be available for all visitors.

Dress Shop – Exquisite Wedding Dress Online-Shop Shopify Theme

Dress Shop - Sophisticated Wedding Dress Online Shop Shopify Theme

Details Demo

An ultra-modern template that will catch the eye of all women who are searching for a wedding dress. Get an impressive online-shop that cannot be given a miss.

Main Features:

  • a bunch of social options to share purchases and follow your pages on Instagram or Facebook;
  • an essential commenting system to allow writing a few words about your assortment;
  • contact and booking form;
  • a great number of advanced theme options.

Sound King – Innovative Electronic Shop Shopify Theme

Soundking - Electronics Online Shopify Theme

Details Demo

Have you ever dreamed to become a kind of the sound on the web? It is possible to make your dream come true using this delightful template and its options.

Main Features:

  • Shopify Visual Builder to allows adding, re-ordering, and removing sections in a jiffy;
  • a great product countdown to make promotions even more effective;
  • a tremendous lookbook section to add items to photos;
  • blog articles to tell users what updates are waiting for them.

Diventis – Remarkable Diving Equipment Shopify Theme

Diventis - Diving Equipment Online Store Shopify Theme

Details Demo

An attractive template that will satisfy any diving needs. Get lots of loyal clients who will adore your reliable diving equipment together with this template.

Main Features:

  • a marvelous background video to give users a trip to an undersea world;
  • different sorting options to make sure will find the needed items in a few seconds;
  • a helpful multi-currency functionality to display prices correctly;
  • a bunch of social options.

Ezone – Vibrant Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Ezone - Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Details Demo

The world of fashion needs a special online-presentation. If you choose this template, you can be sure in your upcoming success.

Main Features:

  • seven styles of product details pages;
  • collection filter, sorting, and tab;
  • three unique variations of the blog grid;
  • post and product share.

Dexitex – Splendid Grocery Online Store Shopify Theme

Dexitex - Convenient Grocery Online Store Shopify Theme

Details Demo

Dexitex is an eye-catching template that will present your high-quality products at competitive prices at their best. Your visitors will not be able to resist buying your products that are showcased in such a great way.

Main Features:

  • an opportunity to add products to wishlist and buy them later;
  • modern Google Fonts to make various descriptions become more readable;
  • newsletter subscription and contact forms;
  • a bunch of advanced theme options.

Multifly – Flexible Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Multifly - Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Details Demo

One more multipurpose theme that will make your fall under its spell. Make use of its in order to present every niche your soul may want.

Main Features:

  • a marvelous gallery to show off all possible photos of your goods;
  • a superb Instagram Feed to make its users become your loyal clients;
  • text columns with images;
  • collection tabs and banners.

Swimwear Hut – Lovely Swimwear Store Shopify Theme

Swimwear Hut - Swimwear Store Shopify Theme

Details Demo

There are so many online-shops that can provide people with a great swimwear. Make certain that your website will not allow competitors to be the first ones using this eye-catching theme.

Main Features:

  • deal of the day to bring the hottest offers into view;
  • a wonderful multi-currency functionality;
  • a user-friendly Shopify Builder that will not limit your imagination in terms of the design;
  • a great Google Map to show a physical location of your shop.

Game Space – Perfect Video Games Store Shopify Theme

Game Space - Cool Video Games Store Shopify ThemeDetails Demo

A space of video games grows bigger and bigger every single day. If you sell them, you should think about a website that will promote various games instead of you. Take a glance at this cool template to get familiar with your amazing assistant in this mission.

Main Features:

  • multilingual and multi-currency functionality;
  • a remarkable blog to tell users about the latest games;
  • a necessary newsletter subscription to offer directly the newest items in your collection;
  • product countdown, column, and carousel.

Careeto – Neat Car Parts Shopify Theme

Careeto - Fancy Car Parts Online Store Shopify Theme

Details Demo

Careeto is a minimalist template crafted for presenting a huge assortment of car parts on the Internet. It is the best of the best for making sure that people will choose exactly your car-company.

Main Features:

  • lots of social options to spread the word about your high-quality items;
  • an easy-to-use contact form to allow asking questions on your services;
  • a brilliant gallery to show off all needed photos of the car parts;
  • collection tabs and banners.

Your Stylist – Unique Hair Salon Shopify Theme

YourStylist - Hair Salon Shopify Theme

Details Demo

Do you want to become one of the most sought-for stylists? This colossal template will certainly help you in realizing this very goal.

Main Features:

  • an excellent Shopify Visual Builder to get a distinctive design;
  • a customizable homepage with lots of ready-made sections;
  • a fully-fledged theme color switcher;
  • loads of social options that allows sharing information all over the web.

Furnish – Wonderful Furniture Shopify Theme

Furnish - Minimal eCommerce Furniture Shopify Theme

Details Demo

One more variant that can be useful for owners of the furniture shop. This minimalist design will focus the attention of your visitors on all the presented items.

Main Features:

  • a collection of extra page layouts;
  • a powerful contact form and commenting system;
  • quick view product;
  • product share and review, featured and related products.

Deerus – Sophisticated Fashion Shopify Theme

Deerus - Best Free Fashion Shopify Theme

Details Demo

Deerus is a visually-attractive template that includes a wide range of stylish homepages and layouts. It has an inviting and clear look that will bring your online-store only benefits.

Main Features:

  • a marvelous drag-and-drop section to let you forget about coding at all;
  • a high loading speed that allows searching and finding products in a flash;
  • a dynamic mega-menu to show your content in the most well-structured way ever;
  • an exciting shop page to direct the attention of people to your assortment.

Valu – Unforgettable Furniture Shop Shopify Theme

Valu Shopify Theme

Details Demo

Valu is a modern theme that is suitable for selling furniture on the web. It has everything you need to become a successful retailer and get hundreds and thousands of customers.

Main Features:

  • a beautiful quick view product to get a closer look at different goods;
  • an easy process of customization that will definitely not take you long;
  • a stunning product list to make shopping even more comfortable;
  • add to cart and check-out options.

Teencode – Eminent Fashion Shopify Theme

Teencode – Responsive Shopify theme

Details Demo

Without a doubt, this eye-catching theme will drive all teens crazy. It has such an impressive design that it is impossible to start looking for clothes on the websites of competitors.

Main Features:

  • an excellent wishlist to allow buying products that caught one’s fancy later;
  • a great product hover to create movement on the website;
  • grid and list view to choose from;
  • a fully-responsive nature that automatically adapts to different screen resolutions.

A Few Words in Conclusion

As you can understand, you can choose between any of these eye-catching templates. Each of them has an impressive set of options needed for managing a powerful online-store. Everything depends on the niche that you would like to choose. In addition to this, it is necessary to decide what kind of design is the most appropriate one for it. Wish you to build an online-shop that everyone will be delighted at. Thanks for reading!


Your Black Friday and Cyber Monday Destination: Where to Get the Best Deals of the Year?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are always considered to be the most important shopping events of the year. People got used to trying a shot to get a maximum number of discounts. It is a right thing to do if they have been thinking about getting various goods of their dreams during the year.

Without a doubt, the day after Thanksgiving will be full with incredible bargains that lots of people just cannot miss. It will be almost impossible to find a shop that will not be crowded with hundreds of buyers. In addition to this, lots of web-companies will definitely set up some marvelous discounts on your favorite products.

The Internet offers to get a look at different guides on Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts these days. Shoppers are probably making lists with items that they really want to grab. If you are also writing this kind of list, you will add one more point after reading this article.

No need to say more. Let us speak about an amazing discount on high-quality digital products here and now…

TemplateMonster has decided to provide all users with some sensational discounts.




November, 19-29


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On Which Products?


Discounts will be on everything you need to build a professionally-looking and impressive website. If you want to build an attention-grabbing blog, you can get multiple WordPress themes. If you dream of refreshing the look of your online-store, take a look at different ready-made solutions for such eCommerce platforms as Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, and many others. Furthermore, all Elementor-fans will be able to grab lots of items for making this drag-and-drop builder work even better. A bunch of themes, templates, and plugins will be waiting for you to buy them at half a price.

As you can understand, you are going to get every single thing needed for building a powerful website. By the way, Black Friday discounts are also meant to start preparing for Christmas. Such a wonderful chance to decorate your online-project for this incredible holiday, too.

You cannot forget about these two annual shopping days. Yet also keep in mind that Black Friday and Cyber Monday will last even 11 days on TemplateMonster. This means that you will definitely have a minute to buy everything that you have spotted.

Start counting days out to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. There are only a few of them are left till the biggest opportunity to buy all digital products with discounts that you have never dreamt of. Actually, you just cannot miss them. Make sure to catch all of the discounts and enjoy them!


Make People Adore Your Website With These 10 HTML Page Templates

Table of Content:

1. Create One Website – Get Lots of Benefits
2. 10 Incredible HTML Page Templates to Impress Everyone
3. A Few Words in Conclusion

Do you consider a process of website building to be a challenge? Or even more than a challenge? If you think that it takes dozens of steps to get an online-project ready, you are mistaken. Together with a bunch of HTML page templates, everything turns out to be a piece of cake.

Create One Website – Get Lots of Benefits

A website built using one of fully-functional HTML page template will provide you with a set of advantages.

    1. It will be possible not to miss lots of potential clients.
    2. Make your business look valuable, prosperous, and trustworthy.
    3. You will be able to educate people and have some impact on their attitude to various things.
    4. People will start to recognize your brand.
  1. You will get a wonderful chance to achieve different business goals.
  2. You can connect with those people who are interested in the same topics.
  3. A website will allow you to get more credibility.

In order to reach all these points, let’s come back to a choice of your ready-made template right now…

10 Incredible HTML Page Templates to Impress Everyone

  • powerful search engine;
  • responsive slider;
  • various web forms;
  • Google Fonts integrated.
Intense Gym$72
  • Google Map;
  • Twitter social feed widget;
  • newsletter form;
  • drop-down menu.
Top Selling$72
  • multiple page layouts;
  • contact form;
  • intuitive interface;
  • fully-adjustable look.
Intense Job Board$72
  • search form;
  • optimized for speed;
  • ultra-responsive design;
  • lazy load effect.
Brave Light$72
  • booking form;
  • live search;
  • cross-browser compatible;
  • different animation effects.
  • additional page layouts;
  • Google Map;
  • fully-responsive design;
  • search form.
Intense Financial Advisor$72
  • contact and search forms;
  • Google Fonts integrated;
  • calendar;
  • back-to-top button.
Audrey Mall$72
  • lazy load effect;
  • functional galleries;
  • newsletter subscription;
  • Google Web Fonts.
SEO Agent$72
  • header and footer layouts;
  • 5 blog layouts;
  • various animations;
  • lots of web forms.
Alice Messenger$72
  • a few homepage variations;
  • Ajax contact forms;
  • Google Map;
  • online-store support.

Intense – Powerful Blog HTML Template

INTENSE Blog Website Template


Intense is a great theme designed in the best traditions of the modern minimalist design. It is considered to be a model of the design made for personal blogs.

  • 18 niche templates and 9 extra skins;
  • more than 450 ready-made HTML pages to save a little time;
  • lots of customization options not to limit your creativity.

Intense Gym – Bright Gym HTML Template

Intense Gym Website Template


An innovative template designed in the palette of black and red colors. These shades will make sure that your website will have an energetic and strong look.

  • an engaging Parallax scroll to animate your static graphics;
  • a marvelous slider to create spectacular slideshows with your offers;
  • various gallery types (including slider, carousel, accordion, and others).

Top Selling – Elegant Fashion Store HTML Template

Top Selling - Fashion Store Multipage HTML5 Website Template


Do you want to show off different collections of clothes that will come into vogue? In this case, this fashionable template will allow you to build a high-quality online-store.

  • a great collection of Google Fonts to refresh your design;
  • a stunning Parallax effect to capture the attention of your audience;
  • an eye-catching background video to get a visually-attractive website.

Intense Job Board – Marvelous Business HTML Template

INTENSE Job Board Website Template


In order to build a successful future, people will definitely need to shoot a glance at this remarkable theme. Thanks to it, people will be ready to find lots of job vacancies within seconds.

  • an opportunity to filter jobs by categories;
  • a good-looking testimonials section in the form of the slider;
  • audio and video post formats to arouse more interest.

Brave Light – Unusual Multipurpose HTML Template

Cosmeticy Store - Cosmetic, Health and Beauty WooCommerce Theme


It does not matter what kind of the website you are planning to launch. This excellent theme will make it possible to create something absolutely unique and impressive.

  • lots of modern Google Fonts to make sure that your texts are readable;
  • audio and video player to engage your audience;
  • extra page layouts if you decide to showcase more details.

Hostel – Excellent Travel HTML Template

Hostel - Travel Multipage HTML5 Website Template


If you provide people with a large set of comfortable accommodations, you should spread the word about your hostel business. A clean and attractive design will not allow people to choose the services of your competitors.

  • a wide variety of beautiful gallery variations (that include grid, carousel, slider, and so on and so forth);
  • a nice-looking Parallax effect to provide people with a great user-experience;
  • a contact form to make it possible to receive questions from visitors.

Intense Financial Advisor – Wonderful Finance HTML Template

Intense Financial Advisor Website Template


If you have something to do with a financial business, make use of this universal ready-made solution. It is completely capable of making your company more than successful.

  • working Ajax forms to make it easier for people to reach out to you;
  • isotope filtering to allow users to explore your content by categories;
  • an excellent Parallax effect to animate and brighten various elements up.

Audrey Mall – Vibrant Shopping Center HTML Template

Audrey Mall - Shopping Center, Entertainment Store Website Template


Do you need to showcase an entertainment center on the Internet? Do you want to make this online-presentation look extremely impressive and unforgettable? Take advantage of this stylish theme to get your website without any worries.

  • over 35 ready-made HTML pages to get a trustworthy online-project;
  • multiple gallery types to show off your high-quality images at their best;
  • a wide range of eCommerce page templates to sell your services and products on the website.

SEO Agent – Amazing SEO Website HTML Template

SEO Website Responsive Website Template


If you help people in improving rankings of their websites in search engines, there is no need to forget about this powerful theme. Without a doubt, your website will come to the liking of every single visitor.

  • over 50 ready-made HTML pages to tell people all the information about your company;
  • a marvelous Parallax effect to give an illusion of movement;
  • different Google Fonts to provide people with readable posts and headings.

Alice Messenger – Minimalist Software HTML Template

Alice - Application Multipurpose HTML5 Website Template


Alice Messenger is a modern theme designed to provide you with a stunning load speed. It will make it possible to showcase various types of development activity in the best possible light.

  • superb galleries and sliders to present your pictures and hot offers;
  • standard pages (among which you can find reviews, about us, services, and others);
  • a cross-browser functionality to make sure that every person will be able to view your website.

A Few Words in Conclusion

These marvelous ready-made solutions make it sure that people will admire your website. You just need to choose the most appropriate variant. Think about your main purpose and select a theme that will provide you with success.

In general, you just need to know that any of these HTML templates will breathe a new life into your website. For this reason, do not be afraid of choosing one of them here and now. We wish you to make your readers become interested and thanks for reading!

Step-by-Step guide to CrocoBlock

In the modern society, pretty much everyone knows about page builders and how to use them. Page builders are not just comfortable to work with content on each page. That’s just one side of the truth, let us show you the other side.

You can even create the entire site by using a page builder and a basic tool and its multiple additions to get much more functionality.

Why not start right now?

Here is a great example. We want to present you Elementor page builder and CrocoBlock subscription service. By using these two at the same time it will allow you to create page templates, theme parts, mega menus, etc. Front-end editor will give you a pass to WooCommerce Single page templates. You will finally forget what it is to get stuck with the limits of your theme’s potential. Adding even one line of code will not be necessary during creating your website.

Having CrocoBlock will give you access to all the tools to create your very own and unique website from scratch. It could be starting from either different powerful skins or go all the way up to Jet plugins for Elementor. Now only imagination would be your limit.

The Subscription Pack Includes:

  • 24/7 technical assistance;
  • FREE and clean Kava theme;
  • over 30 skins that cover variable topics;
  • weekly news on our products;
  • 10 most helpful Jet plugins for Elementor;
  • 1k of ready to go sections and completely done templates.

We have mentioned just basic features, so don’t make your complete impression just yet. You will definitely notice smooth work of CrocoBlock service. It is always better to see then to hear. That’s why we want to show you some real situations that you might face. Probably you know already that building your website can be divided into multiple steps. We will show you wonderful and functiona products. So, our step-by-step guide will be our tutor today on how to create your new website.

Step 1. Installation.

After installing WordPress on your site, you will have access to admin panel. On this panel, you can install any type of theme you like. All plugins and skins can be also installed if needed. You will not even need to open FTP connection or cPanel.

In your clients account you can get a hold of CrocoBlock products in the downloads section.  Personal account will give you a choice either to get a package for quick installation or you can download products for a separate installation.

Those, who are experienced in WordPress CMS, would probably choose separate installation. If you did not make your selection on what type of plugins to use for your project, take a look at Super East Installation Pack.

 To install Kava theme, you will use JetThemeWizard that will also give you a possibility to select the skin of your site.

 By using the same installation tool, you will get access for installing the CrocoBlock products. Don’t worry, developers made sure that installation will take just couple minutes.

 You are going to notice CrocoBlock in your WordPress Dashboard upon complete installation.

With the subscription you will get access to:

– block of documentation;

– your active and unique license key;

– complete set of skins and Jet plugins;

– location relation settings;

– fully updated Kava theme that can be easily backed up;

Anytime you wish, you can change the present skin to any other type that you like. Activating, deactivating, updating plugins or maybe you need to synchronize your template library? With the help of the Dashboard you will be able to do all these things with no issues at all. You will recognize its great functionality.

 Another great tool to have is a JetThemeCore plugin. It will allow you to install just the skin only. Also, you will get full access to pre-designed sections. After installing that plugin CrocoBlock will be added to admin panel. Whenever you will be using this service you will have a possibility of applying skins and getting ready made pages, footer templates and multiple sections.

Step 2. Using Headers and Footers. Pre-Styled Sections.

To work with footer and header templates you will need to have JetThemeCore plugin. Most of the time after you install CrocoBlock skins and if both header and footer match, your skins will be added. All the pages that are related to your topic will be added accordingly. If you don’t like the one that was selected by the system, you can apply different header or footer templates. New pages can be always added if needed.

In order to get to header and footer templates, click on CrocoBlock first. Then go to My Library and after that you can select the Header (Footer) block. After selection was made you can either click Add New button or accept existing header (footer) template. Editing templates will be fairly easy to do with Elementor tool.

Elementor will have different buttons such as: add new section, add template, magic button. The last one that we mentioned will be shown only if you are using JetThemeCore.

Magic button

Magic button will provide you with access to header and footer templates, list of interesting pages, ready to go sections library.

Please choose template you need and click on insert option if you want to add it to your page. After doing that you will be able to edit it exactly the same way as you were doing it previously with other Elementor templates. By clicking on that insert option button you can change style adjustments, add or remove columns, place widgets into desirable layout.

If you think that you are done, please click Save (Update) button and then follow Settings> Conditions block. You can save it under different name, definition or meaning.

It is so simple to work with these headers, footers and theme templates.

Step 3. Creating a Mega Menu.

 Each recognizable and remarkable website has its own mega menu. It makes content on your website more informative and interesting.

 It’s mostly for those people who prefer to store information logically. There is no need for example to create a separate page for each and every small section of your site. All your contacts will be saved under contact menu button instead having a complete separate page for that.

 Nothing else extra required to create mega menu. CrocoBlock subscription already comes with a JetMenu plugin that is responsible for creating mega menus.

 If you want to have mega menu added to the header, you will need to use mega menu widget. Vertical mega menu is also available, but you will need to use a different tool for that. It’s called Vertical mega menu widget.

 So, let’s pretend you want to have one of the widgets on your left column. All you need to do is just drop required widget there and you are done. You can always change the style settings to the one you like the best.

Appearance Block

 Here is another great thing that we wanted to mention. If you would like to have mega menu enabled on one of your elements, go to the Appearance block, then Menu tab and then pick the item that fits most. To make adjustments in your mega menu you will need to click on JetMenu option.

 Turned on Mega Submenu feature provides you an access to complete mega menu editor. It is very easy to use.

 As you can see, set of Elementor widgets makes it really easy to add any info anywhere you want it to be.

If you think that you are done with creating your menu you can easily save all your changes. We will make sure they are secure. Anytime you want to see your mega menu settings, just point your mouse cursor and it will pop up right away.

Step 4. Working with Custom Post Types.

Sometimes it’s not enough to have just basic posts, pages, products, etc. That’s because most of variable WooCommerce projects require a bit more than just these basics. First of all, you will build a portfolio will different information and complex categories as a filter.

To make this happen all you need is a JetEngine plugin.

Upon installation and activation of this plugin, you will find it in WordPress Dashboard.

In order to add some new post just click on JetEngine>Post types.

Down below is the list of all information that is required by system:

– unique post title;

– labels used for this purpose;

– icon that points it on the Dashboard;

– setting and hierarchy;

– if the editor, the title, thumbnails, revisions are acceptable.

You can also add some cool custom fields for metadata, create repeaters, add media, etc.

After completing step 4, you will see new customizable post type in WordPress Dashboard. New posts can be added from here.

To work with taxonomies, you will need to use JetEngine

Elementor will be a great help with creating templates for different post types and terms.

Let us show you how to do that. For example, you need to add new listing which you have already selected. Just click on JetEngine, then Listings and all your data will be pulled by dynamic widgets.

If everything went through correctly in future you can make any post type with the help of any layout and couple widgets. It will show dynamic content. Your templates will be used with every post, showing content that is connected just with you post only.

Step 5. Creating Archive Pages.

While working with custom post templates, that’s alright if you need some of them be in archive.

Both JetEngine and JetThemeCore plugins are required to build and change archive page templates. If you want to have more dynamic content widgets, JetBlog plugin will be helpful for you.

So, let’s pretend you need to make a custom archive page. Just click on Crocoblock> My library>Archive block. Right there you will see add new button. Click on that and you are good to go!

There are a lot of different widgets filtering dynamic content. After you open Elementor editor you will see the most popular such as: Smart Post Tiles, Smart Post Listing or Listing Grid. To add such elements to archive you can use navigation and pagination arrows widgets.

Archive page template can be displayed anywhere you want it to be. You will just need to specify the conditions and decide where do you need it.

Step 6. Editing Existing Content.

Sometimes having all the information is still not enough when are building your dream website. There are a lot of ways to add more and more content to your pages.

 There are a lot of CrocoBlock Plugins that will help you while resolving daily issues. CrocoBlock subscription will give you access to all of them. Why don’t we take a closer look?


Your Elementor editor will get over 30 different widgets with this plugin. Developers have thought through all the details: from content management to style settings, so the modules have different settings, allowing each to customize the content and appearance in a few clicks.


Usually it is being used for adding more dynamic and active content while you are building your page with Elementor. It will be fairly easy to work with custom post types and custom fields. Video Playlist will be added for showing videos, moreover Smart Post Tiles, Smart Post List, Text Ticker are also included.


This plugin can be used to arrange content into tiny tabs and accordion blocks. It will allow you to add section switchers so the content on your page will be way more attractive and not bulky at the same time.


If you feel lack of widgets to create login forms, search fields, build WooCommerce cart functionality, use JetBlocks. Same tool can be used to build Elementor headers and footers. These widgets provide you with reliable and easy to understand settings. It will help you a lot whenever you will be changing styles or add more and more functionality.


To get this very unique charming effect people use JetTricks. It is so important to have great visual effects on your site. This plugin will make your widgets work smooth with parallax effect. You can also add tooltips for elements or add section particles effect. Using Unfold and view more options will make all the information on your website look more organized.


All pages that were built with Elementor and have feedback page, were built with the help of this amazing plugin. JetReviews will add Review widget to the selection of all widgets on your site. It will provide you with a possibility of showing them in an elegant and delicate way.

Step 7. Adding WooCommerce Functionality.

 If you have your own business and you want to go online and have your own website, you can build it yourself! To make this happen and create you WooCommerce-based store just used JetWooBuilder plugin. It helps you to display all products and design single product page templates.

 Let’s say you want to add a new product page template just do it the same way as you used to. But here is the place where magic starts. Please click on the WooCommerce, after that press on JetWoo templates. You will get access to product selection from where you want to get the content from. Then click button Create which should be already pre-designed. If you don’t have one already made you may click on add new template button so you can make brand new single product page template.

After you have opened Elementor editor, move and drop with cool content widgets. They were specially created for WooCommerce.

If you are going to search for required widgets, just take a look at JetWooBuilder. You will find all of them there.

Just click on save button after you are done.

In the settings block area, you can point your fresh and clean made template for all products on your site. To open single product template adjustments, click on  JetWooBuilder. You can differentiate and divide all your templates that you use most of the time for WooCommerce products that were built with JetWooBuilder.


JetWooBuilder is such an amazing plugin that it even gives you 4 new WooCommerce Layout widgets. These can be used on any page that was created with Elementor:

  • Products Grid;
  • Categories Grid;
  • Taxonomy Tiles;
  • List of Products.

Every widget has its own settings and allows you to select from multiple style settings. This is usually being done to modify the look of grid elements or tiles.

If you are looking for a fully responsible service that has all the tools and knowledge to build your website, consider getting CrocoBlock subscription. It is not just a bunch of products that allow you to use Elementor. It adds even more functionality and performance to your website.

No special skills required to work with our subscription. It is a multipurpose product that can be used pretty much in any situation.

Make sure to take a closer look at CrocoBlock service! You will be completely happy and fully satisfied.

Get it Now


Top Website Builders to Take Your Business Online in 2018

The popularity of website builders is on the rise today. These are in the great demand among the expert webmasters and beginners alike. Using a business website builder is the win-win solution for everyone who looks forward building a website without hiring a web developers. As a rule, website builders are easy-to-handle even by beginners who have little to no programming skills.

With the growing number of website builders, choosing the one that will be the right solution for your own online project is not as easy as one may think. So, we’ve decided to help you make the right choice with the help of the quick review of the top website builders, their features, and pricing plans.

Why Do You Need a Website Builder?

Website builders are the impressive assets for everyone looking for the quick and usable solutions to get started with the personal or small business online projects without investing extra cash and efforts in the web development routine. A website builder is the best solution for you if:

  • you need to launch a blog, landing page, a small business site or a personal brand;
  • also if you want your website to include the online store functionality;
  • then if you launch a startup and want to bring it to the web ASAP;
  • and if you do not have extra time and budget to pay for the services of freelancers and web design studios.

How to Select the Best Website Builder

Before we move to the review of the top website builders, we recommend you to write down the goals of the site creation that you pursue. What are the features that you expect the website builder to include? What functionality is indispensable for your future online project?

For example, if you decide to launch a blog or a personal portfolio site, then you may write down things like photo gallery, slider, commenting system, newsletter subscription form, advanced search, etc. In case you do not know what particular elements can be present on your web page, then check out what your competitors offer. This will help you to get inspired for choosing the optimal functional filling for your own web page.

Additionally, most of the website builders offer free trial versions. So, if you cannot decide whether or not a specific site builder matches your needs, you can check out how it works and feels without spending a single dollar.

Also, you should mind that your demands will grow as your blog or website evolves. That is why it’s important to check whether or not the chosen page builder is capable of handling your needs as your business grows.

That being said, let’s get straight to the list of the top website builders on the market.


This is one of the most popular drag-and-drop website builders offering explicit sets of tools that can be used for the quick start of any small to medium-sized online project of yours. This is a usable solution featuring an intuitive WYSIWYG interface that can be handled even by the non-techies easily. Since its launch in 2008, MotoCMS has attained an impressive community of fans and supporters who use the page builder to create business websites, professional portfolios, and even eCommerce projects. In order to get started with your website in a couple of days, you need to select a ready-made design from 700+ templates that are intended to be used for niche-specific online projects. Next, you will be provided with the access to the admin panel featuring the drag-and-drop page builder. With its help, you can tweak the theme’s layout just the way you want, watch all changes in the real-time, and get your project online as soon as you are pleased with the final results.


  • All MotoCMS templates feature free 14-day trial versions.
  • All designs are 100% responsive.
  • MotoCMS supports eCommerce functionality, making it quick and easy to launch web stores on its basis.
  • Free 24/7 lifetime support and updates are included.
  • Web developers will enjoy White Label functionality that the themes include.


    • There isn’t a fully-fledged blogging platform.
    • The page builder doesn’t offer the possibility to create custom designs from scratch.


The cost of MotoCMS themes varies from $199 to $229.


Wix is a cloud-based website builder. This is the all-inclusive solution providing you with an explicit set of tools and features that you will need to build your own website.

Wix is one of the first website builders that were presented on the web. Intended to be managed even by the newbies, the page builder is made to be simple and rather intuitive. There are 300+ basic themes available. Also, you can play with the image filters, video templates, etc. The extensive blog and help center provide customers assistance.


  • Choosing Wix, you do not need to pay for hosting because this is a fully hosted platform.
  • There is a selection of pre-designed templates that you can use to build sites, using the power of the drag-and-drop website builder.
  • The builder includes free and premium apps that are ready to be installed on your site. Some of these apps are created by Wix, others are crafted by the third-party developers.


  • Free and Connect Domain plans will show Wix ads on your site. In order to remove these, you will need to upgrade to the Combo or Unlimited premium plans.
  • The cheapest premium plan ($5/mo) allows you to connect a domain name. Still, you need to buy a domain name separately.


Wix offers free and premium plans, starting from $5/mo.


Here is one more well-established web solution that has proven to be one of the top website builders on the market. Weebly is an easy-to-use drag-and-drop website builder featuring tons of usable features, which make it possible to bring the necessary changes to websites in the visual mode. Although the page builder is known for its intuitive design and affordable price, the builder is rather limited in terms of its utility and forces. Using pre-designed themes, you can build a website and eCommerce platform code-free.


  • Weebly is a hosted platform, so there will be no need to install and manage the software.
  • You may feel free to choose from dozens of ready-made designs, which are intended to be modified by means of the drag-and-drop page builder.
  • If you need to enhance your web page with eCommerce functionality, Weebly allows you to add the respective functionality to your site and start selling.
  • Weebly offers a range of built-in tools like photo galleries, sliders, and contact forms, which can be integrated into your web page with a few clicks.


  • Since Weebly is a fully hosted platform, you are limited to those features that you are offered.
  • In order to avoid the additional 3% fee for every purchase made on your Weebly-based eCommerce site, you will need to upgrade to the premium business plan.


Weebly offers free and premium plans, which start from $4/mo.


This one more well-establish website builder that allows you to create a fully-featured website and staff it with everything that’s needed to bring your business to the web. One of the strongest characteristics of the page builder is its ease of use. Still, GoDaddy is the better option for the development of smaller websites.


  • The website builder is easy and intuitive enough in order to build professionally-looking web pages.
  • The page builder has integration with the photo library featuring high-quality images from Getty Photography. The page builder also lets you upload your own images to the galleries.
  • Also the page builder performs well on smaller screen sizes. This allows you to bring changes to your site’s layout on-the-go, while simply working on your smartphone or tablet.


  • The page builder is not as feature-rich as the majority of its competitors.
  • Once you build your site on GoDaddy Website Builder, it will be hard to move your site to a different platform like WordPress.


Free trial available, premium pricing plans start from $167.99/mo

That’s our hand-picked collection of the top website builders that you can use for the code-free site development. Which of them have you ever tried? Is there a different drag-and-drop website builder that you thing is worthy to be mentioned here? Feel free to share your suggestions with us!