Author: Anish Sinha

Anish is a Brand Strategist by mind and a passionate Social Media Enthusiast by heart. He has currently associated with Woosper Infotech: A Division of Seasia Group Of Companies. With such an area of expertise in marketing, he worked for both in-house and agency, developing data-driven strategies for social media and SEO. Anish is also an avid blogger who loves to write about insights and tech trends for many major publications.

Wondering how search engine optimization and web design go hand in hand & why does it matter to your business? If yes, there is so much to tell you about! Come, let’s dive deeper into it. If you’re managing a business or a website, then good SEO can help you with your digital presence. How will you determine a good SEO? Good SEO will scale your business presence online and helps you in branding and lead acquisition, which is still a dream for many people. Do you know, SEO and web design go hand in hand with one other? It…

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