Party is an event where everyone enjoys but planning a party, especially birthday parties, needs time and it’s overwhelming and stressful. If it is your first kid and you want to enjoy his or her every moment a half birthday is celebrated and it can be calculated using a half birthday calculator. Many questions arise in mind where to start preparing the decoration or food. If you are stressed about planning and working on a party you might miss some details and forget some key parts of the party. Making a successful birthday party is always a stressful and overwhelming event but if you properly follow a guideline you will have less stress and enjoy the party itself. 

  1. Choosing a theme

Before choosing a theme you must know when is your child’s half birthday which can be found using the half birthday calculator. The very important and first step in planning a party is choosing a theme. It is suggested to make the party more unique and align with your child’s interest. You can choose a child’s favorite activity and movie as a starting place for theme planning. Another idea is to choose a theme about a child’s favorite toy ,cartoon character or favorite visit place. Some themes are easier to implement. You can have party accessories easily available but some themes require creativity and brainstorming for a masterpiece. Here are some examples of a few kids’ party themes.  

  • Unicorn
  • Superheroes
  • Mermaid
  • Video games
  • Princesses
  • Pirates
  • TV show
  1. Making Guest List

The next step is to determine the guest list and then call out the invitation. Before calling out the guest make sure the date and time of your child’s half birthday by half birthday calculator. You will know when your child’s half birthday date. Not only your child you can also determine when my half birthday is. You can design an invitation card online according to the theme. Since it is a child birthday party, families with kids must be included in it. Next thing is to determine your budget  and how many children can be entertained in it. Start list from close family and friends. If there is space left then include more. Before making list ask some questions about guest list:

  • How many guests does your budget allow?
  • How smaller or big the party you want to arrange
  • Is the party for your kid’s friend or family members
  • Is party venue has space for all invited guest to arrive
  1. Pick the Location

The first point to consider in deciding the venue of the party is to decide the location would be home or somewhere else. Throwing a party at home saves a lot of money but a party at a venue includes lots of things to do. Like games ,activities, special decoration points for pictures, setup and cleanup decoration which are responsible under management and it leaves you stress free and saves your time. At home the family members are busy in hosting and getting things ready for the next activity. Hiring a venue allows the host to relax and take part in special moments. Location can be indoor and outdoor as well depending on weather conditions. 

  1. Food Order

The next important step is to decide the food items in a list. Some children have dietary restrictions and allergies that you can ask about the guest before deciding the menu. 

Some example of food ideas include

  • In Lunch/Dinner

 Baked potato bar

Barbecue sandwiches

Deviled eggs

Grilled sausages


Jalapeño poppers

Loaded nachos

Pasta and/or potato salad

Spinach-artichoke dip

Stuffed mushrooms

Tea sandwiches or crostini

  • In deserts

An assortment of pies

Chocolate fondue

Ice cream sundae bar

Mud cups ( mud cups are made by using clear plastic cups, fill halfway with chocolate pudding and top it with crushed chocolate cookies like oreo)

Waffle bar with toppings (topping can be syrup, chocolate sauce, fruit, powdered sugar, etc.)

The cupcakes are children’s favorite dessert, make sure to include them in your party menu. The food order must be in advance so that it is ready on time. 


After considering all the preparation from theme deciding to food order. A checklist has to be created for a day to not miss something important. Before all the exact date and how many days are left in half birthday is to know before party planning. It can be found by using the half birthday calculator.

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