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High-quality graphics resources are always worth their weight in gold. So do the insights on the most recent and relevant trends in design. The pricing is beyond affordable, plus there are mind-blowing discounts offered regularly. Some resources are provided completely free of charge or at a discount of up to 90%!

So, what are the latest trends in 2019 every IT prof needs to know about?

  • Certificate of Completion Certificate Template

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Don’t waste your time and time of your company on creating a certificate. Use ready-made certificate templates.

For instance, Certificate of Completion costs only $9 but looks more presentable.

Certificate of Completion’s features:

  • four different colors: blue, white, green and white;
  • different types of file: PSD, AI, EPS, and PDF:
  • Easy to edit at Adobe Photoshop CC+;
  • Universal and modern design.

Unicorn Clipart Elements: For those who Believe in Miracles

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It doesn’t matter if you like or hate unicorns, they are trending in 2019. It’s a grave misconception to think that unicorn designs are only applicable in children-related projects. Despite their sweet look, unicorn clipart can be applied in a vast range of design projects. So, don’t limit your creative urge and experiment with the custom-made unicorn clipart!

Think big, as unicorns aren’t only working for kids’ bedroom decoration! In case your fellow designers need to spice up their projects with something special, unicorn clipart bundle can be a perfect gift. So, how can you use unicorn designs?

  • Textile prints (clothes, accessories, bed linen)
  • Stationery design (calendars, notebooks, school utensils)
  • Interior and furniture decoration (wallpaper, pieces of furniture)

Intrigued already? Then take a closer look at the cute unicorn clipart bundle below:

  • Unicorns: Hand-drawn Style Cartoon Illustrations – $15

In this bundle, you’ll find a number of sweet and lovely unicorn designs and clipart. Whether you need illustrations, cards, lettering, patterns, and other design elements, you’ll find all of it in the Magical Time Collection. The bundle also contains items with hand-drawn lettering and a 2019 calendar.

Postcrossing. Postcards For Hobby With No Borders

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Postcrossing is a great hobby for those feeling a bit nostalgic for paper mail. Portuguese students came up with an idea of an online service that would help random people worldwide send and receive postcards. Postcrossing got so popular that January 2012 was marked by sending the ten-millionth postcard.

At MasterBundles, designers see postcrossing as an opportunity to flaunt their creativity. Sending paper postcards is a perfect way to express your feelings for somebody without any special occasion. After the registration on, the randomizer chooses the recipient from over 500 thousand users. Over the past decade, the service has helped millions of people exchange paper postcards.

If you’re looking for an outstanding postcard to send someone you care about, MasterBundles has plenty of items with an option of affordable delivery to feast your eyes upon:

  • I Liked It So It’s Mine Postcard – $3

This cute postcard will be most definitely appreciated by the lovers of kink. At that, it doesn’t need any special occasion to be sent!

  • MasterBundles Postcard for Designers – FREE

MasterBundles now has its own-designed postcard given absolutely for free. It’s a great item to present to a fellow IT professional!

  • PRINTABLE Darth Vader Valentine card [Star Wars] – $3

Is there anything cuter than this little Darth Vader? Any Star Wars fan will fall in love with this sweet little postcard presented for St. Valentine’s Day!

  • Your B-Day is … Postcard – $3

This unique postcard will help you express your genuine feelings for someone you care about dearly. As delivery is available to any country of the world, you can greet your friends living abroad.

  • Motherhood: Funny Postcard for Mommy – $3

Give this postcard to greet a mommy on a Mother’s Day! Handwritten typefaces look as if a kid had written the words with their small hand. Isn’t that special?

Mandala Designs 2019: Express Yourself With Gorgeous Graphics

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The mandala symbol has been around for quite some time, but very few people actually know its meaning. In Hinduism or Buddhism, the mandala symbol has is deemed sacred. From the Sanskrit language, “mandala” translates as “circle”, “disk”, “center.” Owing to its convoluted structure, mandala symbolized the multiple levels Universe.

In 2019, mandalas are becoming a big trend seen everywhere from tattoos, floral compositions to web design, clothes prints, etc. If you’re a creative professional aiming to try something new in your designs, you may want to employ mandalas in your projects. To unravel the process of mandala creation, check out these bundles:

  • Mandala Creator Collection – $29

Designers who work in Adobe Illustrator will appreciate over 800 mandala patterns with unlimited combinations. With their help, putting together an outstanding mandala design won’t be an issue.

  • Mandala Coloring Book – $12

Did you know, mandalas can help you cope with stress? These awesome coloring books with outlined mandalas and coloring mandalas are just the thing to help you cool down.

  • Delphina | Beauty Script Font Font

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Having a selection of beautiful design fonts in your arsenal is always a good idea. Any of your designs will sparkle with new colors with a beautiful font.

Delphina font might be the one, which will help you add a little spice. This font is nice, universal and easy to read, which is very important. There will be no problem with using it on PC, Mac, Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Word.

Delphina has PUA Encoded Character and many other useful features.

25+ Bullet Journal Fonts to Make Your BuJo Fancy in 2019

Bullet journaling is yet another trend flourishing in 2019. A New York designer Ryder Carroll was the first to set out the basic principles of bullet journaling in “The Bullet Journal Method: Track the Past, Order the Present, Design the Future.” Initially, Carroll was looking for a handy way of tracking his ideas. Keeping a bullet journal would help Carroll go back to his ideas and use them.

Seeking unconventional and unique typefaces for your bullet journal? This post contains 25+ fonts catering to every need and purpose, so take a look:

  • Devie Regular, Italic & Bold Font – $10
  • Chalifor Dalsatic SVG FONT – $15
  • Brainik Font Family: a Typeface You’ll Love – Just $9!
  • Mandalica Calligraphy Handwriting Font – $12
  • Older Historica Signature Type Font – $2
  • Geometric Luxurygold Pattern

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If you want a new stylish design for your business, you always have two options. You can set up everything from scratch yourself or try to find quality images, even if you have to pay for them sometimes. The geometric luxury gold pattern might be exactly what you are looking for and cost only $6.

Download 20 background images. There are two styles of background, 10 different designs, 2 formats – PNG and JPEG and high resolution 300 dpi and 2700 x 2700 px.

7 Gold Foil Textures 2019. Best Bundles for Creative Use

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Finally, the design trend we’ve all been waiting for! In 2019, the rich and lavish translates into gold foil textures. So, if you’re looking to throw some luxury into your designs, this one is definitely worth a try. Be careful as using too much gold can be an overkill. Still, gold metallic textures are a great way to emphasize specific parts of the design.

In this post, you’ll get your hands on the trend overview as well as high-quality gold foil texture bundles.Who knows, maybe these nuggets of gold are the best fit for your project:

Adenium Font + Gold & Rose Gold Foil – $21

This bundle provides you with a set of great typography, design elements, plus gold & rose foil textures. Check it out!

  • 540 Hand Crafted Patterns Super Bundle from Blixa 6 Studios – $19

In this Super Bundle, you will get 540 hand-crafted patterns which include majestic gold textures.

  • Gold Foil and Glitter Textures – $4

If you need high-resolution Gold Foil and Glitter Textures to embody your bravest design fantasies, this bundle will be the perfect fit!

Sistec Instagram Promotional Banner Social Media

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Here is for you a set of AI templates purely for Instagram promotion.

Download 9 templates for Instagram posts that will fit for 9 different categories: quotes, tips, news, fashion/sales, greetings, and so on. This social media template will help you to create a professional look of your business for all your customers. All images have 1200 x 1200 px size and ready to use. Use Adobe Illustrator CS2+ to edit text and photos.

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