No doubt writing text manually that is in the images is not an easy task. Especially when there is a bundle of bindings, you have to deal with all of them one by one and extract text from images by hand typing. This practice is very time-consuming and may exhaust you as well.

Sometimes or most often nowadays, you may come across various issues like converting scanned images into readable document files. Maybe you are about to present documentation but do not know how to turn content contained in infographics into editable content. So have you ever thought of a reliable solution to beat these calamities?

Let us help you! You have the free to use image to text converter online that takes moments to drag all text in images to a separate text. Whether you are dealing with one document or thousands of them, this converter will instantly turn information in the image into a file that can be formatted later on. 

This is why in the following post, we have gathered the best image-text converters that help to convert image to text in seconds. Let us discuss these one by one! 

This site has developed the best and most trustworthy photo to text converter. With this tool, you can convert numberless photos to text documents without paying a single penny. You may access this online converter on any browser and it functions even if your internet is too slow. 

It can help you convert the following images formats to text:

  • PNG
  • JPG
  • Jpeg
  • TIFF
  • Webp

Whether your images are clear or blurry, do not get tensed about how precisely the text from these will be taken out. The tool is so smart and transforms your text into an error-free document file.


  • Free to use
  • Allows batch conversion at a time
  • Easy to use
  • Can transform images, screenshots, and Twitter feeds into a text file that you can edit anytime
  • Can also convert image to text that contains handwritten texts

Image To Text Converter:

To use this tool online, you are not bound to get registered or give any crucial information. Everything is super easy and free of cost. The procedure of this tool is also like the above-mentioned tool, but its limitation to batch file conversions makes it little useable. 7

The algorithm of the converter is loaded with a huge database of alphabets combinations. Whatever the type of image you upload, it will run its algorithm to search for words written in the images. This is how this smart photo to text converter performs swift conversion of images to PDF files. 


  • You do not require any registration
  • It can be used on any browser and device
  • Keeps your delicate infographics and data a secret to always 

So if you are seeking a text file that could be utilized fearlessly, give this tool a try and start extracting text from images online.

Online OCR:

When it comes to secure, fast, and 100% accurate image to text conversions, this converter also stands out! In simple words, it would be no wrong to say that this site has offered an optimized version of an image to text converter online that can be used without any assistance. Its simple user interface allows you to operate the tool without trouble.

Not only it provides PDF files, but you can also download text file as Excel and Word documents. It allows you to convert text from images in almost 46 languages in a couple of clicks. 


  • Offers many other tools rather than only OCR converter
  • Supports multiple language text extraction
  • Free to use


This text extractor supports text recognition and drags out any type of image. Whether you have a zip file or any different type of non-casual image format, the photo to text converter is a reliable tool to go by. It uses the smart text recognition technique that is Optical Character Recognition.

Thinking about a precise way to convert image to text, give this converter a try and say goodbye to your text extraction procedures. 


  • Enriched in multiple features
  • Automatically detects text in images that are so blurred
  • Allows multiple images each up to 15 Megabytes in size to get converted to a pdf file


The following converter is a boss in smoothing your image-text conversions without any delay. Now get your important text packed in photos with the assistance of this advanced tool that is available online. 

Are you worried about how to get text-written mathematical formulas? Stop worrying and start using this converter to make your dreams come true. Get instant formula extraction in images and copy and paste them to use for future study purposes. 


  • The layout of the tool is supernatural
  • Available on the internet without any premium subscription
  • Provides some other features that other OCR image to text converter online do not entertain

This advanced AI-powered converter has made it possible to get scanned text files in seconds. Although you may feel a hurdle dealing with burdened file conversions, text extractions from infographics, or file savior, this online tool can be of great help. 

Being loaded with advanced data extraction features, the tool is a trustworthy platform for those who have to deal with thousands of hard documents in a single day. It allows them to digitalize their text contained in hard form and useable for further usage.


  • One of the best photo to text conversion tools
  • Do not require any registration
  • Simple to use


Today, handling a lot of documents requires more physical space to keep them. Also, there is not even any surety about such hard document security. This is why we recommend you use the free image to text converter online to convert these ard text documents into soft files that not only acquire less space but your data is saved for a long time.

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