Surviving in a crowded city takes work, especially when using regular transport. Using buses or trains for daily commute seems inconvenient to many office workers. As a result, people now prefer to get their hands on any budget-friendly vehicle available in the market, and what could be a better option than an already utilised vehicle?

If you live in a metro city like Chennai and are trying to decide which car to get, this article is designed for you. Get to know everything about the buying process of a vehicle.

1. Get an Idea about The Vehicle You Prefer

One of the most crucial aspects of purchasing an already-utilised vehicle is knowing everything about it. Complete and thorough knowledge about which vehicle to choose, which brand to go for, which type of car is suitable, which should be present in the vehicle you would like to have, etc., are some of the most common and important things to consider before even contacting any used car provider.

Multiple ways are available to start a study on a specific vehicle. You can choose any online resource or a good-rated online second-hand car selling platform to get a list of available pre-owned cars. You can find the best used cars in Chennai on CARS24 and go forward with the deal.

2. Watch out for Changes in The Intended Vehicle

Vehicle modification is very common anywhere. Car sellers often make many changes in the car before putting their vehicles on sale. For example, they wax the vehicle, do some repair work, etc., before putting the car up for advertisement. But the modification in the car is only good as long as it is legal. Few changes, like colouring the vehicle, tweaking its engine, etc., are illegal in India. So, as a buyer, you should watch out for the below-mentioned car modifications:

  • Colouring the car
  • Modifying the roof of the car
  • Installing big tyres
  • Installing loud exhausts
  • Using body lifting kits

When you opt for a certain second-hand vehicle, ensure the car does not have the abovementioned modifications. If the car selling the vehicle you want has made any illegal change, you should cancel the deal and try to look for something else.

3. Fix A Right Budget Before Finalising The Deal

Buying anything expensive, like a new or old car, requires advanced planning. So, when you decide to get a used car, having a well-organised budget is paramount. Since an old car’s value keeps changing depending on the brand, you need to focus more on the brand you want to choose for your used car.

When you decide to check various used car selling applications, start planning the budget from then. You can also include multiple car advertisements to have an idea about which car is suitable for you. But remember, the car’s features depend on the budget you set up. If you set a specific budget, you can only get the elements depending on that.

4. Select The Car That Seems Suitable to You

Selecting the budget and getting a car for regular use is ongoing. You must also know which pre-owned vehicle is apt for your and your family’s everyday use. Start with finding the type of a car. By sort, we mean whether you want a Sedan or SUV for regular usage.

When you find the type depending on the seating capacity and look of the car, you should move on to the brand you want to choose for your old vehicle. Whatever brand or model you want to buy, ensure you have a clear idea. Otherwise, you may pay a lot of money to regret it later.

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5. Observe The Vehicle

Any utilised vehicle gets several damages as it is driven multiple times. Its engine may get deeply damaged, and its wheels, seats, windows and doors may also get damaged. Since there is a high chance of finding several damages in an old car, observing the same to see the potential flaws is crucial for old car buying.

  • Most people often focus on the car’s engine to check its working capacity. However, most buyers usually do not care about the fluids in the vehicle. So, we suggest you observe the car’s existing fluid more than anything else. If it has a light colour, then it means that the fluid is fine.
  • Next, you can start the car’s engine and check its exhaust. If you observe any black or blue smoke emission or you see any oil spouts, then it is time to say no to the car.
  • When you check a pre-owned car, observing its parts is not the only thing to do. You also need to understand how used the car clearly can be. You can understand that from conducting a metre reading. Ensure to obtain a utilised auto driven for 20 thousand to 30 thousand kilometres. Any car driven more than that is prone to more damage than you can imagine.
  • Checking the car’s tyres is another crucial aspect of buying a reliable pre-owned vehicle. Due to years of being driven, the car tires get damaged deeply, making the car less valuable. So, you ask the seller to change the existing tires or negotiate the price if you need to change those after the purchase.

6. Conduct A Proper Verification of The Legal Documents

Buying a pre-purchased car requires a lot of paperwork, as the buying process needs a proper vehicle transfer. That is why you, as a buyer, must take care of the transfer process and ensure that the seller has all the papers updated. Here are a few things you can consider checking before or during the purchase:

  • Ask for the Pollution under Control certificate as it proves the emission level of the vehicle you wish to buy. Since the emission level clearly indicates the car’s engine’s capacity, it is considered a vital legal document.
  • A utilised vehicle’s service book is another essential aspect in helping a buyer understand the car’s condition. It shows how much the vehicle was taken care of, which will determine how much the new buyer needs to spend on the maintenance.
  • Check the car’s VIN. A vehicle’s VIN helps the purchasers find details about the same, which is helpful if you want to opt for a car that has been used for years.
  • Last but not least, the Registration certificate is considered one of the most crucial legal documents necessary to purchase a vehicle. Check whose name is registered as the car owner. If you buy a vehicle from a used vehicle dealer, your name should be considered the third buyer. So, check the Registration certificate and transfer the document in your name by following the right process.

7. Seek A Car Expert’s Guidance

A novice car buyer with no expert knowledge about vehicles often tends to focus on the cost-effectiveness of a car. Consequently, the sellers fool them by showing a wrong odometer reading and creating a false impression of the vehicle’s present working capability.

However, this can increase the post-purchase cost of the vehicle, increasing the buyer’s expenses even more. But if you want to avoid an issue like this, you can consider asking for help from a car expert.

The car expert can find the possible faults in the vehicle, giving a clear idea about the car’s ability to perform on the road. This, in return, can save a huge amount of the buyer’s money.


Used cars are one of the most sought-after things these days. So, if you are looking for used cars in Chennai on any car purchasing platform, remember to follow all the requirements you need to make a successful purchase.

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