For more than a decade, the business has ranked first among students in the United States. This is not surprising because there are many various career paths a business professional can take, including finance, entrepreneurship, marketing, operations, and management. Business scholarships are needed by students to minimize their financial burden while earning a degree.

Whether you’re looking to pursue a bachelor’s degree in business or a master’s degree like an MBA, the following business scholarship list is full of proven opportunities just for you.

“No Essay” Scholarship

It is an easy scholarship that is open to all American students.

TLF Undergraduate Scholarships

It is offered to minority students who are studying marketing, advertising, public relations, business, or any related field. An applicant should write a one or two-page essay where they should outline their career goals and where they think their career path is taking them. If you have problems with your paper, you need to get help from a business essay service like A writer will write a perfect application essay outlining your goals.

Fukunaga Scholarships

Fukunaga Scholarships are awarded to encourage students in the State of Hawaii who want to pursue a career in business to graduate from an accredited college or university. Students who meet the requirements are eligible to apply for this scholarship.

Alliant Energy Innovation Scholarships

To encourage innovation, Alliant Energy offers scholarships for all students who pursue careers in business, technology, applied sciences, engineering, and mathematics after graduation from high school.

AWM Austin Scholarships

AWM Austin is proud to provide a scholarship to a sophomore or junior college student studying media, business, or a related field at one of the universities in the Austin area. To apply, you need to present a set of documents, including a personal statement. In case you have problems with it, you can choose one of the writing services from the list here — All of them are reliable, and you can get help there without any worries.

SHRM Academic Scholarships

It is open to SHRM members. They should have been enrolled in higher education programs.

Blacks at Microsoft Scholarships

It is open to black students who plan to go to college and get into technology.

“Be Bold” Scholarships

It is an easy scholarship that is open to students graduating from high school and college.

AWSCPA Scholarship Award

It is open to women studying full-time at a higher education institution to pursue a degree in accounting.

Future Entrepreneurs Scholarships

It is open to college students who need to write essays telling about their passion for studying entrepreneurship.

CollegeXpress Scholarships

It is the $10K annual scholarship from CollegeXpress that is open to all students.

Transform Together Scholarships

Scholarships are automatically distributed to non-EU international students who are enrolled in full-time bachelor’s programs at Sheffield Hallam University in any major. The scholarship covers 50% of the 1st year’s tuition fee. To obtain it, you need to have a high academic performance and meet all the entrance requirements of the university.


The scholarship from the German Federal Government and private sponsors is for international students of all nationalities enrolled in undergraduate programs at various universities throughout Germany. Scholarships are awarded based on merit, active citizenship, and extracurricular achievements. The minimum period for receiving a scholarship is two semesters; the maximum is the full period of undergraduate studies.

Holland Scholarship

The Nuffic Netherlands scholarship is available to non-EU international students enrolled in undergraduate studies at Dutch research universities and universities of applied sciences. To receive a scholarship, you must meet all the entrance requirements of the university and have no experience studying in the Netherlands.

How to Get Full Funding

Today we will share information that will help you get full funding and a good scholarship.

  1. Know where to look. The best option is a scholarship from the university. Not all universities provide full funding. Your task is to familiarize yourself with the financial options of the university in the section “financial aid/scholarships/financing options” to find out what are the ways to cover studies for students of a certain program and direction.

Also worth checking out are sites such as and, which list funding opportunities in various fields of study, scholarships focused on certain subjects, and scholarships designed for certain groups of students.

  • Achieve high academic performance. To be eligible for a full scholarship, you must work hard academically; the main criterion for most scholarships is the student’s demonstrating high academic performance. The higher your grades and scores on the entrance exams (SAT/GRE/GMAT), the higher the chances of receiving a generous scholarship.
  • Create an impressive personal brand. Full funding is awarded to exceptional students. With such a large competition for a full scholarship, it is imperative to stand out from the crowd by demonstrating a real commitment to your direction and making the world a better place.

It is necessary to make serious efforts to create a strong personal brand: competitions, internships, exchange programs, conferences, volunteering, research work, publications, case championships, and own projects. It is important to show leadership qualities, which you can demonstrate by volunteering for projects or organizing community service.

  • Carefully study the requirements. This may be obvious, but you don’t want to lose your chances by missing out on a piece of information that was listed in the scholarship application instructions. Make sure that you read the application guide carefully and repeatedly to minimize the chance of you missing something.
  • Write an impressive essay. Another thing that goes without saying is that your essay needs to be of the best quality possible. The essay should grab attention from the first seconds, present it in a winning way and tell about your mission, the work you have done to realize your mission, why you chose this or that university, demonstrate your growth, and the values that unite you and the university. In addition, make sure you have perfect spelling, correct grammar, and no typos.

Use these rules as a guide to help you build your admissions process in the most beneficial way to receive total funding. We believe in you!

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