That time has long gone when business owners used to rely on just their brick-and-mortar stores to mint money. These days they know very well that if they want to get access to a massive base of potential customers, their brand needs to show up on online platforms. 

But a catch here is that online users do not like to remember the URL of any site to visit and place orders for the products they like. And that has given birth to device presence, such as mobile apps. 

Now the question pops up, how to approach mobile app development being a responsible business owner in a developed nation? Well, it will help if you build different mobile applications for different operating systems out there, like Android, iOS, and Windows. 

But do you know what? If you take such a plunge now, your organizational expenses will ramp up to a great extent that might hurt your bottom line down the line. So, how to deal with this situation? 

You might want to gain clarity about it. Well, it is a wise decision if you hire Flutter developers right off the bat who can build Android, Windows, and iOS mobile programs for your entity simultaneously. 

Yes, this decision will save you an enormous amount of money in the long run which you can use for further investments in essential equipment or other important resources for your organization. But how is cost-saving feasible with the Flutter app development option? 

You might ask. To be frank, the best part of choosing Flutter app development over any other app development process, like native app development or hybrid app development is that 50% to 80% of code can be shared during Android, Windows, and iOS application creation. Yes, and this is the major reason why Flutter app development invites less expenditure for a business owner compared to native app development. 

Now if you are a startup owner or a small-scale business owner out there, you must hire Flutter developers from a next-level IT establishment to give the desired shape, size, and features to your multi-platform mobile application. Ok? Apprehended? If yes, it is time to proceed with:

Key Flutter Stats You Must Look at Before You Hire iOS App Developers and Android Developers

  1. This particular framework named Flutter was manufactured by Google in the year 2015 and released officially in 2018. 
  2. If the report of a leading market and customer data provider is to be believed, Flutter has recently outperformed React Native to become the number one mobile application development framework in the world. 
  3. Until September 2021, Android had covered a 72% share of the mobile market, while iOS had just 27%. 

Now, if you wish to reach out to the maximum possible buyers through your smartphone application, it is in your best interest to hire Flutter developers without reconsideration. Yes, only when you do this, you can rest assured of the availability of your mobile app on various platforms, like Google Play Store and Apple App Store from where your target audience can download the app and start using it. But:

What is Flutter in layman’s terms?

Flutter is one of the finest frameworks in the market that comes in handy for multi-platform mobile app development when someone is looking to forge a fast, beautiful, and well-performing application. Besides this, if you are hunting for an optimal method to reach a global audience, you can easily count on Flutter as it supports internationalization. 

With that explained, now it is time to take a deep dive into:

What are some undisputed reasons to hire Flutter developers for iOS and Android development?

  1. It is the most appropriate SDK for multi-platform app development 

So far you have learned clearly that Flutter is a multi-platform app development tool that was made and released by Google in the market. It uses the globally-known Dart programming language, utilizing which it is a piece of cake to make apps for Android and iOS operating systems. 

And since Flutter is a cross-platform software development kit, it calls on a single code base to make apps having a native look and feel on not just iOS devices, but Android too. In short, if you are looking to construct jaw-dropping cross-platform mobile applications, Flutter is definitely worth paying attention to instead of deciding to hire Android app developers and iOS developers separately. 

  1. It scales well

In a general sense it is said that when any developer is building a mobile application, they should be able to add a bunch of features or boost the user base easily without hurting the normal functioning of the software. And the good news is that Flutter takes advantage of Google’s Firebase application on the backend that supports flexibility.

For instance, Firebase offers real-time database updates that help in making sure that the available data syncs quickly among customers. Not only this! Firebase is also capable of improving and reducing the number of updates required for syncing. And it means that adding users of functionality won’t influence the performance negatively, as per entities that allow to hire Flutter developers online. 

  1. It delivers a superb user experience

There is no denying the fact that for a mobile app to be successful in the long run, it must have a well-designed, gorgeous-looking, and functional user interface. And the most interesting news is that Flutter is great at designing a superb user experience for each and every potential visitor.

Wondering how? Then, we must let you know that the built-in widget of Flutter concentrates on rendering high performance to a great extent along with visually impressive application elements. And just for your kind information, it is a cakewalk to develop basic to complicated UIs with several components when tapping the Flutter software development kit. 

  1. It simplifies and expedites app development

If you remember well, you know that Flutter comes with various features that make it a walk in the park to form mobile apps that support several operating systems effortlessly. And a case in point here is the potential of Flutter to depend on a single codebase and UI engine for multi-platform application creation. 

This is something that minimizes the effort to create several variants of an application for Android and iOS platforms. Thus, if you want to make the most of this particular ability of Flutter for quicker mobile app development, it is essential to hire Flutter developers from a renowned IT organization. 

Final thoughts 

Now, if you loved this content and realized the importance of Flutter in cross-platform mobile app creation, please do not hesitate to hire Flutter developers as they can save your precious time and money on Android and iOS mobile app development. 

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