No business can afford to overlook the role of effective design. Whether it is a logo, a website, an app, a poster, a brochure, or even the interior of your shop, customers’ first encounter with your brand is through what they see. How much attention you earn from them. Whether they’ll like you or not is often influenced by your design choices. When we observe businesses that have created great design. We can tend to believe that their success is due to their bold and innovative ideas. All business, and life, seems ripe for disruption. But that is rarely the case.

As designers, our role is to influence people’s thoughts and feelings by coordinating a set of logical, pleasing and brand-appropriate factual elements; we are not Ariels, floating on air shrinking and enlarging people’s faces. The most powerful truth is often the simplest, and so it is in design. Rather than envisaging a new reality, the focus should be on where there is friction: we should seek to remove the sources of resistance. Let’s look at two examples.

Understanding Friction in Design

Friction can be anything in your design that hinders a user’s experience with your product. Example of friction includes a design that has a confusing interface, slow to add pages, overabundance checkout process or any other usability issues. If you have friction in your design, then you cannot convert a user or, if they are deemed frustrated with there experience, and if a user is unsure of next steps or pages experienced your design as a burden, user-experience can also impact buying decisions. Another one is in their design. As per the blog article I read about design solutions, with the simpler design, the focus is on providing only the necessary elements. And with this approach, every other things.

Investing in User Experience

While a less cluttered design can be less frictional, that’s only half the story. Businesses would also do well to invest in user experience (UX) design. UX design is the process of designing a product by considering what kinds of people might be interested in using it and what their needs are likely to be – and then designing it so that interacting with it is as easy and enjoyable as possible. Making an investment into UX design could be a great business effort since, as Rysen’s article investing in user experience demonstrated; by improving your user experience design, you don’t only generate more customer satisfaction and loyalty – you also increase and benefit your employees by aiding their workflow and boosting employee morale.

Implementing Effective Design Solutions with Rysen

When it comes to implementing an effective design solution, a strategic approach to design is required. You need a UX design agency like Rysen which uses a holistic approach. Rysen is a leading UX design agency which aids in user-centric design solution. Having skilled designers who will find out the friction points for you and eliminate them to craft a better user experience. Whatever you are designing – be it a website, a mobile app or any other kind of digital product – getting it right starts with the user. Rysen can give your digital design the care and attention it deserves. Bringing your business goals to life and enhancing the user experience. Please see Rysen’s User Experience page to learn more.


It’s a much more effective design solution to focus on friction and being simple. A company can increase its UX investment and emphasis, create better experiences and increase customer satisfaction and engagement. With great design solutions, like those that a UX design agency, such as Rysen, can offer, companies can increase their profits.

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