Myron Golden is an American diplomat who specializes in guaranteeing growth through business mentoring and consulting in the Tampa Bay area. He is an inspirational speaker and business coach who educates individuals on financial success and entrepreneurship. Two best-selling books have been written by him as well.

Cleveland was the birthplace of Golden, who was born on May 14th, 1961. His father is Joseph Ely and his mother is Erma Nell Golden. Myron had a wedding ceremony on August 1st, 1970 and his bride was Gwendolyn Inman Bethea. His wife passed away in November 1978, however. On August 7th, 1993, Myron remarried his former wife, Chevaunne Ingrid Powell.


Golden recognized the importance of education in achieving success. Upon his arrival at Howard University, he pursued a bachelor’s degree in accounting. In the future, he pursued his master’s degree at Harvard University, graduating with a Master’s of Public Administration in International Development.

After graduating, Myron was able to achieve success due to his education and faith. He is a major proponent of using the Bible as a business tool. Myron instructs people on the importance of tithing, giving, and being servants to their customers. His career began as a budget and accounting officer at the United States Agency for International Development. In the future, Myron would become a deputy program officer for the same organization in Bamako, Mali. He was employed by this organization in various African countries until 1994.

Myron instructs his clients on how to use technology in their business, including social media marketing and enhancing video visibility and channel authority. His 30 years of experience and financial knowledge are ready to be shared by him as a highly sought-out speaker and business consultant.

Students can learn how to turn their passion into profits and duplicate his success through his online course. In January 2023, Myron Golden launched an intensive training program called Make More Offer Challenge, which involves imparting marketing secrets and personal discipline to students in order to speed up business growth.

His skill in earning money, creating wealth, and helping others reach their potential has made him a speaker at prestigious conferences and events.Entrepreneur Magazine has showcased him, he has spoken at TED X, and he has been a guest on multiple YouTube channels and media outlets.

Net Worth

Myron Golden makes a good living from multiple sources of income. He is able to earn income from both passive and active sources. estimates that his YouTube channel earns $10,261 per month. According to Dan Henry on YouTube, Myron receives an annual salary of around $2-3 million. The net worth of Golden has grown to approximately $ 30 million due to the other sources of income he has.

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