Instagram is a platform with more than 1 million users and is one of the top social media ranking apps. Being a marketer, you would have built a reputed and genuine engagement on the Instagram platform right from scratch. You would have poured value into all your posts. To stay consistent on the platform, you can buy instagram video views that uplift your reach. So you might think you have a persistent position on the platform. But have you ever experienced a sudden decline in your engagement? It will experience worst like a nightmare. But it is happening on the Instagram app and is commonly known as Instagram shadowban. 

This article covers all the details about Instagram shadowban and the steps to rectify it. If you need to learn about this shadowban, continue reading the article to gather more information. 

What Is Instagram Shadowban?

In general terms, shadowban refers to blocking the user’s account. It is an unaware process done by wrong assumptions about a profile on the platform. If you get shadowban on Instagram, you might lose your chances of getting hit on the platform. In addition, once the account is shadowbanned, you might lose out on the reputation and visibility of your account. Overall, it can lead to stopping your Instagram growth. So it needs to be eliminated at the earliest as soon as possible. 

What Happens if an Account Is Shadowbanned?

For any shadowbanned account, the content will not be visible in any of the Instagram feeds apart from your followers. If your followers try to re-post your original content, it will not be available if the account is shadowbanned. Instagram won’t notify the users while shadowbanning the account. Sometimes, it would be unknown to the user itself. The only way you get them known is when you check on the decrease in the follower count. 

Importance of Instagram Shadowban

In one way, it makes marketers feel confused and helpless. But looking at a different perspective helps weed out the accounts that do not adhere to the app’s terms and conditions. So by shadowbanning those accounts, Instagram shall ensure that the platform doesn’t lose its trust. 

What are the Chances of Getting Shadowbanned?

If a user uses too many hashtags, it is a big red flag for Instagram. Similarly, using irrelevant hashtags also has more risk of getting shadowbanned. Moreover, if you use the same hashtags for all your posts, it is considered spam. Moreover, in some cases, when Instagram users click on the ‘Don’t show for this hashtag,’ then your account will not be shown visibly on the search results using the hashtags. 

Clarity on Shadowban

Instagram has said that shadowbanning wasn’t a real thing. After a proper declaration, many users complained that their posts were banned repeatedly. Instagram hasn’t been directly admitted with the term ‘shadowban,’ but they indirectly acknowledge it. Moreover, how do the users know a shadowban has hit them? Below are some of the victims of shadowban as follows, 

1. Hashtag Search 

It is one of the common ways to check the shadowban on Instagram. First, you need to post an image on Instagram with a unique hashtag that has yet to be used. Once you have posted, ask your friends to search for the hashtags and check whether your account appears on the search results. The post will appear on the search results if it is not shadowbanned. To make your account visible on the platform, you should try using Inzfy, which amplifies your exposure. 

2. Use Tools to Test on Shadowban

So many Instagram tools are available to check whether your account is shadowbanned. So Instagram users shall utilize it to the fullest, and you can work on your account. If so, users shall rectify the problem and then upgrade their Instagram accounts. You can try using Instagram analytics to check on the shadowban. 

How to Check the Status of Shadowban?

Since it is not officially imposed from Instagram, it is impossible to go directly for customer support. There won’t be any self-help databases available either to rectify them. The only thing on status confirmation is to go to the settings and check the account status. If your posts are listed, then it is no doubt you are not shadowbanned. You can even send a report about your shadowban problem to the Instagram app. 

3 Steps to Remove Shadowban on Instagram

Shadowban is only for a limited time, but it significantly impacts your reputation. Here are some of the excellent ways to remove the Instagram shadowban problems, 

1. Report your Instagram problem.

2. Remove the automation apps that do not meet Instagram guidelines. 

3. Take a few days off from Instagram. 

Excellent Ways to Avoid the Instagram Shadowban Problems

Below follows are the best things to prevent the Instagram shadowban problems. The few things to take care of are as follows, 

  • Do not use bots on Instagram. 
  • Do not use the banned hashtags on Instagram. 
  • Use relevant hashtags for your posts. 
  • Write authentic comments on Instagram. 
  • Do not go crazy with commenting and liking the posts. For example, you should write less than 60-100 comments or like 60-100 posts in a single hour. It may drive the Instagram algorithm crazy. 
  • Do not spam your Instagram followers. 
  • Take a break for about 48 hours from Instagram. 
  • To be safer, read the Instagram terms and community guidelines so you won’t violate them. 


More like a proverb, prevention is better than cure. So being shadowban on Instagram should be prevented as much as possible. But, on the whole, it is nothing much to worry about. If you were perfect with your Instagram posts and updates, you might avoid facing the consequences. We hope the above article will help you with rectifying the shadowban problems. To rebuild your account after shadowban, you should try using Inzfy and uplift your Instagram presence. If you find the article interesting, then leave your comments below. Thanks for reading!

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