Like a day without sunshine Morning without coffee Song without beats
Life, without memories Rainbow without colors Forest without trees
Is how empty I feel When you are not with me. I miss you

Your eyes are boundless, I look at them and I do not feel the bottom,
and I melt in your warm hands. I miss you, come back soon and give me happiness.

I cry alone so that no one knows, I often take a walk alone I do not want
to show the world that I am in pain, But I surely want you to know that I am missing you so much my love, Life is not the same without you, Please come back and give me back My life and my lost glee, I am missing you so much!

I Miss you more when I am lonely miss you more in the darkness of life, I ought to see you in my thoughts whenever there is a pain in strive, I miss you more than me I know and I am waiting for a day in life When you will come back and hug me back, I am really missing you so much and your loving touch, Please come back soon my love!

Time just takes away my peace of mind when you are not there beside me, I feel the pain in my heart my love, It’s like life is full of shove that shove that forces me to cry and ask answers to why you are not there besides me,
I am really missing you to thee, Please come back soon!

My heart aches for you, My eyes cry for you, My senses long for you, I feel numb without you, My smiles wither without you, My soul thirsts for you
My body shivers without you, Please, tell me what to do, I miss you

Remembering memories of us together, time seems to have paused forever. Nothing seems to be going my way, every since you’ve been away. I’ve been gasping for you to hold me close… how I’m limping along, only my heart knows. I miss you.

The worst thing in the world for me is to think about your perfect eyes and do not have an opportunity to look at them, to think about your gentle hands and not to be able to feel their warmth, I am missing you. Come ASAP.

My life feels like a beautiful sunrise when you are with me. But when you’re away, it feels like a scary thunderstorm. Please come and bring the sunshine back in my life. I miss you.

I am tired of meeting you again and again in my dreams to meet you in person, My heart is bursting at the seams, My mind and my soul, Desperately need a sweet treat, I miss you so much Baby, when will we meet?

A princess, is how I feel when I’m with you and an angel whose wings have been clipped, is how I feel when I’m missing you.

It does not matter how many miles you are away from me because I’ll always be with you, and if you listen, you will hear the beating of my heart, it beats for you. I miss you.

Every night in my dreams I see your gentle hands and beautiful eyes, I miss you unbearably, but our love is worth waiting.

Missing you is a state of my mind which I love and hate. Hate… because you aren’t here. Love… because it reminds me of all the romantic memories that we share.

How much I miss you when you are not with me it is difficult to express
without sounding cheesy but even when we are apart for just a few minutes I feel lost and confused at the end of my wits I don’t care how much time we spent together today, I start missing you the very second you walk away.

Your love is a heavenly gift which I was lucky enough to get because your love has changed me and the world around me became brighter. I miss you, my sweetheart.

You know, there are people, with whom you feel warm, cozy and comfortable and when you hug them, you feel as if you are at home. You are my home, my haven, my lovely second half.

I’m flipping through all our selfies, I’m fondly remembering the naughty memories. I’m thinking about all the romantic dates, I’m wondering how beautifully intertwined are our fates. But being away from you is draining me down, baby I need your kisses to wipe off my frowns. I miss you.

When I miss you I miss a part of me, My life is shattered this is what it has come to be baby all I want you to do is hold me in your arms, My heart is craving to succumb to your charms.

My boy, I sorely miss you, I need to see you at least a few times a day every day for the rest of my life.

I’ve always thought that the most difficult thing is to smile through tears,
but now the hardest thing for me is to miss you, my heart is torn apart! Come back soon, I miss you.

I look into the mirror and I see a thorny rose without its petals. I look outside the window at the clear blue skies and I feel like a bird without wings. Come give me a hug so I can feel like a pretty rose and a free bird all over again. I miss you.

I miss you at night, I miss you during the day, Please do something and find a way to end my pain and calm the agony soon and often you must meet me, I can’t bear the distance, I can’t handle the stress, I need hugs from the guy who calls me princess.

Every drop of rain is my tear, my heart weeps with longing for you. I love you madly, come back soon, I miss you!

It is awful to love you without having an opportunity to touch you. You’re far away and I cannot think of anything else as our last meeting. I miss you and I wait for you with impatience.

Your girlfriend is sweet, cute and pretty most of the times. But if you don’t meet her often, she will become bitter, nasty and annoying. I miss you.

Every day without you is a scar on my heart, have mercy, come back soon, I cannot live without you. Kisses.

You are my sun, and if I were a planet, I would stop spinning, and would look at your beauty and admire you. I really miss you, my favorite.

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