Remote control vehicles are great for racing around, but sometimes kids need something a little bit extra. That is where the best remote control rock crawler comes in. These RC cars are for kids who love to drive a monster truck rather than a sports vehicle, they come with big action, bright colors, big wheels, and can tackle all terrain with ease.

These rock crawlers can perform stunts, they can play music, they can dance and move. With so much potential, it is vital that they don’t let their new drivers down by falling to perform.

So whether it is puddles, rocky terrains, or boulders, these RC vehicles are built to work perfectly amidst all types of obstacles and hurdles. Their stability and slow speed make them perfect for off-roading, and they have amazing features that include the driving experience.

There are a few features and variables you should think about before making a purchase. Speed, durability, and power source for the rock crawler are just a few things you need to consider, though here is a full list.


RC motors forever come down to 2 options of motors, brushless or brushed.

Brushless motors are generally better in every way, but they are way more costly. If you are just dipping your tie in this activity then you can pick up a brushed crawler and have a lot of thrill.


Ensure your RC crawler has lots of power. Crawling up rocks and other rough terrain needs an immense amount of it.


Another vital factor is battery life. Since the crawler needs so much power it drains the battery quicker than your normal car or truck would so ensure to look into description to find how long it will last. And ensure they are rechargeable.

Durability and ruggedness

RC rock crawlers are designed rugged so they move over hard terrain. They generally have strong features like big tires and powerful build. Rock crawlers generally go through puddles and mud that get the vehicle wet. You will want to be sure there is some degree of waterproofness to stop shorts and other damages.

Something to note is that you cannot forever tell how strong something is by looking at it.

Interference and range

The range of an RC rock crawler is the distance that car can travel from the remote control before losing any signal. Once the car is out of range, your child will lose control of it. Generally, the RC crawler stops moving, too. A little range is great for young kids, mainly since they generally chase their vehicle around while they play with it. For older kids and kids who want to race with family and friends, a longer range is best.

You will also want to be sure the vehicle runs on its own frequency. This is mainly true if your child is going to be playing with friends or participating in races. Otherwise, the signals can cross and your kid may lose control of their vehicle.

Customer support

One of the advantages of higher end rock crawlers is that they will have replaceable parts. Customer support can help you find the parts and give instructions on replacement. Generally, higher-end rock crawlers also come with an instructional guide or manual to help you troubleshoot and change these parts.

In the case of lower-priced rock crawlers, it may not be easy to repair.  You will want to look for an RC crawler from a firm with best customer service to save your investment.

Weather-proof capacity

Finally, you have to consider waterproof capability. All weather rock crawlers are the best option for summer and winter. Also, if you buy a waterproof rock crawler, you can race in puddles and other wet surroundings without hesitating about destroying your RC rock crawler.


How quick is an RC rock crawler?

Most RC rock crawlers can go over fifty miles per hour on perfect terrains. Anyway, RC rock crawlers are not built for top speeds but to cover rugged and steep terrain. When competing, the rough terrain has to be covered as quickly as possible, but the expertise to steer is the focus more than the speed.

What batteries are top suited for an RC car for kids?

Different RC vehicles need different batteries. Anyway, AA batteries are considered one of the top for an RC car for kids because of their top capacity, making them last longer than others.

RC rock crawlers are the perfect choice for RC fans who like the action involved in exploring new paths and various terrains. Some vehicles are mainly designed for kids, where the focus is more on skillful maneuvering of stones, gravel, narrow paths, water, and deep pitted ground, than speed. It is the best version of an RC truck or vehicle that can offroad with its four-wheel drive and other amped up features. They are fun and also challenge your skill and dexterity on all types of terrain.

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