Choosing the right image consulting training program is a crucial step if you are aspiring to pursue a career in image consulting.

As the demand for image consultants continues to rise, acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills through a reliable and comprehensive training program becomes essential. However, with numerous options available in the market, deciding on the best image consulting training program can be overwhelming. This article will guide you in selecting an ideal image consulting training program.

5 Determining Factors of a Good Image Consulting Training Program

With the increasing demand for sharpening your image at work and other setups, more and more great image consultant course are emerging in the country. But which one is the right option for your requirements and needs? Here are five must factors you should look into when searching for valuable image consulting training programs:

  1. Time-Framed Valuable Lessons

What’s a course if it does not provide you with any value in each lesson? An image consulting training program should include valuable how-to lessons. Further, every project in it should include something that can help you gain more confidence after completion. The Power Points should be persuasive enough to help you train your customers, and the lessons should be easy to comprehend at every stage.

  1. Value Over Money

Whenever you purchase something, as a customer, you try to see the value it provides you for the money you pay. The same happens for an image consulting training program because even though the main goal is to learn something valuable to kick-start your career, you are paying money. As a customer, you want something that provides more value than you splurge your money on.

So, the number one rule of getting into an image management course is to search for a training program that is highly valued in the industry. When you receive training from a high-valued and reputable institution, your clients can put that faith in you and trust that you can meet high standards. Hence, it’s essential to take the side of value over money. It’s always better to pay more and earn more value than to pay less and later regret it.

  1. Convenient Routines

As a learner, having the freedom to learn something at your own pace and convenience is a huge determining factor, especially for working professionals. Therefore, if you are a working professional or a homemaker trying to balance your personal life with your learning schedule, you should look at the convenience an image consulting training program offers.

Consider the learning format that best suits your needs and schedule. Some programs offer in-person classes, while others may have online or hybrid options. Choose a format that aligns with your preferences and time constraints. Convenience becomes particularly important if you are a working professional or have other commitments.

  1. Teaching Methods

The next thing to consider when looking for image consulting training programs is the teaching methods. There are two ideal methods most training programs follow. One is mentoring, and the other is a hands-off training method.

The mentoring method is where you can get a personal mentor to help you understand everything about image consulting and the course you took, but the downside of this method is that some people find problems in the mentor’s teaching style. Since everyone has their own teaching style, it’s not confirmed that you will certainly like the mentor’s teaching style.

The second teaching method is hands-off, where the instructor gives minimal instructions to you throughout the course. Here, you are not micro-managed, and you can feel more motivated to learn as you have a degree of control and responsibility for your education. But the downside is that you may need a solid foundation of basic knowledge before exploring more independently. Hence, you must keep the training methods in mind before choosing an image consulting training program.

  1. Networking List

While an institution’s popularity is a great thing to consider since that might help you get more clients once you become an image consultant, that’s not everything you should rely on before choosing an image consulting training program.

Apart from the popularity of the image management institution, look for the list of networks they have. More connections with renowned people in the industry, the better help you can get in the future when you need to grow your network for business.


Choosing the best image consulting training course requires careful consideration of several factors. It is important to evaluate the reputation and experience of the course provider and the curriculum and resources offered. Additionally, considering the cost and flexibility of the course can help ensure that it aligns with your budget and schedule.


Suman Agarwal is an award-winning image management professional. She has helped students, home-makers, women on sabbatical as well as people seeking second career alternatives to explore Image Management and Soft Skill Training as a vibrant professional choice. She frequently writes blog posts about the urgent need of image consulting professionals and soft skill trainers in the 21st century and loves guiding people in exploring lucrative career options. Write to her at to seek advanced career guidance.

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