Every Internet business owner usually has different delivery and logistics needs. While most of them have an easy-to-deliver scenario based on product weight or quantity, others may not be as simple.

Products such as textiles, metal wires, and lubricants cannot be sold as usual and require special attention. For example, customers buy fabrics based on the size of the material, so there is no fixed selling price. Likewise, when the length of the wire sells metal wires. Therefore, in contrast to other products, the quantitative aspect of the product is not applicable.

On the other hand, web-based shipping uses the product’s weight as a guide when calculating shipping costs. Unfortunately, this makes the supply of such products to business owners very difficult, as there is no direct way to combine two different measurement standards.

Do you want to make it easier for your customers to place bets or make predictions? Adding offers or forecasting add-ons to your website will help customers make quick decisions and ensure you have a quick deal.

WooCommerce measurement price calculator plugins make it easy to create bids and forecasts so visitors can get immediate costs. This will allow them to decide if they should participate in the project.

Calculators allow you to use simple or complex formulas to create quotes and forecast forms. Also, WooCommerce calculator plugins are a great source of business contacts as they combine customer contact information with information about the project they are trying to complete.

How this Plugin Make Things Easy for You

This plugin allows you to add quantity and user-defined calculators to list products sold one by one with known metrics (such as tiles with advertised square meters per box) or products with prices in feet, square meters, cubic meters, kilograms, and so on. and purchased to order sizes (e.g., fabric).

By determining which measurement you want your price to be in, you can set a price for a fixed quantity (e.g., a price based on a box with 12 panes) or a price that allows customers to enter their measure (e.g., price straight leg). There are two calculator modes available for both types of measurement (quantity calculator and user-defined mode), and you can switch between them by enabling or disabling one check box.

The quantity-based mode allows the customer to enter the required product dimension. The calculator determines the required quantity (i.e., tile boxes) required to meet or exceed the required dimension. In custom mode, you set the price (that is, in dollars per foot), and the buyer enters the required dimensions, and then the total price is calculated.

Selling t-shirts or cell phone cases is easy with WooCommerce; many of us also sell products that aren’t sold in “1” quantities, like floors, wallpapers, or more. The WooCommerce Price Calculator solves problems you may have encountered during the installation and pricing of these products.

WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator plugin allows you to add and customize the calculator to your products sold in quantities according to their size, square image, volume, or weight. This allows you to sell products with a known size per item easily.

For example, suppose you have trays sold for $ 2.09 per square foot, and you offer a tray that covers 35 square feet or a larger box that covers 60 square feet. Using the same price per square meter, you can easily enter the size of the box, and the calculator will show the total price of the box.

Do you want customers to tell you how much they need it? The Unit Price Calculator also allows you to sell items at a unit price (square feet, cubic meters, etc.).

You may be selling the coat at a price per cubic meter – you can allow the buyer to determine the area and depth of the mulch, and the calculator will calculate the total cube and the final price. Customize any combination of items and customize tags to suit your store needs!


  • Download the extension from your WooCommerce dashboard
  • Go to Plugins > Add New > Upload and select the ZIP file you just downloaded
  • Click Install Now, and then Activate
  • Read the next sections to learn how to set up and configure the plugin.

Get a Cost Calculator Plugin Now!

The user-defined quantity calculator and quantity calculators are compatible with product varieties — if defined, the dimensions of the product of the selected variables are used. The user-defined calculator is also fully compatible with changing products. You can improve the customer experience on your site by adding feature-rich high rates, predictions, or additional costs.

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