Custom t-shirt design is becoming more and more famous with the artistic minds that want their personal clothing line. Whether you are an illustrator, graphic designer, or a complete novice, there are lots of chances to make the custom t-shirt scratch. Here are a few things to consider in the process of making the best custom-shirt:

Explore your concept

Get sketch and creative several ideas or designs. Try to use a brainstorming sessions to think up a few variations of the design. It can also support to sleep on an idea and come back the next day to view if further improvements can be made.

Keep things simple

While it may be attractive for someone with amazing drawing skills to make a masterpiece with lots of detail, the top designs are often the simplest. A classic design is generally the most effective at getting across a particular message or theme.

Use the right colors

If you are creating a design using a program suite it will be truly simple to keep changing the color scheme until the best look is achieved. Also, try to reject suing the self-made or special colors that will be hard to replicate when the design is transferred onto a shirt.

An additional step to use the program is to spread any outline and strokes text to make it that much simpler to use a particular design.

Create a mock-up

When showing your T-shirt design to your buyers, or showing your clothing products on your site, it is vital to display them realistically and with creative taste. Graphic designers have lots of opportunities, and one such chance is designing t-shirts.

Mockup t-shirt PSD templates are very famous mockup files types, they okay you to see how your fresh illustration or clothing designs would appear after being newly screen printed on a garment.

All the mockup t-shirt on this list is fully free to download and use, they are in PSD format so you will require Photoshop to use them. They include lots of different colors and styles so you can find the right one to suit your designs. Some will permit you to replace the background color or designs and textures are generally included by double clicking a layer in the PSD and pasting your design in. The file will then modernize with your template and the plan will include right folds and lighting/makes in the design so it relates the mockup rightly.

I have collected 30 free and premium t-shirt mockup psd templates for designers. You can change the color of the t-shirt and Easy to place your designs using smart objects. It helps to create your unique design and show them off with Professional t-shirt mockup.

Free T-Shirt Mock-Up Set

Woman T-Shirt MockUp PSD

T-Shirt MockUp PSD 2

Free Realistic Hanging T-Shirt Mockup PSD

T-Shirt Fashion Mock-Up

Very easy to edit mockup. It contains everything you need to create a realistic look of your project. Guarantees the a good look for bright and dark designs and perfect fit to the shape of the t-shirt. Easy to navigate, named layers, friendly PDF help file. It comes with 11 Template Files, Organized Layers, Male/Female Models, Changable T-Shirt Color, 2 Style, 2000×3000 px and Illustrated PDF Help File.

T-shirt Generator 7 in 1 Mock-up

Woman T-Shirt Mockup v.2

2 PSD file
Easy Design and Color change
Unlimited Colours
Smart Objects
Size: 1700×1666 px / 72 dpi / RGB Mode.

Men’s T-Shirt MockUp

Format: Layered PSD
Smart Objects: Yes
Dimensions: 5000 × 3333 px

T-Shirt MockUp PSD

Format: Layered PSD
Smart Objects: Yes
Dimensions: 2400×1800 px

Free HQ Shirt mockup

T-shirt PSD Mockup

Psd Tshirt Mockup Template Vol3

This is volume 3 of our series of psd T-shirt mockup with a plain simple tee-shirt mockup template. You can edit the t-shirt color and use the smart layer to apply your designs. The high-resolution makes it easy to frame specific details with close-ups.

Men Multipurpose Tshirt Mock Up

3235×4579 Pixels
300 DPI
2 PSD files (1. front view 2. back view)
Organized Layers
Male Model
Grey brick wall texture included
Changeable T-Shirt Color
6 different color shades included
Displacement map for each view
Easy to use smart objects
User guide PDF file included

T-Shirt Mock-Up Bundle

This bundle includes Female Model T-Shirt Mock-Up and Male Model T-Shirt Mock-Up. Easy to place your designs using smart objects, double-click the Smart Layer, copy & paste your artwork, save and you’re done!

T-shirt Mock-Up

8 high resolution photo-realistic crew neck male t-shirt mock-ups with 1 grunge wall background and optional vintage effect all in 1 PSD file. Save time and use this photo-realistic mock-up instead of taking pictures. It’s very easy to use.

PSD Marl T-shirt Mockup Vol1

This is a marl psd t-shirt mockup with its elegant wooden hanger to showcase your t-shirt designs. You can edit the marl t-shirt color easily and drag and drop your graphics with our smart layer.

Free Ladies T Shirt Mockup

Classic Psd T-shirt Mockup Vol1

This is a classic psd T-shirt mockup with its wooden hanger to display your t-shirt designs with style. You can edit the t-shirt and background color and use the smart layer to apply your graphics with ease.

PSD Long Sleeve T-Shirt Mockup Vol1

This is a new psd t-shirt mockup with long sleeve and its wooden hanger to showcase your textile design. You can change the t-shirt and background color easily and add you own graphic with our smart layer.

2 Photorealistic T-Shirt Mock-Ups

Urban T-Shirt Mockup

10 Psd Files
Smart Object Replacement
2000×3000 px
300 dpi / RGB
Well Organized Layers
100% Editable
Quick Graphic Replacement
Vintage Distressed Graphic Effect Included

Male T-shirt Mock-Up

Kids T-Shirts Mock-Ups

Unlimited colours inc black & white
Fully Layered 2 PSD files
Very easy to edit in Photoshop
easy and fast editing with smart objects
organized Layers and folders with meaningful names
you can remove the model
4 effects “ Mood ,Dead zone ,Freeze ,Hangout ”

PSD V-Neck Tshirt Mockup Vol1

This is our first psd t-shirt mockup in a new series of cloth mockups with their hanger. Easily change the color and apply your design with the smart layer to make it your own.

T-shirt Mockup (Front,Back & Folded)

Old Crumpled T-Shirt Mockup PSD

This is a high-resolution mockup PSD of old, crumpled t-shirts where you can easily replace your artwork on the tshirt using smart object layer. The t-shirt mockups come in 2 variations: plain and stripes. They look really crumpled and wornout.

T-shirt / Tank Shirt Bundle Mock Up

T-Shirt Mock-Up

Blank T-Shirt Mockup Template (PSD)

Hanging T-Shirt Mockup



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