4 thoughts on “45+ Free and Premium phpBB Themes

  1. Forumer says:


    Thanks for sharing these free and premium phpBB themes. I’m starting my phpBB3 forum on my own server (before I used the free forum hosting with Forumotion.com) and I searched some great and free styles. Your list is perfect, I think I will start with BBOOTS theme. The design is really great and many good effects.

  2. Marco says:

    You can also try Mobbern 🙂


    It’s new and cool!

    PS for Admin: Please add my forum theme (Mobbern) to the list!

    Many thanks!

  3. “Wide” mybb theme looks professional. I’ve read somewhere that the forum should be either be blue or green. Red gives alert.

  4. These theme are awesome…was thinking of integrating wide phpbb theme for my site
    great you share..

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