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Dos and Dont’s Of E-Commerce Website Development

E-commerce corresponds to a set of commercial transactions carried out remotely through electronic and digital interfaces. Remote sales can also be goods or services.

These transactions can be carried out via different terminals such as computers, tablets, smartphones, consoles, connected TVs, etc.

Today, these commercial transactions can also be done through mobile applications that are downloaded to Google Play. For Android or the App Store for Ios.

However, in distance selling, different relationships can exist:

• B2B – business to business. Corresponds to e-commerce between companies.

• B2C – business to consumer. Corresponds to e-commerce between a company and an individual.

• C2C – consumer to consumer. Corresponds to e-commerce between individuals via websites.

What is an e-commerce site?

An e-commerce site can also be called an “online store”. It is a website where products are displayed by a merchant. If a user wants to buy one of these products, he will have to pay online through a banking platform or other means of payment i.e. check.

Note that online stores are very interesting because they allow to overcome the problems of location and can sell its products in a wider geographical area (provided that the logistics of order routing allows it).

Some of the regulations that apply to traditional businesses may also apply to your e-commerce business, including registration of your business name, copyrights, and trademarks. protection of personal information, product safety and export.

First steps

The SEO agency or magento development has taken over the development of e-commerce website, which has undoubtedly become a must for any company selling goods and services, whether physical or virtual (unless you want to shoot in the foot!) but also for web entrepreneurs who have an interest in the trade.

This is an avenue that offers incredible business opportunities, very flexible, and the potential for development is enormous.
On the other hand, even if e-commerce and “traditional” store-and-shop business follow the same basic rules based on the principle of supply and demand, e-commerce takes on a very different form that has its share. Peculiarities and obeys several rules that can not be ignored in order to be successful.

Find your product

The first step is, of course, to find a product to sell online. But beware! We must not make the mistake of thinking that because we are offering a product on the Internet, it sells itself and is necessarily profitable.

In addition to popularity, demand, and competition, a variety of criteria must be considered before making a decision. It is therefore crucial to do your research well. There are several tips and tools, like Terapeak and Junglescout, to help us find a good product for sale online.

Suppliers and manufactures

Once we have a good idea of the product (s) we want to sell online, it’s time to think about the supply.

➢ Do we want to be a reseller of products from another company?
➢ Do we want to manufacture our own products with our trademark?
➢ Is the product you want to sell physical or digital?
➢ Should subcontractors be used for part of the production?

Retail Arbitrage

If you have trouble choosing a product, or simply do not want to be niche, retail arbitrage may be an interesting option.
Roughly, it is about getting cheap products from retailers and reselling them for profit on the Internet. However, you should know that some marketplaces are more conducive to this practice and that knowing how to choose the right products for sale is crucial.


Depending on the characteristics and origin of the products we decide to offer in our online store, there may be an important logistical side to consider.

For example, in the case of a product that is being manufactured outside the country, it is necessary to provide transportation and customs clearance in addition to warehousing and distribution. This step usually requires the use of a customs broker to ensure that imported products arrive safely at their destination.

Drop Shipping

For those who want to focus their efforts on marketing and marketing a product without worrying about logistics, Drop Shipping, although more complex to make profitable, is particularly interesting.

In this wise system, the supplier supports the manufacturing, warehousing and delivery of the products that the reseller can offer on his online store, promote and sell at a profit.


When you have an ambitious idea to design and market an original or innovative product, a presale campaign or even a crowdfunding campaign can be a good way to validate your business idea while raising the necessary funds for production.
These campaigns can be conducted on a website, or through a crowdfunding platform.

Regardless of the platform used, strong campaign planning and promotion is absolutely crucial to its success. It is therefore better to ensure that you are well prepared before attempting to finance your project in this way.

Sales platform

Once we have chosen what we want to sell and the details of the supply are settled, we must then decide the sales channel, in other words the platform (s) to be used for our products to be accessible to potential customers.
Two main options are available to us:

1. Design your own transactional website
2. Use a marketplace

A transactional site

If you want to build your own online store, there are many ways to do it without having to resort to an agency. Creating a transactional site using WordPress and the Woocommerce extension is one of the most popular approaches, mainly because it is a relatively easy-to-use platform that offers great flexibility.

There are also a few more “turnkey” platforms like Magento development (to name only one) which can be an interesting choice according to your needs.

However, no matter how complex the use of these platforms, it is necessary to have a minimum of technical knowledge in computer to set up its own online store. And since the web universe is constantly evolving, we must also be willing to continue to learn and improve continually.


In terms of marketplaces, Amazon, Ebay, Etsy or Walmart allow us to use their platform to sell our products for a fee.

These options can be advantageous, especially at the beginning, because one can benefit from the traffic generated by these platforms and from the confidence which the users grant to them.

However, these marketplaces are very restrictive and leave us little control over the creation of your “shops”.

Marketing and Advertising

Finally, once we have found our product and the details of production and distribution are settled, we have to think about marketing and advertising.
Creating a blog attached to your transactional site can be a good way to do content marketing and get traffic through SEO.
Using influencers to promote our product, social media and Google advertising and email marketing strategies are also strategies that can be very effective.

If we summarize…

In short, online stores have become both our modern “Sears catalogs” and our shopping centers. They allow customers to window shop and order what they want with a simple click, without having to move or even pick up the phone.
E-commerce therefore offers us incredible business opportunities, but also has its own challenge.

Finding a product to sell online that stands out from the competition, which is simple to manufacture and deliver while leaving a good margin of profit can be a real headache. This is why it is necessary to do your research well and validate your idea as soon as possible. A pre-sale or crowdfunding campaign can be a good way to ensure the success of your product.

At the level of the platforms to be used as sales channels, marketplaces are particularly simple to use while the creation of a personalized and flexible website may require more in-depth knowledge and even programming basics.

Finally, we must not neglect marketing and promotion. The use of email marketing strategies, content or influencers as well as advertising on Google and social media should be considered to effectively develop its online business.

Some essential tips for your e-commerce site

1. Bank security

– Offer secure payments by credit card, paypal and also by check.
Paypal can be a temporary solution for the launch of an ecommerce site, but very quickly it will be necessary to think about offering payment by CB “classic”.

– Own a domain name in .com or .uk,
Le.com and .uk are essential areas … the rest are acessory.
It is not worth buying exotic extensions (.eu, .net, .info …).

– Propose a real shop and not in a blog
If it is recommended to associate a blog with a shop to improve the SEO, it is necessary to distinguish the two spaces (a blog is not an e-commerce site).
By cons it is advisable to promote it via his blog (advertising banners, advertorial …).

– Make available to its user’s clear and complete terms and conditions of sale.
You must indicate delivery times, returns, payment methods accepted, guarantees … all with the least possible spelling mistakes.

– A “Pro” design
It is necessary to avoid the websites made by the cousin who hacks every night on his PC and to call on a professional.

Do not forget the influence of the colors in the image that you will give:

Once you get started, you can change the design of your eCommerce site.
Indeed, as in fashion, we must renew its design from time to time to stay “fashionable”, but also to stay at the forefront of technological developments (eg responsive design, SEO …).

Your design will convey the image of your products and services.

You do not need blurry images, badly cut images, badly displayed pages (offsets …).
If for you it is not essential, for the customer it is rather important, because he does not know you … all he sees is the design of the site, photos and text!

– Submit professional photos
You have to ban pictures taken quickly with your old digital in the kitchen of your apartment or taken with your smartphone …
Take special care to make them with a solid background, with a good cutting (no heads cut, missed clipping …), good brightness.

– Be clear about your rates
It must indicate the shipping costs in the basket, and possibly specify that they are offered or decreasing according to the quantities, this will avoid the abandonment of basket.

There is nothing worse than a person who commands, and who finally gives up because he is disappointed.

2. Find the right suppliers

It’s not an easy part if you do not know your industry perfectly…
Indeed in all professions there are unscrupulous suppliers:

➢ prices that increase at the last minute,
➢ too long delivery times,
➢ very high minimum shipping costs

Which is not very pleasant since in the end, it is your image that will be dirty when a customer will be disappointed …

3. The name of your shop.

The choice of the domain name and the name of the site is of course unavoidable: it must be memorable, evoke the brand … and if possible contain the keywords of the products sold to improve SEO.
But creating an ecommerce website starts even before the site is online.

4. Post and delivery solutions!

Go for the pro card, and make an appointment with the director of your post office because it may eventually provide you with solutions tailored to your needs (prices …).

In addition, also add modes of transport “premium” for people in a hurry (or short time):

➢ Chronopost

These modes of delivery are sometimes interesting for emergencies such as Christmas gifts, perishable products…

However, at the beginning, do not try to be exhaustive … you must propose:

➢ The post office
➢ Delivery in relay point

With the growth of your business, you will need to outsource logistics to focus on your business.

5. The Distance Selling Contract

Indeed it is more restrictive because it requires obtaining the agreement of a bank.

6. Stock management

Stock management is a business, and every amateur eCommerant makes the experience very quickly…
First, there is the receipt of supplier orders with delivery errors, reference problems…

Indeed a misplaced product, badly arranged … can cost you a lot of money:
The best practices in terms of logistics are:

➢ Point out what was delivered, and the price charged (compared to the order form)

➢ Sort in rows and columns the products in “boxes” and indicate in your software the box (B24)

➢ Store down the heavy goods, and locked up or in a visible place the value-added products

➢ Train your new employees on your products to reduce preparation errors, have the picking validated by someone other than the one who prepared the package, use the bar codes to record product entries / exits

7. Set up an emarketing strategy

ECommerce is first and foremost trade: it’s good to buy … and sell well!
You must of course propose attractive prices / products / offers on your shop.

In eCommerce it is often the second order that we start to earn money … so your goal should be to recommend the customers as much as to recruit a new customer!

With regard to the traffic of your eCommerce site, it is like in a physical store: it is necessary to bring your customers on your site …
And for that you need a good “location” … But eCommerce location is your ranking in Google!

The first thing to do is to make your site easily indexable by search engines (it’s SEO):

➢ create your own descriptions (if possible unique according to the products), whether you do it in the internet or outsourced (ex: via textemaster, textbroker …)

➢ make URL rewriting (product names in the product page address),
➢ do not use frames for page structure,
➢ use the flash as little as possible,
➢ optimize your pages (keywords, long descriptions …)

If you do not have a large budget, it is advisable to set up partnerships with sites dealing with the same subject as you (but not the competitors!) And offer them exchanges of links and / or content.

In terms of SEO, and for simplicity, what matters most to be well positioned is:

➢ Links to your site

➢ The unique content you will produce

➢ Optimizing your eCommerce site

➢ Note: There is no need to go around all the small directories, to pay to be present in 1500 sites … these techniques are outdated! If possible, use sites that are not “spam nests”. 1 quality site is worth 10 sites of average quality, or even more …

It is essential to set up a campaign on Google Adwords and Facebooks, which will allow you to attract your first prospects.

It is essential to set up a campaign on Google Adwords and Facebooks, which will allow you to attract your first prospects.

Adwords Advertising & Facebook (the SEM) will have an immediate impact on your traffic, while SEO will take several months (min 3 months) to get the first results.

If you have a small budget or whether the price or click is high, quote the price of your articles in your Adwords ads to attract hot leads (not those looking for good deals).

How to launch your website within 2 days with Weblium Website Builder

Have you ever imagined that you can launch your own website in just 2 days? It doesn’t matter what business you own and what kind of a website you need, because you do not have to wait for a long time while your custom webpage is being designed by professionals. The easiest way to get a website in 2 days is to use Weblium.

Weblium is an advanced website builder that involves professionals who will create a website according to your requirements. All you need to do is to follow several simple steps.

  • Select a template that suits your industry/business best. Weblium Studio can adjust any template used for creating websites, so your webpage will look different from the theme that was used as its basis.
  • Buy the annual Weblium subscription for $126 at templatemonster.com. In such a way, you will be able to save $399 on the website setup (if you are a user of TemplateMonster, this option is free for you). Moreover, you’ll get free hosting, SSL certificate, access to the intuitive editor, free customer support, and free domain name (.org, .net, .com, and other zones priced $25 or less) with the subscription.
  • Fill in a brief and get contacted by phone/message by your personal accountant manager to explicate any details.
  • After all the details about the look and functionality of your website are clarified, wait for 1-2 days to get the first site review.
  • When everything that needs fixing has been corrected, you get your own account at Weblium and your site is transferred there. Afterwards, you are able to control and edit your website yourself, adding necessary information, applying any changes, etc.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Weblium?

1. Weblium is an advanced do-it-for-me website builder.
This means that a team of professionals will create your website quickly, taking into consideration all your requirements. Moreover, your website will look unique.
1. You have to find a template that will serve as a basis for your own website.
You will have to look through different themes to know what they provide and what you want to get before your website is created in Weblium.
2. Weblium includes an intuitive drag-and-drop editor
You do not need to have any coding skills, as the drag-and-drop builder allows you to easily manage your site on your own. Choose blocks and elements that you wish to edit, and improve the look of your website when you need it.
2. Weblium is not free.
It is necessary to choose a subscription for using Weblium-built websites.
3. Weblium improves website’s functionality
Due to numerous built-in apps, your site will be characterized by increased efficiency.
4. Sites are built on the basis of niche market research
You can be sure that your website will get a solid online presence among other webpages of the similar type, as the sites are created regarding all tendencies in a particular market niche.
5. Weblium ensures fast loading and responsiveness
Weblium builder optimizes websites and guarantees fast speed and perfect look of your website on various devices.

As you can understand, all Weblium webpages are based on templates specific for a niche, and they come out as a result of extensive market research and analysis. This ensures that the theme includes the most important pages, blocks and elements designed to meet the demands of different businesses. Weblium Studio will totally adjust the theme that you choose to create a website of a unique look.

Because new niche-specific themes are created, the collection of Weblium website templates expands all the time. Now, you can browse 5 of the most popular Weblium templates. With each template you get:

  • free images;
  • free built-in apps;
  • unlimited storage;
  • editor;
  • 3 layouts;
  • SEO tool;
  • Google Analytics & Hotjar.

If you opt for Weblium templates, you receive 30 days of subscription and free professional site setup. Don’t waste your time and have a look at the top 5 Weblium templates.

Anchor General Business Ready-made Webpage

Anchor General Business Ready-made Website

Details |  Demo

With this amazing template you get 30 pages with 113 blocks that include 3 layouts each to build your website. The site is fast and fully responsive, including numerous apps to ensure its effectiveness. You will also benefit from free unlimited storage to save your data and an incredible collection of free images to enhance your brand’s identity.

Lotus Nail and Beauty Salon Ready-made Webpage

Lotus Nail Salon Ready-made Website

Details |  Demo

This beautiful and tender template will be ideal for creating a website for a beauty or nail salon. You can choose form 16 pages with 39 blocks and 3 layouts for each block included in this template, and with an almost unlimited image library and numerous built-in apps your site will both look astonishing and function effectively. Moreover, all your preferences and requirements will be taken into consideration when experts will help you with creating your webpage.

Carrot Restaurant Ready-made Webpage

Carrot Restaurant Ready-made Website

Details |  Demo

Being perfect for launching a website for a café or a restaurant, this template includes various blocks and layouts to guarantee you excellent experience. Present your specialties and special offers, tell your customers about your eatery and your staff, and enjoy the experience of running an efficient website.

Gustoso Italian Restaurant Ready-made Webpage

Gustoso Italian Restaurant Ready-made Website

Details |  Demo

If you want to create a website of a small local restaurant, this template will suit you perfectly, as it is based on Italian restaurant template and includes 15 pages and 57 blocks with 3 layouts for each block. Designed in cooperation with restaurant owners, this template will provide you with numerous elements needed by your business niche. Not only will you be helped by web professionals, but also you will be amazed by the possibility to use more than 200,000 free images and built-in apps to increase your site’s functionality.

Videographer Ready-made Webpage

Videographer Ready-made Website

Details |  Demo

Creating a videographer’s portfolio and presenting your production services is a question of several minutes with this incredible template, as it is equipped with numerous blocks and layouts to showcase your works to the best advantage. Include your works, post information in a blog, set your prices and attract new clients easily.

All in all, launching a website for any business has become an easy and enjoyable experience with Weblium. Explore different collections of Weblium templates, imagine your ideal website, choose an appropriate subscription, and get your site functioning in two days.

AMP Magento Module. New Standard for eCommerce Mobile Web

Today’s standards in animation technology, graphics, scrolling, and other rendering programs have changed the rules we used to browse the web. Most of all website owners are looking for successful ways to increase traffic and sales on their websites. Using some kind of visualization to paint a full picture of the story website owners are trying to tell a good idea. And if the average first impression takes 3 seconds then a visitor should understand the mission of a website in less than 2 seconds. If failed, the battle for the attention is lost for sure.

The reality is, your website is key to standing out and generating leads. So, if your Magento website is slow, tweak it for immediate results. The best thing is that the advancements in technology can offer benefits to every Magento website owner. With AMP, a new solution, you’ll get a better quality Magento website that can help load your store content faster and smoother.

Say, AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is all about solving a pain point for everyone on the mobile web – speed. The Accelerated Mobile Pages is an open-source initiative project that aims to desperately improve the way we consume content on mobile devices. Thanks to a deep collaboration with thousands of developers, publishers and websites, AMP pages are stripped down to the minimum possible code that can load fast. Designed to be easily cached by Google, AMP pages are in priority in the mobile news search results.

How to understand which pages are AMP? That’s simple. Google indicates those AMP pages with a tiny ‘lightning bolt’ icon next to the search results. Say, when a user search for news terms, a preview of results with AMP is shown first via Carousel. Thus, a reader can easily understand which pages he may prefer to click if he wants to enjoy a fast loading site.

Let’s take a stroll down a memory lane & remember that HTML was the only language available to write web pages. Time passed and we craved for more interactive and better-looking web pages and new languages like JavaScript, CSS, etc. The pages became more cluttered, bloated with the abundance of ads and analytics. That’s why we needed a solution.

The Accelerated Mobile Pages is the solution. AMP HTML is the new way to make a website optimized to load extremely instant on mobile devices. Thus, every AMP document includes the AMP JS JavaScript Library that restricts the tags available to markup your pages. Depending on the priority AMP HTML tags you can control the third-party content is loaded after the main content arrives.

Would You Like Your Magento Website to Load Faster?

The main idea behind AMP pages is to cut the loading time for web pages. One of the things AMP can give to your Magento website is fast experience. With AMP, you can make your Magento website load pretty much instantly which means more satisfied users, more profit, and a better interaction for all.

When it comes to eCommerce websites, people actually have less patience to wait until a website is loaded. With this in mind, Zemez team decided to deliver this new fundamental feature to the customers and developed the AMP module compatible with Magento 2.2. This allows your customers benefit from your extremely fast-loading site.

Well, the AMP module aims to speed up your Magento store by providing improved access to your web pages. The extension offers the unique UI & UX design concepts for some of your eCommerce pages, such as Category Pages, Product Pages, delivering a much faster content presentation. That said, those pages can load extremely instant with text, images, widgets, and product information. So, once a web crawler finds the necessary page on the Google search results, he can load it and enjoy its fast experience.

The Facts Are Clear

Here you can check some results of implementing AMP feature in eCommerce websites:

Well, Greenweez – see the difference after converting mobile pages to AMP. The leading organic retailer got the difference.

Wego.com – here are the achieved results:

Milestone – these are the results for hospitality site:

As a result, the AMP module will display those AMP pages to your visitors directly on mobile or tablet browser. The best thing is that those AMP pages can be loaded in 2 seconds or less. It’s not a secret, that Google loves clean, simple and fast-loading pages, so make your Magento e-store definitely the one that loads extremely fast. Simply put, with this AMP module, you can improve the overall browsing experience of your Magento e-store.

Yet & still, with AMP module, you can generate more leads to a 10% to your Magento store. Want to increase mobile sales? Just enable the AMP module and deliver the AMP compliant content much quicker & efficiently to mobile users.

How to Get Started with AMP?

Well, if you wish to get started with AMP module for your Magento 2 e-store simply follow the next two steps:

  • 1. Download the AMP theme.
  • 2. Install the Magento 2 template together with the AMP module.

That’s it.

Now, by way of example, we encourage you to check several Magento 2 themes ready with AMP.

Magetique – The Most Comprehensive Multipurpose Magento 2 Theme

Magetique – The Most Comprehensive Multipurpose Magento 2 Theme

Details |  Demo

It comes with 5 pre-designed unique layouts crafted to fit a variety of niches, 22 extensions, and 1536 variations of page layout. Enjoy this theme at TemplateMonster.com.

Fashion/ash – Clean Fashion Boutique Magento 2 Theme

Fashion/ash – Clean Fashion Boutique Magento 2 Theme

Details |  Demo

This elegant theme is available at TemplateMonster.com. The AMP module is planned to be shipped in the middle of January.

Trendy – AMPP Fashion Store Magento 2 Theme

This powerful Magento theme comes with modern UX & UI concepts at the front-end side, powerful administrative admin panel, & the latest back-end technologies. With the AMP module, your online store will be ranked higher in Google search results. The theme will be available at ThemeForest marketplace.

Plus, you can check more popular Magento themes here:

How to Make a Professional Name for Yourself with 20 Best Portfolio Themes

If you are about to settle down on a deserted island for nearest 50 years or forsake the vanities of the world to live an ascetic life by till the end of time, this is not for you. However, if you have no intentions to dedicate life to one career or you have recently been laid off your previous job or you just want to considerably change your life, hence you should definitely think about building and strengthening your professional presence online.

According to recent studies, 56 percent of all HR managers are more impressed by a people’s personal portfolio website than resumes, CVs, or other tools, but only 7 percent of unemployed persons actually have a personal website. An employment market is a place of severe competition where it is incredibly difficult to be the best. That is why having a portfolio website gives a great chance to improve your odds and stand out from the crowd.

Core Reasons to Have a Personal Website

The portfolio gives you a unique way to express your personality. It is creative freedom for your imagination, just try to be yourself. Besides, a personal website provides hiring managers with an “evidence” of your personality, professional skills, accomplishments, and abilities, showing extremely more than it is possible to examine through a resume.

With this in mind, look at the core reasons why you need an online portfolio:

  1. Become known! The job search process looks like marketing yourself, making your professional name in the employment market. Remember that showing up is half the battle. With a personal website, to find you on the Internet will become dramatically easier. For example, using responsive WordPress themes. you will be able to build an engaging and searchable profile that showcases all your unique skills and experience to visitors.
  2. Increase credibility! Being online presented will add value to your job application. When you have your own website, you can demonstrate maximum information about you, constantly update it and provide employers with any details they want (via links, images, posts, and other web forms on your website). Besides, if you are a job seeker in a field related to technology, social media, computers or communication, an online portfolio will be essential for you as it allows showing specific skills related to your career. Working in a creative field (for instance, photography) demands an efficient tool to showcase your artworks. Thus, a personal website has to be considered a solid part of the job-search package.
  3. Take everything under control. Once you’ve built your website, welcome to different analytical tools (like Google Analytics) to track your visitors and find out how efficient your portfolio is: how many people visit you, for how long they stay on the page, and so on. This information will help you know if you move in the right direction.

How to Build a Quality Portfolio Website with No Effort

If you’ve decided to create your own portfolio, the right question is: to develop the website from the clean sheet of paper or use one of the best premium portfolio WordPress themes. If you have no programming skills and knowledge or if you want to save time and money, of course, it would be better to buy the ready-to-use professionally crafted template. WordPress is the most popular and commonly used CMS with a huge community involved in it. The themes based on this system are easy to install, customize, navigate and update.

To make sure that it is easy as written, take a look at the 20 best premium themes suitable for building a personal portfolio.

Clean and Stylish Photorson MotoCMS 3 Landing Builder

Photorson is a clean, flexible and fully responsive MotoCMS template combining all possible functionality that is more than enough for creating a powerful professionally looking profile website. The theme based on the optimized source code comes with the easy-to-navigate Admin panel, different media integrations, and sophisticated additional features such as various Google fonts, social options, analytics, and so on. The template has a unique polished looking design suitable for any business needs.

Photographer Portfolio Responsive Landing Page Template

Details | Demo

Fresh-Looking and Impeccable Photographer Portfolio Photo Gallery Template

Blazing is an outstanding, advanced MotoCMS theme with truly unlimited capabilities and features that suit any webmaster’s needs. The theme is carefully crafted boasting classy and elegant design and featuring pre-designed modules and pages such as contact forms, galleries, image catalogs, and multimedia integration.

Photographer Portfolio Photo Gallery Template

Details | Demo

Sleek and Elegant Defrozo Moto CMS 3 Template for a Photographer Portfolio

Defrozo is an amazing, eye-catching, vibrant and superbly nimble template for creative people. It comes with a luxury looking design in combination with rich layouts, numerous CMS widgets, intuitive Admin Panel and such gallery scripts as Carousel, slider, and grid. The template is extremely easy to use and customize even for customers with no programming skills.

Defrozo Photographer Portfolio Moto CMS 3 Template

Details | Demo

Eco-Friendly and Pleasing Augusto WordPress Theme for Freelance Designer and Web Design Company

Augusto is a technologically pliable, developer friendly and extremely easy to customize the theme with a visually perfect appearance. The template is built on the power of the WordPress platform with ultimate premium plugins like the drag and drop Page builder, Cherry services, and tons of other advanced customization options integrated for your convenience.

Designer Portfolio WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Captivating and Expressive Julie Bernerro Responsive WordPress Theme for Photographer Portfolio

Julie Bernerro is amazingly ambitious and innovative, cleverly coded and highly responsive WordPress portfolio theme crafted especially for creative photographers. Its sleek, modern design will engage your audience in a long-lasting way just as the extremely intuitive interface with powerful header and footer will make them return to your pages again and again.

Professional Photographer WP Theme

Details | Demo

Impressive Multipurpose Creative WordPress Theme – Magic

Magic is created by professionals to astonish, amaze and lure for a long time. The theme combines a highly expressive design with dynamic layout tools that afford customers the creative freedom to change the website to their needs. The great variety of useful plugins will come in handy those who want to enrich their website with additional capabilities.

Magic - Multipurpose Creative WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Innovative and Highly Responsive Scarpex WordPress Theme for Exterior Designer Portfolio

Scarpex boasts the improved usability with Cherry Search plugin, an impressive appearance with beautiful and responsive galleries, the advanced pages structure, and multiple content modules that allow diversifying your website outlook. With comprehensive documentation and efficient life-term support, the work on Scarpex will become a real jam.

Designer Portfolio WP Theme

Details | Demo

Charming and Minimalist One Page Freelancer Photographer Portfolio WordPress Theme

Enjoy the sleek and modern design of this WordPress theme suitable for a creative photographer portfolio. With 7 full-featured header layouts and multiple content modules, it is easy as pie to reach an ideal website with advanced functionality. The template comes with a user-friendly booking form allowing keeping in touch with your visitors and making them take action.

Freelancer Photographer Portfolio WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Modern and Cheek Responsive Joomla template for a Fashion Blog

Welcome to the world of a fashionista with this surprisingly flexible and amazingly beautiful fashion blog theme based on the Joomla CMS. The theme is highly adaptive to any device with any screen resolution and comes with 4 color pallets that can be changed in an instant. It contains a set of additional pages for uploading different content, tons of Google fonts, a pricing table, testimonials and even in-built Kunena forum.

Fashion Blog Responsive Joomla Template

Details | Demo

Astonishing and Innovative Identiz WordPress Theme for a Personal Blog

Identiz is a flexible and fresh-looking WordPress theme that has all elements required for an ideal personal blog. It offers you a captivating, polished-looking design, several variants of headers and a set of custom widgets with advanced functionality for all occasions. In addition, you can take an advantage of booked calendar that will make your interaction with visitors more comfortable and organized.

Personal Blog WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Impressive, Top-Notch VicHax WordPress Theme for a designer Portfolio

VicHax is what you are looking for since except colorful and extraordinary design it contains multiple layout options. It is easy to install as well as customize as the theme boasts clean code, multiple proper plugins, and comprehensive documentation. A set of various custom widgets like slider, post carousel, social media integration will help you enhance your website and make it more visited.

VicHax - Designer Portfolio WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Ambitious and Inspiring MagicTouch Responsive WordPress Theme for Web Design Studio

MagicTouch is a top quality WordPress theme for a web design agency. It features an advanced collection of theme options, comprehensive headers, drag and drop page builder and multiple content modules to enrich your website. All across the theme is a responsive, mobile and desktop friendly. MagicTouch includes a very large number of fonts, a set of essential widget modules and web forms that give you a chance to build a user-friendly, modern website.

Web Design Company WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Professionally Crafted and Polished Looking Videographer Responsive WordPress Theme – Voodioo

Voodioo is an advanced, streamlined WordPress portfolio theme perfectly suitable for professional videographers. It is packaged with an ultimate set of the best plugins which will certainly enhance your website’s functionality. Having bought the theme you get 15 topical images as a special bonus.

Videography Services WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Engaging and Imaginative Spacer Photography Portfolio WordPress Theme

Spacer is an elegant and inviting multipurpose theme created especially for creative people who want to stand out from the crown in the web. The theme is carefully constructed inside and outside allowing a gorgeous set of advanced options, headers and footers, web forms and additional features.

Spacer - Photography Portfolio WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Minimalist and Modern Minimal Agency WordPress Theme – Chela

Chela is a fully responsive, adaptive to any device and innovative theme that gives you unlimited freedom of creativity. The template is easy to set up and customize even with no special programming skills or knowledge. There is everything you need for building a stunning and sophisticated website in several clicks.

Chela - A Minimal Agency WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Sleek Looking and Pleasing Liner – Creative Clean Portfolio WordPress Theme

Liner is a WordPress theme that inspires. It features powerful admin panel with more than 600 Google fonts and multiple layouts. Liner is ideal for webmasters in need of across the board creative freedom, providing quick and easy customization of the website itself and individual pages. There is not a setting or module within this theme that you cannot turn inside out to your liking.

Liner - Creative Clean Portfolio WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Clean and Minimalist Moroseta WordPress Theme

Moroseta has a creative dynamic look with endless set of modules that can be easily altered due to webmaster’s needs. Simple and comprehensive documentation will simplify installation and customization processes. In addition, having bought the theme you achieve an efficient life term 24/7 support.

Moroseta WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Laconic and Contemporary Everly – Hipster Blogging WordPress Theme

Everly is a solid and reliable solution for portfolio makers with minimalist and polished looking design and an advanced set of features. The theme offers customers a great choice of homepage blog layouts, Google web fonts, widgets and web forms. There is all you need for building a creative and ambitious portfolio website with impressive visual effects.

Everly - Hipster Blog WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Conceptual and Imaginative Siena WordPress Theme for Aesthetic Photography Portfolio

Siena is a modern looking, beautiful and feature-rich theme that includes a number of useful plugins, professionally designed graphics, and incredibly advanced portfolio capabilities. The theme provides three concepts for your future home page and three styles for your portfolio, blog, About and Contact page. Siena built with full responsiveness in mind looks and functions perfectly on both desktop and mobile device.

Siena - Aesthetic Photography Portfolio WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Sleek and Gorgeous Landscape – a Photography WordPress Theme

Landscape features tons of sophisticated capabilities, especially for websites venturing into photography. It provides a quick and easy solution to building attractive and perfectly functioned pages. With just a few clicks you can customize this template and no coding skills are required.

Landscape - A Photography WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

The question is: why haven’t you created a portfolio yet?! A quality professional personal website serves as a positive sales pitch for you. So stop hesitating and go for best premium portfolio WordPress themes or start right now from reading free eBook “Starting a website”. You will learn how to conquer the best domain name, to set up your website and customize the template as soon as possible.

Magnificent List of Top 15 Parallax WordPress Themes for Your Shining Online Project

Talking about business, one can’t deny the fact that its visual presentation is one of the most vital points. Basically, finding your auditory is your main task in case you want your deal to be well-known and successful. So, how can one develop their business when nobody knows about it? On the other hand, even the most advantageous services or the most unusual creativity will not be popular if it has a bad presentation. Can you remember those pulp fiction books with the awful covers and the poor short descriptions? None of them was taken seriously thanks to these two things. Yep, they say don’t judge a book by its cover. Actually, these days everyone does it because we live in a material world. Given these points, you should think wisely about the visual presentation of your deal whatever it is about. Given these points, today we decided to help you. To make a long story short, in this post, we will introduce you a fresh list of top 15 magnificent best WordPress themes. Undeniably, these top-notch products will make your business / personal / art website look unforgettable! Would you like to hear more? Therefore, let’s move to these bodacious templates!

Reasons to Choose These New-gen Parallax WordPress Themes

In a word, choosing these uppermost Parallax WordPress themes, you literally get your site just out-of-the-box! To say more, the templates have a clean, well-structured and carefully commented code. Therefore, one doesn’t need to learn coding in order to work with these first-string Parallax WordPress themes. What is more, the products are feature-rich and easy-to-use. Finally, would you like to launch a professional and powerful online project, which will be in a class all by itself? Would you like to have your prime website done without writing a single line of code? Furthermore, would you like to impress web audience with a lightning-fast speed and showcase your content in all its glory? In this case, these ready-made Parallax WordPress themes are just what the doctor ordered!

About the Features of These Top-level Parallax WordPress Themes

To start with, the first thing you should know about the showcased Parallax WordPress themes is that each of them is pre-packed. In a word, the team of pros from that TemplateMonster worked hard to create all these immersive templates. That is why they include everything you may want to use for your website. Moreover, all the design elements of the Parallax WordPress themes below are styled according to the latest web trends! Needless to say, a charming zest of these products is Parallax effect, which is already in all the packs. Undeniably, you will have such basic functions as social sharing feature, blog, newsletter subscription, a modern menu and eye-pleasing gallery. Moreover, in the packs of these ace Parallax WordPress themes you will see the features that come for your particular business type.

By the way, we have prepared the detailed description of these innovative Parallax WordPress themes. Thus, don’t stop reading! In the end, these faultless Parallax templates have so many options to surprise you with! Also, we have added the demo buttons for every Parallax template, so now you can view them out effortlessly. To finish with, another marvelous thing about the themes is that using them means that you will have a friendly technical support. To say more, it is free for you and available 27 /7! In addition, there are so many updates for these uppermost Parallax WordPress themes. Therefore, your website will always look attractive. As it was promised, below you can see a new list of 15 best Parallax WordPress themes that will surely enrich your project! Are you ready to impress your potential audience? Let’s shook people with a unique and incomparable presentation of your business!

Organixine – First-class Biofuel Company Parallax WordPress Theme

Honestly, we chose Organixine to be the first product in this magical selection because of its elegant color palette and deep, modern Parallax effect. Talking about the design elements of this adorable Parallax WordPress theme, Organixine offers one to arrange their content with the help of the columns, text editor, spacer, divider, various icons, etc. In addition, this template features Smart Slider, which means that all the sections of your website will be scrollable when people view them via smartphones. To finish with, Organixine contains brand-new Elementor that alleviates the customization and provides you with all the needed things effortlessly!

Organixine - Biofuel Company WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

The Ballot – Prime and Powerful Political Candidate Parallax WordPress Theme

At the outset, The Ballot proposes its owner to use a lot of modern custom widgets (such as social media widgets, post carousel or Simple Slider) that will showcase the content in all its glory. Secondly, there are many stylish and easy-to-manage counters you can add to your website’s design to notify people about your news all the time. By the way, a prime Parallax WordPress theme below features Google fonts integration, which means that you will have 500 + examples of an inimitable and eye-friendly typography. Finally, we are glad to inform you that each picture you will see in The Ballot’s demo version is also included to the pack of this powerful and professional product!

The Ballot - Political Candidate WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Voodioo – Eye-catching and Easy-to-use Videographer Parallax WordPress Theme

Without a doubt, a voguish and beautiful design is the thing that every online project needs but you can’t deny that it is a true must-have for a site, related to videographer’s services. To begin with, Voodioo provides one with a set of modern content modules that help them to add multiple content types to their online pages. For example, it contains the next modules: number, circle and bar counters, contact form, side bar, pricing tables or countdown timer. Without a doubt, all these things will help you to manage a gorgeous and unparalleled business website easily, so don’t miss the demo of Voodioo!

Voodioo - Videographer Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

RyanZoom – Groundbreaking and Handy Photographer Portfolio Parallax WordPress Theme

Basically, this 100 % responsive and fully customizable Parallax WordPress theme consists of many modern and helpful features and one of them is a powerful Drag-and-drop Page Builder. In a word, such a flexible tool allows one to build their website without learning how to work with the code. What is more, it contains more than 25 modules to choose from and has a huge library of the presets. Additionally, RyanZoom is an Ecwid ready template, which allows its owner to add web store functionality to their site in 5 minutes and just for free!

RyanZoom - Photographer Portfolio Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Roy Bed & Breakfast – Inimitable and Innovative Small Hotel Parallax WordPress Theme

Crafted with care and designed by the team of pros, this incredible and Parallax WordPress theme provides a soft and cozy design for your site. Honestly, Roy Bed and Breakfast has only the options you may need to launch a brand-new online project showcasing your small hotel. To illustrate, there is a progress bar feature, which shows a percent of your clients’ types (for example, business travelers) and the satisfaction rate. Moreover, Roy Bed and Breakfast includes the easy-to-use maps, so people will find your hotel with no trouble wherever they are located.

Roy Bed & Breakfast - Small Hotel WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

WhiteLight – Uppermost and Ideally Running Photographer Portfolio Parallax WordPress Theme

First of all, to enhance your photography related online project’s work, WhiteLight includes a pack of the premium Cherry plugins. What is more, this fine-tuning Parallax WordPress theme is quite easy-to-manage and takes only 5 minutes to install WhiteLight. In addition, there is a magnificent Live Customizer, which allows customizing a website with so many theme options, so using it one can see all the changes they made without reloading the pages. To say more, the template is mobile-friendly, which means that your fantastic website will look and work well on all the devices!

WhiteLight - professional photographer portfolio WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

MaxPaxton – Fabulous and Feature-rich Freelance Copywriter and Journalist Parallax WordPress Theme

Without a doubt, using MaxPaxton for your business means that the website you built will be popular, as it will be easy-to-notice for the search engines thanks to a powerful SEO integration. What is more, there are 7 header layouts you may use, so this Parallax WordPress theme lets one show their creative part. Furthermore, don’t hesitate to customize the design of your online project using a rich set of configuration options and the versatile color schemes! To sum everything up, MaxPaxton is a perfect choice for those who are going to set up a fully responsive site, showcasing their writing services. By the way, the theme also lets you add an online store to a website, so here is an amazing chance to develop your deal!

 MaxPaxton - Freelance Copywriter and Journalist WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

MagicTouch – Unbelievable and Unsurpassed Web Design Studio Parallax WordPress Theme

At the outset, MagicTouch is a child of a well-liked WordPress product – Magic, so you can be sure that the product has everything you may want to use for a shining online project. Would you like to manage a site with a beautiful Parallax effect and a hamburger menu that looks cute and contains so many details? In this case, don’t miss this unsurpassed Parallax WordPress theme, which, by the way, comes with free tech support working every sing day! To continue, there is a helpful Social sharing feature, so you can share your posts and works using all popular social networks. Given these points, don’t forget to know more info about MagicTouch, as this pixel-perfect theme has so many features for you!

MagicTouch - Web Design Studio Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Codathon – Breathtaking and All-encompassing Hackathon for Coders Landing Parallax WordPress Theme

To start with, just look at a voguish and exclusive TM gallery this responsive Parallax WordPress theme provides you with! Basically, the feature allows one to set up the bubbly and fast loading galleries that you can display in a wide variety of layouts. What is more, Codathon knows everything about Google Page Speed, so your project will get higher rankings from the search engines. Finally, although the template is an easy-to-manage one, it includes the step-by-step guides to make the installation process even easier!

Codathon - Hackathon for Coders Landing WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Swanxy – Strikingly-colored and Strong Parallax WordPress Theme

Designed in the prepossessing tones, this strong and strikingly-colored Parallax WordPress theme contains 5 brand-new blog layouts and some inimitable formats for your post. With it, using grid, masonry, and multiple readable web fonts you can easily introduce the subject of your site in a professional and tasteful way. Also, this template is MailChimp ready and crossbrowser compatible but these are just to name a few of Swanxy’s benefits! Seeing that, would you like to see all of the functions in action? In this case, don’t hesitate to run the demo of this rich template!

Swanxy WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Helilar – Texture-rich and Minimalist Solar & Renewable Energy Parallax WordPress Theme

Although we have added Heliar to this cool list, Parallax scrolling is not the only theme’s feature that is worthy of our readers’ attention! For example, Heliar has a well-structured and clean code that conforms all the recent standards, so you can quickly understand the purpose of each element. Next, there is Social option, which means that you can enlarge your auditory and promote your business via social media. To end up with, this texture-rich Parallax WordPress theme is SEO-friendly, so its code follows the best SEO-practice, which lets the search engines find your site without difficulty. Therefore, hit the demo of this high-res template right now and don’t forget to view out its details to know more info!

Helilar - Solar & Renewable Energy WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Pull Out – Crisp and Content-driven Auto Towing Parallax WordPress Theme

Beforehand, from today you can forget about this annoying browser-testing routine because Pull Out is a responsive Parallax WordPress theme, which makes your content look awesome in any browser! To continue, the template provides its owner both with an eye-pleasing Parallax scrolling and the high-quality background video option. As s result, you may create an unusual presentation for your business and guide people through its history, services, etc. in an interactive way. In summary, being WPML ready, Ecwid ready and fully responsive, Pull Out is pretty easy in installation and managing. Thus, the theme offers you a possibility to construct a popular and professional website even if you have never built a project before.

Pull Out WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Cherfort – Stunning and Stylish Furniture Company Parallax WordPress Theme

In the first place, Cherfort is a clean and stunning Parallax WordPress theme, which provides you with these web forms: contact form, newsletter subscription, search form, user registration and, obviously, login form. Moreover, this abundant product has a set of the pre-built modules and the stylish font icons that you can adjust without loss of quality. Also, Cherfort will help you to get the impressing rankings from Yahoo and Google because it features SEO integration and has a super-high page speed! Finally, the product below automatically adjusts to the viewport dimensions when it is viewed on the tablets and cells. Altogether, Cherfort is a magnificent and well-featured template, which allows one to amplify their business and obtain new clients from all over the globe!

Cherfort - Furniture Company Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Innovi – Hip and Fully-functional Startup & Creative Digital Agency Parallax WordPress Theme

In the first place, Innovi is an awesome choice for showcasing your deal because the theme provides its owner with a code-free page creation. It means that you don’t need to have any website building experience, as this Parallax WordPress template is pretty easy in use and comes with the step-by-step instructions. Moreover, there is a free technical support and their team is ready to assist you anytime! By the way, officially, Innivi is a child of Monstroid that for today is the most popular product of all the TM’s WordPress themes. Therefore, have do doubts about the quality of this hip and creative theme and don’t forget to view out a live demo of Innovi!

Startup & Creative Digital Agency WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Magic – Multipurpose and Marvelous WordPress Parallax Theme for Your Creativity

And now it is time to finish our list with Magic – another popular and powerful Parallax WordPress theme, which, by the way, is multipurpose. As you can see, it contains TM Dashboard plugin that is here to make the backups automatically, so all your content, styles and settings will always be safe. Moreover, Magic provides its owner with 4 professionally styled and ready-to-use skins and 7 resplendent home pages to choose from! To say more, using Magic you will have such plugins as Cherry Timeline and MegaMenu, TM Wizard, Gallery and WooCommerce Pack, Power Builder and much more! Finally, there are the modern dropdown cart and dropdown menu features that will enrich the visual appearance of your online project.

Magic - Multipurpose Creative WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

In conclusion, today owning a worthy and bodacious online project if an easy thing thanks to the recent technologies. On the other hand, now it’s hard to stay unique and keep working when everything is already made and pre-packed for your comfort. Still, the thing is that the brilliant appearance of your business is only a way to interest people in it. Thus, you have to think twice about your content! Without a doubt, these stunning and strong Parallax WordPress themes are ready-made and well-packed. As a result, they will help you to present your business all over the world. One day Ralph W. Emerson said: ‘To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.’ Given these points, don’t be afraid to experiment! All in all, the showcased Parallax WordPress themes give you all the opportunities to express your individuality!

P.S. As it was previously stated, all the introduced Parallax WordPress themes are from TemplateMonster website. Honestly, they have an unbelievable assortment of different business, personal and creative templates! Thus, we suggest one visit their gallery. Actually, although there are over 26 000 of the premium themes, you will not be lost thanks to the cool filters. So, what are you waiting for? Just go ahead and find a gorgeous theme, which will ideally suit your business.

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Significant Markdown in Prices on 20 Best OpenCart Themes of Autumn-Winter 2018

What do customers usually think of immediate cutting prices on products or service? A glass-half-empty person will be sure that something is wrong, for example, quality is worsening. But a glass-half-full man will be happy since he is on a roll. When noticing price lowering stop imagining the worst. Maybe a producer just tries to attract more customers’ attention to the product in order to increase sales volumes and profits. Such permanent price reductions serve as part of deliberate marketing strategy. A market shouldn’t be depressed, that is why a temporary or permanent markdown in prices is a reasonable and effective way to make a market to flourish.

An American motivational speaker and trainer, an author of dozens of books about lessons for success, Zig Ziglar said: “It’s easier to explain price once than to apologize for quality forever.” TemplateMonster follows his lead, takes care of its customers, and eventually offers special discounts and huge cutting prices without compromising quality. If you occasionally visit the OpenCart themes at the TM Marketplace, you will certainly notice how prices are permanently coming down. Besides, now the cut-price policy has achieved 45 percent reduction.

Why Buying the OpenCart Themes at TemplateMonster Could Be Beneficial for You

If you are looking for ways to start your own online store without additional expenses, OpenCart is just the one for you:

  1. For a juicy price you achieve the customized theme that corresponds to all contemporary requirements of web design and development.
  2. The templates previously cost $89 a piece now is possible to buy for just $49 each.
  3. All themes are of high quality with a number of customizable options and additional features. It is easy as pie to adjust them to customers’ needs and wishes.
  4. They are highly responsive and adaptive since both PC and mobile customers will be able to visit your website without effort.
  5. Buying one theme you get unlimited opportunities for your eCommerce business.
  6. You get up to 15 free images for lifetime usage.
  7. You achieve quality and comprehensive 24/7 support from TemplateMonster.

Why to Choose OpenCart for eCommerce Website

There are numerous different engines suitable for eCommerce purposes, but OpenCart attracts much developers’ and web designers’ attention with its extensive functionality and easy installing process. Moreover, it’s a powerful platform with the tones of fully responsive templates featuring multilingual support, SEO friendly layout, product quick review, user-friendly admin panel, shopping cart systems, and social integration. The premium and free OpenCart themes work for either mini eStores or huge online shops. If you want to try this engine for creating your eCommerce website, you are welcome to choose a theme from the rich assortment of TemplateMonster Marketplace.

Take a look at 20 best OpenCart themes of autumn-winter 2018 with modern, stylish and of course fully adaptive features. They will come in handy for those who are looking for ways to present their products online. The quality and fully responsive templates of any theme you need are available right now.

Enjoyable and Pleasing Wood Finishes Responsive OpenCart Template

Wood Finishes Responsive OpenCart Template Details | Demo

Are you dreaming of own wood furniture eStore? With this responsive and eye-catching OpenCart template your dream will soon come true. It provides with an easy admin panel, manageable shopping cart, and fully responsive design. An elegant slider, multiple sorting functions, and professional navigation will make customers fall in love in your store.

Bright and Rich-Looking Car Audio Responsive OpenCart Template

Сar Audio Responsive OpenCart Template Details | Demo

This well-functioned and elegant template is developed especially for car audio store. It is fully compatible with all modern devices and adaptive to any screen resolution, so your customers will have no problem to browse your website in terms of their device. The palette of your store interface is changeable with one click. Thanks to Ajax Search users will achieve search results while they type.

Tasty and Unique Fooder OpenCart template for Pizza Restaurant with Online Ordering

Fooder - Pizza Restaurant With Online Ordering System OpenCart Template Details | Demo

Fooder is waiting for its pizza maker… The template provides bright design, numerous editable features, and customer reviews option through social media. Moreover, the layout gives customers additional opportunities – Product Builder and food delivery service. Your customers will be able to choose the ingredients and adjust their order. Fooder looks simple but not dull, easy as pie but professionally designed.

Colorful and Functional OpenCart Template for Grocery Store

Grocery Store Responsive OpenCart Template Details | Demo

The OpenCart template, especially for a grocery store, can boast intuitively designed interface, cross-browser compatibility, and enticing design. The theme includes multiple quality extensions: a width screen slider, a blog page, online chat system, and other features serving to improve customers’ navigation throughout the website. The template is well-documented and easy to install.

Healthy and Delicate Agrilloc OpenCart Template for Natural Products Store

Agrilloc - Natural Products Store Responsive OpenCart Template Details | Demo

Agrilloc is a truly OpenCart template for a digital food website. It features creative design and advanced options that help to create search engine friendly and all device adaptive eCommerce website. Each and every single element is developed to have outstanding look and reasonable usage. That is why your customers will certainly get a great overall shopping experience.

Vivacious and Affordable StoreFlex OpenCart Template for a Food Store

StoreFlex - Food Responsive OpenCart Template Details | Demo

It looks so tasty so that your customers will not be able to stop buying your products. StoreFlex is the ultimate OpenCart theme with well-designed features and a number of editable options providing you with total control over your store. There is everything you need for effective store – quick product view, promo banner, deal of the day feature and other smart solutions for product presentation.

Delicious and Eye-Catching Love Coffee OpenCart Template for Coffee House

Love Coffee - Coffee House OpenCart Template Details | Demo

When looking at this template a cup of aromatic Arabic coffee appears in mind… It seems that you can touch these coffee beans and smell their unforgettable aroma. By means of functionality, the interface can be translated into the language you want. Love Coffee provides users with an exciting blog page, different sorting options, theme color switcher and full screen width slider that boost their interest to browser the store more and more.

Stylish and Effective Hair Care Salon Responsive OpenCart Template

Hair Salon Responsive OpenCart Template Details | Demo

This OpenCart template is a clean layout with elegant design and easy navigation. It comes with all main eCommerce features: sorting options help online shoppers to find necessary goods, quick product view pops up to provide a buyer with the main item information, multilingual and multi-currency option allows selling products throughout the world. The layout is easy to customize with intuitive control panel with integrated tools.

Fairy and Welcoming Book Store Responsive OpenCart Template

Book Store Responsive OpenCart Template Details | Demo

Colorful design of this template goes with a number of well-crafted features. The theme is designed to satisfy even the most experienced shopper. There is everything he needs: comfortable navigation, search, quick view of product information, blog, etc. The user-friendly design is intended to boost your sales and increase client database.

Constructive and Contemporary Master OpenCart Theme for Building Materials Store

Building Materials Responsive OpenCart Template Details | Demo

Not only stylish but also replete with a number of useful features, Master is easy to work with. With it, you can create a SEO- and mobile-friendly online store without much effort. It comes with multiple customizable options like Ajax search, shopping cart, quick view of items, and the list of social buttons, which make users’ experience on the website more efficient.

Colorful and Inspirational Responsive Opencart Template for a Sports Store

Sports Store Responsive OpenCart Template Details | Demo

Sport is very inspirational today. Day by day it involves more and more people of any age and social class since the demand for sporting goods increases as well. This multilingual fully responsive template will provide with a wide diversity of selling solutions and endless creative possibilities needed to build an efficient eStore. It comes with the main page slider for presenting important information and news, comprehensive sorting options, and amazing Megamenu extension for boosting user engagement on the site.

Minimalistic and Stylish Decorta Responsive OpenCart Template for Home Decor

Home Decor Responsive OpenCart Template Details | Demo

Featuring a vibrant design with flexible images and text, Decorta will come in handy for those who retail goods for interior design and furniture. The layout is developed with a customer in mind since each and every option is fully responsive and customizable. For improving customers’ experience on the website the templates comes with a wide diversity of amazing features: product quick view, wishlist and compare option, mega menu, etc.

Slick-Looking Boy&Girl OpenCart Template for fashion eStore

Fashion Store Responsive OpenCart Template Details | Demo

Welcome to fully responsive and adaptive fashion template designed especially for kids’ clothes and goods eStore. This OpenCart theme boasts an engaging interface, easy navigation and social integration. For the conveniences of users, Boy&Girl is built with the tones of web-forms (advanced search, contact form, user registration and newsletter subscription) and such additional features as product quick view and commenting system. This well-documented template is provided with a live demo as well.

Universal and Fully Responsive OpenCart Template for Wholesale Sore

Wholesale Store Responsive OpenCart Template Details | Demo

WholesaleSale looks elegant, and works easy. It is developed with flexible texts and images since it’s easy as pie to adapt the template to any gadget with any screen resolution. The user-friendly and SEO optimized theme will help an owner to boost his sales and increase a client database. Your eStore will be provided with an amazing extension Megamenu that is able to show categories, subcategories and posts. Special Price Countdown feature will work for boosting your income since customers are more motivated to click buy button.

Modern Easy to Fly OpenCart Template for Electronics Store

Electronics Store Responsive OpenCart Template Details | Demo

The perfect Drone Store template is waiting for you at the TM Marketplace. It comes with ultra modern and impressive design solutions and numerous comprehensive tools. The color palette of the theme is changeable so that an owner will be able to choose the most appropriate for him. There are all necessary features for efficient collaboration with customers.

Luxurious-Looking Responsive OpenCart Template for Apparel Store

Apparel Responsive OpenCart Template Details | Demo

Native Apparel features a Bootstrap framework, Carousel slider, multilingual and multi-currency support, and multiple layout options. For encouraging customers to buy there is flexible conditions for sales and Deal of the Day option. Besides, a customer will enjoy a customized menu with a number of options and various sorting possibilities. So don’t hesitate and install Native Apparel right now. The sooner you will start creating your website the more it will work for your income.

Trendy and Impeccable Tobacco Opencart Template

Tobacco Responsive OpenCart Template Details | Demo

This responsive theme is based on Bootstrap that allows fast and easy website development. Tobacco has a handy Admin panel, a vast diversity of colors and fonts, eye-catching slider, and social integration. The template features Megamenu intended to boost user engagement and sales. Thanks to in-built user-friendly Ajax Search option, all applied changes stay on the page without its reloading.

Minimalistic and Elegant Lightning and Electricity Responsive OpenCart Template

Lighting & Electricity Responsive OpenCart Template Details | Demo

Do you want to create a lucrative e-commerce website with a huge number of customers and deals? Then you need a captivating interface, outstanding design and user-friendly navigation. You can find all these features and even more in the OpenCart template – LightEdix. This multilingual responsive theme comes with Product badges feature that indicate the value and status of item. Attention-grabbing additional options and modules will provide more effective promotion of your products.

Extra Feminine and Inviting Cosmetics Store Responsive OpenCart Template

Cosmetics Store Responsive OpenCart Template Details | Demo

Full of features and easy to customize, CosMe is a perfect choice for e-commerce website – a small beauty shop or a large cosmetics store. This cross-browser, well-documented, clean-code and fully adaptive template proves to be among best OpenCart templates. Everything from the simple navigation to the screen width slider and product badges is intended to draw attention of your visitors and increase sales.

Trendy and Captivating YellowBag OpenCart Template

YellowBag OpenCart TemplateDetails | Demo

This monochromic theme comes with a powerful Admin Panel that is easy to use and customize. You can give your bag store the look you dream of with Carousel slider, different Google fonts, and color switcher. The template equipped with visual and functional modules will work perfect on any mobile with any screen resolution.

All the themes on our list are well-documented, fully responsive and adaptive to the needs of mobile users. Keeping your e-commerce website functional and neat allows your customers to focus on the process of buying.

If you want to know more about possibilities of ready-to-use templates, eBook is waiting for a grateful reader!  Free ebook

20 Free and Premium Rack Card Templates

Full color rack cards are among the most amazing print materials that little business owners can use for promotion. Designed for people to consume a marketing message in a fast but effective manner, these prints can help a remarkable deal in marketing your restaurant. For a busy person like you, online full color rack card template is accessible. No need to go on several trips to the printing firm just to have the prints that you want, you can perform it inside your office or even at house.

Convenience and more options when it comes to print templates and designs are 2 reasons why it is the best to have your promotional materials printed by internet printing firms. To top it all, prices from these firms are affordable and discounts are regularly accessible to save you some money.

Benefits of full color rack cards template online

Convenience is the big reason why most shoppers buy online. It is the same with looking for a printing firm. By looking up online, there is no need to leave your place or office just to find online rack card template. You can just online search and pick the one that suits your budget and needs.

Another amazing advantage of online printing is that you can have best rack cards template even if you know nothing about graphic design. These on-line printers generally provide free templates that you can customize using simple design tools. With these free rack card template, you don’t even need to pay for the services of a graphic artist.

You must contact a top standard online printing company to get right advance on these points and get all the facilities to make advertising cards at a lower cost than the usual printer of your locality to perform the same job. An honest online company has all answers of your quotes and queries lowest rate for the full work. You should take benefit of the designing tools that they provide for customers to put forward ideas. You can also use the ready-made rack card templates for different types of businesses that are provided by printing firms and online sites. If you pay right focus to little but important subjects, you make amazing rack cards for your company and enjoy development in the business turnover.

Definitely using templates for rack cards reduces your costs, because no new design is necessary.

Wedding Photographer Rack Card-V202

Wedding Photographer Rack Card Template
Size:4×9 In
Pages: 2 page
Resolution: 300 dpi
Color mode: CMYK
Bleed: 0.25 in
Working file: Photoshop cs or Letter version & photoshop elements.
Files included: Photoshop cs6 (psd)
Font used: Aller( http://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/Aller )

Medical Rack Card Template

Medical Rack Card Template
Easy Customizable and Editable 4×9 inches with 0.25 bleed CMYK Color Design in 300 DPI Resolution Print Ready Format Adobe cs5.

Wedding Photography Rack Card

Wedding Photography Rack Card
This Wedding Photography Rack Card, can be used for promote your photography business. Very easy to edit text, color, and change images via smart objects.

Medical Rack Card

Medical Rack Card
This is a Medical Rack Card Template. This template download contains 300 dpi print-ready CMYK PSD files. All main elements are easily editable and customizable. Features are Easy Customizable and Editable, Medical Rack Card Template in 4”x9”, Bleed Setting 0.25 inch, CMYK Color, Design in 300 DPI Resolution, 4 color, Print Ready Format, Image are not included, Working File: Adobe CC 2015 version, and All PSD files are Grouped & layered.

Free Rack Card Template

Free Rack Card Template

Rack Card Template for Photographers

Rack Card Template for Photographers
Templates can be used an unlimited amount of times for marketing or with clients. Each layer is completely customizable, so you can easily change the colors, text, and images.

Wedding Photographer Rack Card-V241

Wedding Photographer Rack Card-V241

Kids Summer Camp Rack Card

Kids Summer Camp Rack Card
This Kids Summer Camp Rack Card, can be used for promote your Kids Summer Activity, Junior School, Play Group, etc. Very easy to edit text, color, and change images via smart objects.

Wedding Planner Rack Card

Wedding Planner Rack Card
This Wedding Planner Rack Card, can be used for promote your Wedding Event Planner Business. Very easy to edit text, color, and change images via smart objects.

Free Rack Card Template

Free Rack Card Template

Photographer Rack Card Template

Photographer Rack Card Template

Photography Rack Card Template

Photography Rack Card Template
This rack card template is fully editable in Adobe Photoshop CS2+ but you should also be able to edit it in Photoshop Elements. You can edit the text, change colors to your own liking and add your own photos. This template is 4″ x 8″ print ready with guide.

Interior Design Rack Card

Interior Design Rack Card
“Interior Design Rack Card” is the creative, clean and corporate looking rack card template suitable for promoting your interior design business, furniture, or other similar business.

Real Estate Rack Card

Real Estate Rack Card
This Real Estate Rack Card, can be used for Property Promotion. Very easy to edit text, color, and change images via smart objects. Features are PSD file, 4×9 inches + Bleed area, 3 Design Variation, CMYK / 300 dpi, Customizable Text & Color and more.

Hotel Rack Card Template

Hotel Rack Card Template

Business Rack Card Template

Business Rack Card Template
Easy Customizable and Editable 4×9 inches with 0.25 bleed CMYK Color Design in 300 DPI Resolution Print Ready Format Adobe cs5.

Real Estate Agency Rack Card

Real Estate Agency Rack Card

Clergy Anniversary Rack Card Template

Clergy Anniversary Rack Card Template
Clergy Anniversary Rack Card Template is for anniversary celebration and appreciation events for church pastors. Can also be edited and used for church anniversaries.

Photographer Rack Card Template

Photographer Rack Card Template

Industrial & Commercial Construction Rack Card

Industrial & Commercial Construction Rack Card

15+ Free and Premium Postcard Templates

Sending postcards in direct-mail marketing is a growing trend in promotion. The top readability of your selected postcard design and the feedback rates make sure a fast ROI and an increase in profit.

But even when businesses view the value of sending out postcards to raise their probability, the frightening task of producing one can be overwhelming. Even if the cost of the real mailing and printing is pretty affordable, hiring a freelancer or in-house designer can be a pretty costly. And for those who never considered themselves artistic can find the task of designing hard.

Good thing there are online postcard templates that are ready to be download and customized. Some internet printing firms even provide these design templates for free.

Professionally designed

Having badly made marketing materials reflect wrongly on the company. It can make the customers second guess the reliability of your claims about the products advantages. Clients may distrust the item altogether. Clients even not offer your products a second chance.

Online postcard templates are done amazingly by graphic artists who are knowledge of new design techniques, and the traditions of best design, and make a living of combining the two. The designs are new, but without the risk of appearing to experimental.

Online design provides a big range of templates and categories to pick from. Design galleries are created with different industries in mind. You can pick a postcard design that is specific to your industry, or pick a more generic one that can match any mood. Because what you view is what you get, there is pretty room for disappointment.

The designs come with top standard photographs of generic or models product shots. These are generally taken by expert photographers either for outdoor or indoor use. This means, you have an expert photographer shooting a model who endorses your product without having to pay a wealth of talent fees.

Lots of issues with commercial printing happen when low res resolution files are deliver for printing. Sometimes this results in having to rebuild the design, causing lot of issue and embarrassment. Otherwise, upon insistence, the printer will print from this low resolution files and the output will emerge pixilated or bad contrast.

Designing postcard templates are both affordable and simple. You may have a few 1000 pieces ordered within a few minutes from beginning your postcard design have them delivered to your doorstep, or your customers doorstep in days. Increase your marketing potential, design your postcard today.

Business Postcard Template

Business Postcard Template
Features: 300 DPI, CMYK Color Mode, Print Ready File, Well Customized Layered PSD File, Size 6×4 in (including 0.25 in bleeds each side), 2 PSD File, Smart object Layered (for changing photo) and Easy To Edit text Layers.

Postcard Design v4

Postcard Design v4
Creative, Clean and Modern Multi Used Postcard InDesign Template, ready to use for “Healthcare, Medical, Travel, Tour, Real Estate, Private Tutor, House Tutor, Car Showroom, Trendy Fashion Sale, Cloth Shop” Postcard Template etc. Ready to use for Multipurpose uses. Used latest design style and easily photo changes option.
Adobe InDesign, IDML for InDesign CS4 and lower version, Adobe Illustrator AI and EPS, PDF files inclued, so all files are Fully Editable. Also help “Notepad” file included. 6 different Color Postcard design variation.

Free Postcard Template

Free Postcard Template

Postcard InDesign Template v2

Postcard InDesign Template v2
Creative, Clean and Modern Multi Used Postcard InDesign Template, ready to use for “Real Estate, School, Education, Travel, Food Recipe, Cloth Shop, Fitness” Postcard Template etc. Ready to use for Multipurpose uses. Used latest design style and easily photo changes option.

Carpet Cleaning Postcard Template

Carpet Cleaning Postcard Template
Agency-quality, full-color graphic designs for creating business marketing materials.
Instant downloads, 24/7 online access, all file formats. Compatible with:
Adobe InDesign CS4, CS5, CS6, CC
Adobe Illustrator CS4, CS5, CS6, CC
QuarkXPress 2015, 2016
CorelDraw X3, X4, X5, X6, X7, X8
Microsoft Publisher ’07, ’10, ’13, ’16
Microsoft Word ’07, ’10, ’13, ’16 (Mac ’08, ’11, ’16)
Apple iWork Pages 4, 5, 6
Microsoft PowerPoint ’07, ’10, ’13, ’16
Completely customizable, easy-to-use page layouts and graphic files.
High-quality photos, original artwork, backgrounds and logo designs included.
Precisely executed, suitable for commercial printing or digital output.

Corporate Postcard

Corporate Postcard Template
Size: 4×6 (with 4.25×6.25 bleed)
Resolution: 300 dpi
Color mode: CMYK
Photoshop CS5
Print Ready
Photoshop PSD File
Easy to Edit
Help Guide
Fonts: (Link Included in Help Guide)


Postcard Template

4×6 In Size
3mm. bleed
All File Is Vector Element and Fully Editable
3 Layout Different Style

Free Postcard Template

Free Postcard Template


Postcard Template

Marketing Postcard for Photographers

Marketing Postcard for Photographers
Fully layered Adobe Photoshop files
Designed to be printed at any local or online printing lab, or at home.
Recommended online print labs: Miller’s Lab (www.millerslab.com) & WHCC (www.whcc.com)
5 x 7″ template at 300dpi
Easily customize all colors & text
Basic Photoshop instructions will be included with the files you receive.
Links to downloadable free fonts provided with your files

Real Estate Business Postcard Template

Real Estate Business Postcard Template
Features: 300 DPI, CMYK Color Mode, Print Ready File, Well Customized Layered PSD File, Size 4×6 in ( and 0.25 in bleed in each side), Smart Object Layered (for changing photo), and Easy To Edit text Layers.

Fitness Weight Loss Postcard InDesign Template

Fitness Weight Loss Postcard InDesign Template
Creative, Clean and Modern Multi Used Postcard InDesign Template, ready to use for “Gym, Fitness, Weight Loss” Postcard Template etc. Ready to use for Multipurpose uses. Used latest design style and easily photo changes option.

Employment Agency

Employment Agency Postcard Template

Construction Postcard Template

Construction Postcard Template
Construction Postcard Template was designed for exclusively corporate and small scale companies. Also it can be used for variety purposes. Features are Fully Layered PSD files, Easy Customizable and Editable, 6” x 4” with bleed setting, CMYK Colors, 300 DPI resolution, Print Ready Format, Only Free Fonts Used: Font.txt with download links. Images are Not Included.

Plumber Service Postcard Template

Plumber Service Postcard Template
Plumber Service Postcard Template was designed for exclusively corporate and small scale companies. Features are Fully Layered PSD files, Easy Customizable and Editable, 6” x 4” with bleed setting, CMYK Colors, 300 DPI resolution, Print Ready Format, Only Free Fonts Used: Font.txt with download links and Images are Not Included.


Business Postcard Template

Corporate Business Postcard

Corporate Business Postcard Template

Free Fonts
Editable Text Layers
Smart Object Layer For Replace Photo
Well Organized Layer

Photographer Postcard Template

Photographer Postcard Template

15 Free and Premium Sell Sheet Templates

Having a sales representative discuss about your product provides a secret touch in linking with your consumers. But when you want to reach a big number of people, a salesperson just does not cut it. That is where knowing how to create a sell sheet comes in.

What is sell sheet template?

In most aspects, sell sheet and a brochure have many similarities. Both are remarkable marketing tools to present the firm and the product. Typically, they are used in support of your sales efforts, offered in business exhibitions and conventions or presented to future customers. They are largely printed on similar sizes on the same kind of paper. The most noticeable difference, anyway, is that a sell sheet template is not folded. Also, the information presented can be technical and high in-depth than a brochure.

It answers the following questions:

  • What services or products do you offer?
  • How will these services or products advantage me?
  • How much I will pay for them?
  • How do I contact you?

With all this detail, it is vital to present your sell sheet template in a perfect and precise manner to retain your customer’s interest.

When should I use sell sheet template?

While the brochure or flyer can provide a simple overview of your service and product, a sell sheet template can offer a more in detail approach to marketing an item. Technical products such as software or equipment can amazingly advantage from this format as well. Real estate services can also take benefit of it, especially if it contains comparative data between rivals.

It can be a winning part of marketing plan, especially for customers who are on the fence and want to understand more about the product. It is helpful for press releases where content creators and reporters need specific details for factual reporting. Finally, you can provide them to potential distributors and store owners who would be involved in putting it on their services.

What are essential elements of sell sheet template?

It should have the following:

  • Your product name and logo
  • A catchy headline
  • Intro paragraph
  • Advantages backed by data
  • High-resolution product images
  • Call-to-action and contact info

A sell sheet template may be more informative and technical than a flyer, or brochure, but that does not mean design is just a next though. When designed rightly, it can become a virtual tour of your services or product. Use the big area provided by the flat sheet to make a design consistent with your product and your firm. You can also download free sell sheet template from online sites.

Photography Price List Template

Photography Price List Template
Classic Photoshop Letter Sized Pricing Guide for Professional Photographers. It Includes designed to be printed at any local or online printing lab, or at home, fully-layered .psd file, customizable colors and text, add up to four photos in header, 300 dpi, (8.5″x11″) – one, front only and much more.

Wedding Price List Template

Wedding Price List Template
Wedding Price List & Cover Set 8.5″ x 11″. It Includes fully-layered .psd files, designed to be printed at any local or online printing lab, or at home, customizable colors and text, designed for use as digital or printed pricing guide and much more.

6 Multipurpose Sales Flyer

6-multipurpose-sales-flyer Template
Template for DIN A4 sales sheet. Multipurpose, easy to change color. The format is A4 (210×297mm) with 3 mm bleed all around. Easy-to-customize layout files. Change text and fonts. Move, resize and change graphic elements.

Price Sheet List PSD Template

Price Sheet List PSD Template
Fully editable photographer package pricing list – doesn’t have to be just for portraits and/or sessions, change how you see fit. Very professional and perfect for your business. Change the wording, colors, pricing and info to suit your business. 8.5″x11″.

Price List Sell Sheet with Cover

Price List Sell Sheet with Cover

3 Item Retail Fashion Line Sheet

3 Item Retail Fashion Line Sheet
Perfect for small stores, esty sellers and other retailers looking to send and/or print beautiful sell sheets. This three item layout is a surefire way to get your items noticed! It Includes Ms Word File, Layered PSD file, Layered InDesign File and Read Me PDF with links to find the fonts used.

Free Sales Sheet Template

Free Sales Sheet Template

Business Free Sales Sheet Template

Business Free Sales Sheet Template

Chalkboard Price List Sheet Template

Chalkboard Price List Sheet Template
Fully editable photographer package pricing list – doesn’t have to be just for photographers, change how you see fit. Very professional and perfect for your business. Change the wording, colors, pricing and info to suit your business. 8.5″x11″.

Photography Pricing Template

Photography Pricing Guide Template
Classic Photoshop Letter Sized Pricing Guide for Professional Photographers. Use this photography pricing guide as a digital or printed piece to send to clients! It Includes ully-layered, designed to be printed at any local or online printing lab, or at home. can also be used digitally or printed, .psd files, set of 2 full page 8.5″ x 11″ flyer designs (digital files only), customizable colors and text, free fonts and 300 dpi.

Automotive Sales Ad Flyer Template

Automotive Sales Ad Flyer Template
This Automotive Sales Ad Flyer Template is customized for those who need a modern and unique look. You can change colors and drop your photo in place with ease. Add this to your promotional arsenal for a maximum effect with your contemporary audience.

Free Sales Sheet Template

Free Sample Sales Sheet Template

Bella Marketing Essentials Tri-Fold Prices Sell Sheet

Bella Prices Tri-Fold Sell Sheet Template

Hailee Tri-Fold Sell Sheet

Hailee Tri-Fold Sell Sheet Template

Modern Brush Tri-fold Brochure Sell Sheet

Modern Brush Tri-fold Brochure Sell Sheet Template