Bangalore is located in the southeastern part of Karnataka. Famously titled the Garden City of India provided the tropical lush green spaces it has, Bangalore’s natural beauty is something not to be missed. When your need is a cost-effective commute, we have you covered. Our monthly bike rental in Bangalore option is cheaper for office commutes or short rides. So why pay a higher price on cabs when you can rely on 10x more affordable bike rentals? The recreational verdancy of this Kannada-speaking city unwinds the vacating desires of those guarding them explicitly. If you want to see the green environment, you must visit Garden City of India. It is considered the third greenest city in India. Growing day by day as Green City, the moderate climate and enough rain provide the city with greenery. It is a combination of wet and dry. Since it is placed on the Deccan’s heart, a number of plantations of the deciduous canopy can be found here.

Neralu tree festival is organized in Bangalore to celebrate the vividness and versatility of tropical Bangalore and is organized by the know-how of the city. The main purpose of this festival is to create awareness among humans to save trees and maintain the environment. It began in 2017. On this day, people plant trees.

Bangalore was once considered barren sand, and now it is converted into a green city. Bangalore was constructed of sand and old granite rocks. In the olden times, there were Devarakadu trees, which are found near lakes and the Arakavati River. The people of Bangalore consider it auspicious for religious purposes. The greenery was spread during the reign of Hyder Ali. The Rose and Cypress were planted in numbers, which made the green space to be named the Lal Bagh.

Here are some gardens in the city where you can get a chance to admire its beauty.

  • Cubbon Park: It is one of the most bewildering and alluring parks in Bangalore City. It is spread over 300 acres. There is greenery all around. You will feel that you are sitting in heaven. People come here to perceive the lap of nature. You can do many recreational activities here.
  • The Lalbagh Botanical Garden: This garden is mostly known for its 100-year-old trees. If you want to have a glimpse of London’s Crystal Palace, you must visit the Lalbagh Botanical Garden. Lalbagh is the worldwide famous garden. Many wildlife species have migrated from here, like Myna, Brahmini Kites and parakeets. Here, you can find rare species of plants. The garden also has lotus pools, fountains and a greener environment. It is spread over 240 acres.
  • Cariappa Memorial Park: It is spread over 22 acres, which is the most enamoured park in Bangalore. It was set up in 1996. Some rare species of birds have taken shelter here and have migrated to this park. The park is alluring to most of the tourists and local people. Human nature lurks for greenery, which refreshes the mind and body.
  • Bannerghatta National: This park is especially for animals, which includes a zoo, snake house, Bannerghatta, Biological Park, Butterfly and Safari Parks. It is spread over 104.27 square kilometres in the hills of the Anekal Range. The stunning butterflies are the main attraction of this park. 
  • Nagarhole National Park: It is situated in Kodagu District, Mysore, in Karnataka. It is spread over 575 square km. You can find tigers, Hyenas, Otters, Leopards and Indian wild dogs. It is 236 km for far from Bangalore. It was set up in 1955.
  • Lumbini Gardens: Situated on the banks of Nagarwara Lake, Lumbini Gardens is an exquisite sightseeing beauty in Bangalore. Apart from housing green space, it is a water park as well with eco-friendly boating, Kid’s rides, a wave pool, slides and rain dance where toddlers and family members can enjoy together. The charge for boating is Rs. 50.
  • Butterfly Park: Butterfly Park is located in Bellandur. This park is named Butterfly Park because of the graceful butterflies that breed here. One can gain knowledge about different insects and the lifecycle of butterflies through the audio-visual facility available there. You will definitely get enamoured with this park. The park provides a lot of information about the world of butterflies and their conservation techniques. The main attraction of the butterfly park is its three-domed structure.
  • Bugle Rock Park: It is one of the best parks in Bangalore. It has three temples, a jogging track and an open gym, which keeps one’s self-fit. There are many statues that provide knowledgeable information on Bangalore’s history. The amphitheatre, which has a capacity of 300 people. It is used for social, cultural and awareness events. The largest Nandi Idol is placed in Bull Temple.
  • Indira Gandhi Musical Fountain Park: It is spread over 17 acres. The main attraction is a musical dancing fountain, which fascinates every tourist. It was crafted by BNA Technology Consulting Limited. The park has alluring gardens and lawns. The park is very eminent because it has a capacity of approximately 700 to 1,000 visitors. Water jets show the rhythm of the music. The National Military Memorial is also situated, which is the symbol of the nation’s war heroes. The fountain has music, light and special effects.

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