3 thoughts on “How to convert Magento Website to WordPress

  1. Viktoriya Desyatnyuk says:

    Hi there, It’s Cart2Cart here! Thanks for mentioning our service. We’ve done over 30,000 successful migrations and we would be glad to help you to convert your Magento website into a WooCommerce site. Tap on the link and start the Free Demo migration right away:

    Best wishes,
    Cart2Cart Team

  2. The process of migrating from Magento to WordPress woocommerce site can be difficult at times especially if done manually. There are tools that will enable you to convert your Magento website into a WordPress site.With the steps you listed above migrating the Magento website to wordpress becomes easy.

  3. Converting from Magento to WordPress site is not easy at the time of doing manually. Because the most complicated types of migration are that of sites which contain a lot of data, for example eCommerce sites. There are a huge number of processes involved in the migration of a WordPress website to a Magento platform.

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