It can be a daunting task to create a new website — there are so many factors to consider, and where do you begin? Well, start small with the idea of expansion. As your business grows, your website can grow with it.

Figuring out where to start can be difficult, but you can have a perfect scalable website set up in no time by following these best practices from Webprecis.

How to Choose a Website Software

When it comes to choosing a website builder, many options are available. This task can quickly become overwhelming and only make things more complicated. Before selecting software, ask yourself two fundamental questions:

  1. What’s your level of skill with coding and programming? 
  2. Do you want a website you can launch in minutes using pre-designed templates with all required features included?

You can narrow down the software you want to use by answering the questions above. To get some additional ideas, check out these best website builders

Website Best Practices

When building a website, there are a few must-haves, such as speed and user interface. Visitors may grow impatient and leave if the website is slow or lags. The same goes for users who can’t find what they’re looking for in a few clicks or those who find the website too difficult to navigate.

Lastly, having a secure site is of paramount importance. According to a recent study, 46% of visitors leave sites because they’re not secure. This statistic alone makes it obvious why site security is so critical. 

Integrating a CRM System

Integrating a Customer Relationship Management system into your website has many benefits. For starters, you can engage with customers better. Additionally, staff members are aware of all customer interactions, allowing them to serve customers better.

A fully integrated CRM system allows all essential information to be stored in a single location, which saves staff members from having to duplicate work and enables them to focus on more productive tasks, such as closing sales and growing relationships.

Integrating an ERP System

In addition to integrating your CRM, you can automate your business with your Enterprise Resource Planning system. An ERP system makes it possible to let salespeople access a customer’s sales history in a few clicks. It can also give customers full access to their statements and order history and lets them place orders online.

Integrations such as these are great because you don’t necessarily have to start with them. You can build your website slowly and, if you choose software that allows for integrations, you can add on different modules as you go.

Importance of SEO

The Search Engine Optimization component of a website is crucial, and although most website builders have built-in structures for it, you’re still responsible for filling in the meta titles and meta descriptions. To ensure your brand is being found for the right keywords, Google Keyword Planner to research your keywords before implementing your SEO strategy

Leave a Great Impression

Since a website is often the first impression users receive of your business, it must leave visitors with a great lasting impression. To find the perfect template and get going on your website, look at Webprecis for inspiration.


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