Happy birthday to the professor who inspired me to read beyond journals and look beyond classroom walls to reach heights that were beyond my expectations.

You are a brilliant professor, extraordinary lecturer, amazing teacher, remarkable mentor and an inspiring counselor. Happy birthday.

Books are useful to pass tests in college but the priceless advice of professors like you is useful to pass the real test of life. Happy birthday.

You opened my mind to a thousand new things. Thanks for being a terrific teacher and giving me wings. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday to our beloved professor. We have grown up with your help and we want you to know how much we appreciate it.

Professor is a only one person who, Build a nation. My dear Professor! I want to wish a very sweet and Happy Birthday.

Happy birthday dear Sir. May you live long and get the happiness and honor.

Most professors teach their students how to find the right answers.
But more importantly, you taught us how to ask the right questions.
Happy birthday professor.

Happy birthday professor. Your wisdom has meant a lot to me and hundreds of other students. I admire and respect you as a teacher and person. Happy birthday.

Wishing you health happiness and love on your special day and always happy birth day my dear sir.

Projects, presentations, discussions, seminars, workshops and tutorials – you are the real heartbeat of every single activity in the college classroom. Happy birthday professor.

The warmest birthday wishes to the most awesome professor in the world! Happy birthday.

A professor who has taught us with so much love and dedication, deserves a grand birthday celebration. Happy birthday.

Professors like you add tradition and legacy to the walls of this institution, which you have otherwise been just brick and mortar structures without any character. Happy birthday.

It’s hard to come up with words of wisdom for someone so wise, so let me just be sincere. I truly appreciate having you as a teacher. You are engaging, inspiring, and real. Happy birthday.

Just like how a professor always remembers a brilliant student, a student also remembers a brilliant professor forever. Happy birthday to one such professor.

You inspire us to make a difference in the other people’s lives, because you made a difference in our lives with your teaching and mentoring. Happy birthday professor.

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