Happy birthday to my incredible cousin! You are a true source of joy and inspiration for me. May you have the most wonderful day!

Happy birthday cousin. Rejoice for you have a day to celebrate the live you
have lived as you anticipate a bright future.

It’s wonderful to have a chance to wish you on your Birthday a lot of joy, luck, happiness, success and fortune in life!

You are a part of the family but more than that, you are a part of me. Happy birthday.

Destiny is the reason that we were born as cousins, but love is the reason we became lifelong buddies. Happy birthday.

My favorite cousin, may your birthday be as awesome as you are and may there be many more to come!

Yes we are related, yes we are family. But you’re not only my Cousin – also a Friend indeed! Have a fantastic birthday!

Of my many cousins, I count you as my favorite and sharing this day with you brings so much joy in my life!

Life never taught me the difference between a cousin and a real brother – all thanks to you. Happy birthday.

You are a fantastic cousin and you have not only been a cousin to me you have also been a great friend. Have a fabulous birthday cousin.

Happy birthday, dear cousin! May you have a joyful and exciting celebration!

You are a part of the family but more than that, you are a part of me. Happy birthday.

Thanks for supporting me and being a real brother, when you could easily cruise through life by being just another cousin. Happy birthday.

Having a cousin like you is the best gift ever to me. You always inspire me and I am grateful for that. Have a fantastic birthday and may you live long
to inspire more people in your life.

Growing up with a cousin like you was awesome. Remember all of our great times and all of the times that we did really ridiculous stuff!! Make the most of your big day today.

Having a cousin who I can share my joys and anguishes with is such a wonderful gift. Happy birthday cousin.

Happy birthday to the guy who can knows how to read between my sentences, look beyond the expressions on my face and glance inside my heart to really know what I am thinking.

I miss the days when I would count the hours to your visit. Now we are all grown up and live our own lives, but on this day, especially, I want you to know you are forever my favorite cousin!

Today I wanted to wish you a very happy birthday, because these don’t happen every day, and it just doesn’t happen without any effort, you have to believe that you are happy, and there will be a happy birthday!

The best of brothers and best of friends, may the love in our brotherhood go on and never end. Happy birthday bro.

My dear cousin it’s another birthday for you. You have grown wiser since the last one and I am so happy for you. Have a fun filled birthday and many more to come.

Dear cousin, thank you for being here with me today, and I wish you the best of luck in your future, you have so much ahead of you, and if you need us, we will support you with anything! Happy birthday!

To my wonderful cousin on the date of your birth, I am grateful that you are a part of the family and I am proud that we are related! Thank you for being you.

You aren’t my cousin brother. You are a cousin who has been the best brother ever. Happy birthday.

It doesn’t really matter whether you are my first cousin, second cousin or third cousin. All I know is that you are the first friend I made in my life.
Happy birthday.

On this day years ago, I got a wonderful cousin! Thank you for all of the great memories we shared together and all the wonderful experiences in the future!

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