24 thoughts on “450+ Best Free Blogger Templates 2016

  1. Avatar Christina says:

    Bloggertheme9 recently published 2 responsive templates. Have a look!

  2. Avatar blogger fan says:

    Wow !So many beautiful themes,great job! My favoutites : DCM
    Shopping cart and Retina.
    Check out more free blogger templates

  3. Avatar Nguyen Cuong says:

    i like it. thanks so much

  4. Avatar Baily says:

    Nice collection.

  5. Avatar Christine says:

    Hello Sir,
    Bloggertheme9 recently published another ‘responsive template’ for free. have a look 🙂

  6. Avatar Christiano says:

    Amazing themes dude. Thanks.

  7. very nice template,

  8. Avatar Christiano says:

    Best free blogger templates are really good.

  9. Avatar Pice Themes says:

    Free Blogger Template Premium. Prove Now

  10. Avatar Eka says:

    very nice template … i like it 🙂

  11. Avatar Awanson says:

    Cool Collection!!! Nice Templates… Thanks for sharing…
    Templates Free Download: http://www.awanbook.com/

  12. Avatar soi keo says:

    Love all your templates bro. I will use it for soi keo

  13. Sora Press Themes Is Rally Good

  14. Best collection. Give me permition for download and use it.

  15. Avatar Jason says:

    Thanks for the huge list of templates, any new blogger should check out these templates.

  16. Avatar ukuicitizen says:

    thank you, sir
    permission to download the Master Chef Blogger template…………….

  17. I’m already using Newline.. that’s good design and suitable for all devices.

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