Having a hobby can make your life more colorful and fulfilling and helps you live a more multi-dimensional life outside of work. Therefore, if you’re interested in learning a new hobby and need some ideas, here are eight worth trying.

1. Play a musical instrument

Learning a musical instrument isn’t just a skill you can develop when you’re young. It’s a fulfilling source of entertainment, but it also enriches your life to know how to play at least one.

To begin, though, you must be sure of one instrument you want to learn and stick to it. Don’t have shiny object syndrome and jump from instrument to instrument. Stick to one. You can get beginner instruments like Beginner Flutes, so you don’t have to get expensive ones, especially since you’re not as skilled.

One note-worthy benefit to learning an instrument is that it enhances memory skills, especially your short-term memory, outside of things related to music. You also get to improve your fine motor skills.

In addition to these mental benefits, playing a musical instrument helps get you in touch with your emotions more.

If you dive deep and pay attention to the music you’re playing, you can evoke and trigger all sorts of emotions in you and your listeners. This benefit can help relieve stress and help you not be emotionally constipated.

2. Learning to cook 

Everybody has to eat, so you must learn how to cook. However, only some know how to, especially when people in their homes know how to cook and cook for them.

However, learning how to cook is an enjoyable hobby outside of sustenance.

Something is satisfying and confidence-boosting about preparing a meal with your hands from scratch and then tasting the finished product. When you’re capable of feeding yourself and creating good food, it makes you feel more competent, and a better sense of self can develop.

Plus, cooking can bring all sorts of people together. Whether hosting dinner parties or simply preparing meals for loved ones, sharing food is always a positive experience you can enjoy. You can even document your journey by creating food and cooking content on Instagram reels.

3. Start a vlog

Speaking of creating reels, you can also consider starting a vlog as a hobby.

You don’t even need to use fancy camera equipment, especially when you’re just starting. It’s a great way to document your everyday life and find something enjoyable throughout your days.

Some people are even able to monetize their vlogs over time. If you want to create vlogs for an audience, then you can think of unique ways to make it entertaining for them.

For example, you can use different tactics to capture viewers’ attention through your video content, such as trying some trends but being your authentic self will still be the most appealing to many people.

4. DIY projects

Does the ability to create furniture or other items from scratch yourself sound appealing to you? Then, consider developing a hobby around starting DIY projects.

What’s great about DIY projects is that they help you work with your hands to make these items. When you’re able to create something with your own hands, there’s a uniquely satisfying experience that comes out of it. You can even sell your creations for a profit if you’re outstanding.

(Not all fun hobbies have to be profitable to be fun, though!)

You can even use this as a point of socialization by networking with individuals making DIY projects.

5. Start streaming

If you’re already an avid gamer who spends hours upon hours playing games, why not start streaming to go with it? This hobby is best for people who like socializing and interacting with others.

Streaming can make even playing single-player games social because you can talk to people in real-time. You can even start a community around it and have audiences worldwide discussing your playthrough.

Of course, there is specific equipment that you’ll need to start this, but once you do, it’s all a matter of setting things up, and you can start streaming your content.

By the way, gaming isn’t the only kind of thing you can stream, either.

6. Learn calligraphy

A simple hobby that you can start would be learning calligraphy. You only need some brush pens and a practice book to start creating beautiful calligraphy.

It’s also quite satisfying to look at as you gently but surely create mesmerizing words through your calligraphy skills. If you get even better at them, you can make great calligraphy works to display around the house.

7. Practice journaling

Speaking of writing, if you want a private way to record your daily life while flexing your literary abilities, then journaling is an excellent way.

Journaling helps you digest what is happening to you every day, and you’ll find that you’ll learn to be more in the moment because of it. It can even be a unique way to reflect on certain days.

8. Painting

Painting is a hobby you will surely enjoy, but don’t get frustrated if you’re not immediately good at it. Skill in painting takes time, but that doesn’t mean that you have to continually level up your skills to be able to enjoy painting. Some people even buy paintings by numbers, so they don’t have to think of artwork from scratch.

No matter your approach, painting is an enjoyable and relaxing hobby that can be a great way to express yourself artistically.


These hobbies are worthwhile even if you don’t monetize them. What’s important is that you enjoy doing them; they help relax you and make your life more complete. Therefore, if you’re looking for hobbies to fill some spaces in your life, consider the activities listed in this article.


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