Wishing my beautiful angel a very happy 5th birthday. May all your years be filled with joy, peace and love.

You are an amazing kid and I hope you get to enjoy this day. I love you so much and hope you always remember you mean a lot to me. Happy 5th birthday.

You are such a princess and I am glad you are growing into a beautiful queen. I wish you the best, always dear. Happy 5th birthday.

You are the Coolest kid around Smile You are awesome. Happy 5th birthday.

It’s your 5th birthday daughter, I hope you know how much joy this day brings me, seeing you grow older is surely a blessing.

You are my little princess who brings me all the good fortune in this universe. As you grow taller and more beautiful, always remember that you are my paradise. Happy 5th birthday.

We can’t call you a little kid anymore. You’re five now, so you’re a big kid now. Happy 5th birthday!

Wishing my angel a fantastic 5th birthday packed with plenty of happiness and delicious treats. Happy birthday.

Today is fantastic, because I get to tell my little girl Happy Birthday! I get to bake you a cake and put candles on it, so you can make a wish! Most of all, I get to tell you that you are the best!

My dearest princess, today is your 5th birthday! Smile wide, open your arms wide and receive your birthday hugs. Enjoy your day to the fullest as God blesses you with the most beautiful things in the world.

There is no one like you! You are silly, smart, and brave! You make us all laugh, think, and want to do things that we have to, even when we feel scared! Have a special day, sweetheart! Happy Birthday to my daughter!

Happy birthday to the world’s most beautiful princess who turns amazing 5 today! May your sweet heart be occupied to the brim with all the happiness in the world. We love you endlessly.

Five years ago, you were born to me and my life instantly became colorful. Happy 5th birthday, my amazing prince. I look forward to enjoying many more years with you, watching you grow older and wiser.

You are so terrific! You are good at everything that you do, like being in pre-school! You are such a nice and special daughter! Happy Birthday!

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