When it comes to promoting a Facebook page, it is recommended to get more likes on the platform. In 2009, Facebook launched a feature that allows users to click the Like button on a post. Gaining more likes on Facebook posts is important for numerous reasons such as increasing brand awareness and credibility, gaining more potential customers, influencing Facebook’s algorithm, and improving overall online presence. Receiving likes promotes content to around 2.11 billion users. Keep reading to discover the tips that can help you increase your Facebook post likes and succeed online.

  1. Learn strong social marketing fundamentals

When you understand what you want to achieve through your Facebook page, all aspects of your social media presence will benefit. Therefore, before proceeding to effective Facebook marketing tips, learn how your posts impact the achievement of your overall marketing goals. Know crucial social media fundamentals. This means creating and following a social media marketing strategy that aligns perfectly with your business goals.

  1. Engaging and memorable Facebook page URL

People are more likely to like your page if they can recall it accurately. So, use an easily memorable Facebook page URL rather than a random combination of words and numbers or words that seem spammy. For example, if you are creating your business Facebook page, you can use your company name as a page name.

A catchy URL can also help with Facebook searches as users can easily search for your page when using a simple URL. To change your Facebook page URL, navigate to Page Settings in your account and click Page Info. Next, go under username to change your URL.

  1. Understand your audience and when they are active

Users will like the post and enjoy it when it aligns with their preferences and interests. So, before creating and uploading any content, determine what your audience wants to see. To analyze your data, you can use the official analytics platform of Facebook ‘Business Manager’ to access data from all social media platforms of Meta. You may also use third-party tools after checking their reliability and customer reviews.

After getting insights, focus on engagement metrics such as virality rate and applause rate to discover the content that best fits your audiences’ desires. Another thing you need to check is when your target audience is mostly active on Facebook. In general, 8 AM to 12 PM on Tuesday and Thursday is the best posting time on Facebook. The algorithm prioritizes the recent posts and users also consider accounts that post content more often. Therefore, upload posts consistently during the best times.

  1. Optimize About Section

If the About section of your Facebook page has comprehensive and updated information, it seems more reliable to Facebook. Your page’s post is more likely to appear on the top over other pages having incomplete details. Use pertinent keywords in the About section and make sure all the fields are filled. Optimizing this section with the right keywords can meet the search intent of the audience.

  1. Pin trending posts

Pinning your top-performing Facebook post helps in giving a boost to its visibility. This can increase the chances of getting more likes. The more users engage with your trending posts, the more engagement they will receive and the higher the possibility of being discovered by the target audience.

  1. Buy likes for Facebook posts

It can be a good idea to buy Facebook post likes that are 100% real and come from active users. Buying organic likes can be the smartest way to improve your post’s visibility and bring a significant boost to your content and page reach. Most importantly, there is no penalty for purchasing likes as it is completely a legal practice unless the bought likes are not fake. Once you buy likes, they will stay permanently and bring more organic engagement.

  1. Collaborate with Facebook influencers

In recent times, more brands are engaging in influencer marketing than ever before to tap each other’s audience. Find and collaborate with influencers who can interact directly with your potential audience. It can assist you in creating interactive content that your followers would never want to miss.

  1. Keep an eye on Facebook trends

Staying updated on the latest Facebook trends can help you attract more audiences. Most users consider the posts that are trending on the platform and are relevant to their needs. Reels or short-form videos are the fastest-growing and most demanding format on Facebook.

Creating and uploading entertaining reels can earn you a lot of likes. Additionally, you can establish a Facebook shop to meet the needs of your users. Investing in the Live Shopping feature of Facebook can bring more customers to your business and increase Facebook likes. Before trying any trend, make sure that it resonates with your overall content strategy.

  1. Run Facebook ads

The post of a brand will only be discovered by around 5% of the target followers if it doesn’t involve paid promotion. Running ads helps in availing of the benefits of detailed ad targeting on Facebook and ensuring that your posts reach the target audience.

  1. Cross-promotion on other social media

If you are actively running accounts on other social media platforms with higher engagement rates, take advantage of them to grow your Facebook post likes. Over 99% of Facebook users have accounts on other social networking sites like Instagram, Twitter, etc. Cross-promote your Facebook-specific posts on other social media accounts and websites. Moreover, you can add their links to your business cards. When people see your content everywhere, they can like your posts easily.


“Facebook likes” play a crucial role in deciding which posts the algorithm will show at the top of users’ feeds. They serve as social proof that other users have already engaged with your content and help in boosting popularity and engagement. When you work on the tips mentioned above, you can master the art of bringing more Facebook likes organically. You can even grow your brand’s presence and expand your audience reach.

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