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10+ WordPress Assets for St. Valentine’s Day That Will Take Your Breath Away

St. Valentine’s Day is one of the best days to share your love with beloved ones. Many people can already be busy with a search for gifts for their lovers. Lucky those who do not need to cope with one more task. Now we are talking about people who need to get their online-projects ready for this very holiday. They can think of creating a romantic atmosphere on the website that will not be compared to others. In order to provide people with a warm aura and encourage them to stay longer on the website, they need to get something unusual. If you are one of these people and you need these very unusual things, you can get them here and now.

In this article, we decide to include 10+ WordPress assets to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day in the best possible way. Among them, you can find different watercolor sets, illustrations, fonts, and WordPress themes to make your online-project stand out from the crowd. By the way, those people, who are searching for some materials to create their own greeting cards or invitations, will also find some pleasant things here. Let us not keep you intrigued anymore and present the most amazing assets to win your heart right now…

Valentine’s Hearts Watercolor Png Illustration

Valentine's Hearts Watercolor Png Illustration

Lovely Details

If you are looking for an aesthetically-spectacular watercolor set, this one really deserves your attention. Here you will find different kinds of illustrations that can be used in order to make your project look romantic. There are 40 files that will become your ideal choice to accomplish various objectives. You can easily create lots of stuff that will have not a boring but extremely attractive. As an example, we really offer you to include these images in your wedding invitations, posters, quotes, greeting cards, and so on and so forth. In general, there are four PNG-files (300 dpi) and 36 JPG-files (3500 x 3500 px). Among them, you will find frames, borders, patterns, and isolated images. All of them are highly-detailed. Using Adobe Photoshop, it is possible to change illustrations in their size and color. Do you think of printing these images? You will be always free to do it.

Pink Peonies Watercolor png Illustration

Pink Peonies Watercolor png Illustration

Lovely Details

One more watercolor set that will impress your imagination with its bright and attractive design. Yet this time we are not speaking about a typical symbol of St. Valentine’ Day that is a heart. We would like to present your pink peonies that will also capture the attention of people. As you can understand, this package is not a penny the worse than its predecessor mentioned on the top. There are 106 files included in this collection of aquarelle elements. Among them, you will get 84 JPG-files (3500 x 3500 px) and 22 PNG-files (300 dpi). It is also possible to use them for patterns, backgrounds, borders, and frames. In order to adorn your greeting cards, postcards, quotes, wedding invitations, and other creative things, you certainly need to choose these illustrations. If you need to make some changes (change them in color or size), you can open Adobe Photoshop and give them a look you are dreaming about.

Moon Flower – Flower Shop WordPress Theme

Moon Flower - Flower Shop WordPress Theme

Lovely Details

When we are talking about holidays, it is impossible to keep silence about gifts. For the reason that it is always a pleasure not only to get presents but also choose them. If you want people to purchase presents for their beloved ones exactly in your online-shop, you should grab this excellent WordPress theme. There are many tools included in its package that you will find extremely helpful. Let us get familiar with them together.

Main Features:

  • a drag-and-drop builder that allows building your pages without coding;
  • an ultimate package of Cherry Plugins to showcase services, team members, and testimonials;
  • multiple layout options to choose from;
  • different content modules that allow adding buttons, pricing tables, sliders, and other elements to your online-project;
  • a fully-responsive design that allows using different devices to browse your website;
  • seven marvelous header layouts;
  • lots of custom widgets to provide your website with advanced functionality.

Lovely Monograms: 26 elements in 3 color variations

Lovely Monograms: 26 elements in 3 color variations

Lovely Details

We are definitely in love with these cute monograms from MasterBundles. For the reason that they make it possible not to limit your imagination. You can create impressive cards, invitations, and different types of decor by means of them. There are some things about them that you should learn.

What Does This Package Include?

The First Monogram Set:

  • 26 items that are available in three color variations (pink, violet, and yellow);
  • all in individual PNG and three ESP10 set;
  • Size – 3000 px.

The Second Monogram Set:

  • 26 excellent items;
  • all in individual PNG and three ESP10 set;
  • Size – 3000 px.


  • Five graphic items that will make it possible to grab even more attention.

Some Additional Files:

  • you can download links used in the package (.txt);
  • info on the color palette (.jpeg).

You should also notice that PNG-files have a transparent background. Those of EPS10-format are vector files. They can be edited in size. Open them in Adobe Illustrator.

Geraldine – Vintage Fashion Blog WordPress Theme

Vintage Fashion Blog WordPress Theme

Lovely Details

Geraldine is a modern WordPress theme that will meet all requirements of those people who want to create a fashion blog. It has a stylish design that really cannot be compared to others. Each of its elements was carefully crafted which means that your website will correspond to the latest web-design trends. Your future website will become an attention-grabber that more and more people will decide to take a look at. There are even more reasons to choose exactly this fashionable ready-made solution. You can find out more about them below.

Main Features:

  • a special bonus in the form of relevant images;
  • such custom widgets as a carousel, post slider, social media widgets, and many others;
  • an amazing WordPress Live Customizer that includes multiple customization options and allows making changes in a real-time mode;
  • a modern collection of Google Fonts to choose from;
  • a mobile-first and fully-responsive design to provide people with the best user-experience ever.

Hearts and Arrows Valentines Clipart

Hearts and Arrows Valentines Clipart

Lovely Details

We have already mentioned a watercolor set with hearts. Now we want you to take a look at hearts and arrows clipart that also deserves to be recognized. These graphics were hand-drawn which means that all of them are meant to impress all possible people. Everyone will turn out to be a fan of your talent if you decide to try your luck using this digital clipart. You can use these illustrations to create cards, invitations, and many other things. If you are crazy about scrapbooking, you will also find lots of helpful things in the package.

The Package Will Gladden You With:

  • all elements were painted on the watercolor paper;
  • all images are 300 dpi (and a watermark is not included in the files);
  • 1 ZIP with 18 PNG and 18 JPG (with the same coloring on the transparent background);
  • all elements have different sizes (from 100 x 100 px to 1200 x 1200 px).

100 Typography Logos and 100 Frames Bundle

100 Typography Logos + 100 Frames Bundle

Lovely Details

Choose this typography logos if you want to get a perfect combination of style and attractiveness.

What Will You Get Together With Your Purchase

  • 100 typography logos:
    • Part 1: 50 typography logos for personal and commercial use;
    • Part 2: 50 typography logos created mainly for personal use;
  • 100 logo frames;
  • AL, EPS, and PSD-files (all of the are fully-layered and fully-editable);
  • CMYK color-mode;
  • 300 dpi;
  • 1 font list with links to download and some additional information.

How to Work with Files?

  1. Open a logo-file (AI, EPS or PSD).
  2. Choose a logo and look which font is required for the logo you have selected.
  3. Download those fonts that you need and install.
  4. Add your text to the logo and color if there is a need to do it.
  5. Copy your new logo and them to your business cards, brochures, websites, blogs, and so on and so forth.
  6. Everything is ready. Now you can create your logo designs in a flash.

Love Story – Valentine Watercolor Kit

Love Story: Valentine Watercolor Kit

Lovely Details

If you are searching for a little (or big) collection of hand-drawn illustrations, we have something to gladden you with. Actually, there is even more. You are going to get eye-catching patterns and decorative elements that will make a strong impression on everyone. It is possible to use these graphics for different purposes. Posters, romantic cards, postcards, book and notebook covers, quotes, greeting cards, and many others.

Illustrations, Illustrations, and Again… Illustrations:

  • 21 watercolor floral and leafy elements (isolated PNGs at 600 dpi);
  • 9 watercolor subtle textures (isolated PNGs at 600 dpi);
  • 20 watercolor hearts and balloons (isolated PNGs at 600 dpi);
  • 10 watercolor seamless patterns (isolated PNGs at 600 dpi);
  • 50 vector wreaths (EPS + isolated PNGs);
  • 50 vector heart-shaped wreaths (EPS + isolated PNGs);
  • 8 watercolor couples (isolated PNGs at 600 dpi);
  • 30 watercolor decorative elements (isolated PNGs at 600 dpi);
  • 50 vector floral and leafy elements (EPS + isolated PNGs).

Mega Fonts – Bundle

Mega Fonts - Bundle

Lovely Details

This bundle is overloaded with different fonts that have different styles. It does not matter what texts you want to adorn by means of them. You will always find something that will suit your special purpose. As an example, you can use them in various creative projects and include them in:

  • logos;
  • headings;
  • posters;
  • wedding invitations;
  • T-shirt designs;
  • badges;
  • signatures;
  • letterheads;
  • signages;
  • labels;
  • news;
  • and many-many others.

If you are interested in taking a glance at the names of these fonts, you can get familiar with all of them below.

  • Wolf Reality
  • Soulmater
  • Arkana
  • Elrotex
  • Jarvish Blurry
  • Roselowe
  • Sottafles
  • Passion
  • Constanta
  • Mornin Awesome
  • Morracle
  • Asia Otasi
  • Valdemar
  • Wosser
  • Sobbers
  • Rissa
  • Karenina
  • Morning Wishes
  • Tristan
  • Bottle Massow
  • Tycho
  • Atora
  • Zurich
  • However Store
  • Palm Brush

Stunning Red Tulips PNG Watercolor Set Illustration

Stunning Red Tulips PNG Watercolor Set Illustration

Lovely Details

If you want to decorate your projects with passionate red tulips, you cannot pass by this small collection of illustrations. Here you will find lots of variants to create a romantic atmosphere and impress all possible viewers. Below you can find all needed details concerning these images and their properties.

Main Characteristics:

  • a watercolor set consists of 72 files to choose from;
  • ideal materials for creating wedding invitations, quotes, posters, greeting and romantic cards, postcards, and many other projects;
  • can also be used to decorate blogs, online-shops, ordinary websites, and so on and so forth;
  • various frames, isolated images, borders, and patterns to make use of;
  • aquarelle elements can also be used to create backgrounds;
  • fully-editable images (change their colors, sizes, and other aspects by means of Adobe Photoshop);
  • graphics are presented in PNG-files (300 dpi);
  • patterns are presented in JPG-files (3500 x 3500 px).

Stunning Roses PNG Watercolor Set Illustration

Stunning Roses PNG Watercolor Set Illustration

Lovely Details

If illustrations of wild red tulips are not enough for you, we have more watercolor sets to provide you with. As an example, you can take a look at this collection of images. This time they will be with tender and cute roses. There are some main properties of them that you should be aware of. Give them a look here and now.

Main Characteristics to Take Into Consideration:

  • every image is a separate file;
  • graphics are PNG-files (300 dip without background);
  • patterns are JPG-files (7500 x 7500 px);
  • excellent frames, patterns, borders, and isolated images;
  • fully-editable (you can change their sizes, colors, and other aspects by means of Adobe Photoshop);
  • images are hand-drawn;
  • all illustrations are highly-detailed;
  • an opportunity to print all elements for anything your soul want;
  • can be used in order to create posters, postcards, quotes, wedding invitations, greeting cards, and so on and so forth.

Free Printable Valentine’s Day Tags

Free Printable Valentine’s Day Tags

Lovely Details

You may find various tags on the Internet. Yet it can be difficult to find those which can become a perfect fit for St. Valentine’s Day. These tags will certainly make it possible to impress people and get more of their attention. There are some of the titles that you can find on them:

  • be mine;
  • especially for you;
  • you are so special to me;
  • I love you;
  • you are loved;
  • for you;
  • and some other nice words.

We hope that it will be possible for you to declare your love by means of these stunning assets. Show your love by creating the most impressive online-projects ever. Thanks for reading!

10 Best Business WordPress Themes

Each business is a tricky thing. Especially nowadays when you certainly need to promote it on the web in order to gain success. Yet there is no need to be extremely worried because we have a marvelous solution for you. A ready-made WordPress theme designed for multiple niches.

In this article, you will find 10 best business WordPress themes that will win the hearts of your potential customers. Yet, to begin with, let us introduce you the reasons to opt for WordPress these days.

Reasons to Choose WordPress for Your Business Website

    1. WordPress is an open-source platform. In addition to this, you don’t need to pay any money for its use. There are no additional fees that you need to pay for downloading or updating this very software.
    2. WordPress takes its security extremely seriously. It will do everything in its power to protect your future website from various attacks. Anyway, don’t forget to make basic precautions as not downloading themes or plugins from untrusted websites (better take a glance at these premium and reliable WordPress themes for personal website).
    3. As you can understand, WordPress can also impress you with a wide range of customization opportunities. You can work with various aspects of your future design – tweak colors and fonts, modify layouts, play around with header and footer variations, and so on and so forth.
    4. By the way, WordPress will also provide you with a stunning support. Its incredible community that consists of thousands of professional web-developers is always ready to do their bit in launching your online-project.
    5. Finally, WordPress will unleash the potential of your website thanks to its SEO-friendliness. If you want your website to be on the top in Google search results, be sure to choose exactly this platform.

Are you ready to choose an incredible theme to launch your successful business website? We are pretty sure that yes. For this reason, let us present these amazing business WordPress templates to you…

Imperion – Powerful Business Marketing WordPress Theme

Business Marketing WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

An incredible template that includes such a huge number of options that will certainly win your heart. A huge collection of Cherry Plugins, marvelous WordPress Live Customizer, different types of header and footer styles, eye-catching bonus images – all of these features and even more are already waiting for you in the pack. By the way, you will be also impressed with a stunning WooCommerce package.

Interous – Minimalist Business Services WordPress Theme

Interious - Business Services WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

A marvelous solution that will become your amazing assistant in build a website to showcase your business services. With the help of various stylish pre-made pages, you will get the opportunity to present your mission, projects, and team in the best possible light. In addition to this, this template comes with a bunch of impressive bonus images.

Fabricator – Stunning Industrial Company WordPress Theme

Fabricator - Industrial Company WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

If you cannot help but think about promoting your industrial company on the web, then you should pay your attention to this amazing template. By means of the feature-rich Elementor Builder, you will be able to build your content without not being an expert in coding. Furthermore, you will be impressed with such features as excellent header and footer variations, outstanding plugins, and many others.

JohnnyGo – Impressive Home Services WordPress Theme

JohnnyGo - Multipurpose Home Services WordPress theme Handyman

Details | Demo

JohnnyGo is a powerful theme that will assist you in presenting any type of home services on the Internet. Thanks to it, it will take you nothing to introduce your team members, showcase your best projects, and display reviews of your loyal customers on them. Moreover, you will get a fully-fledged Revolution Slider to highlight the most important information from your website.

Irozo – Remarkable Welding Services WordPress Theme

Irozo - Welding Services WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

If you need to make an eye-catching presentation of your welding services, don’t pass by this amazing template. It includes such essential options as 35 robust custom widgets, various impressive bonus images, and stunning color schemes. By the way, you can also take advantage of Ajax Product Filter, social options, and excellent background options.

Highwayz – Modern Road Construction WordPress Theme

Highwayz - Road Construction WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Make a website regarding your road construction services play out in fresh colors. A wide variety of stylish pages for multiple occasions won’t leave you alone in describing your professionalism and skills. Don’t forget to make use of such stunning elements of this template like WordPress Social Login and Cherry Socialize to promote your services on various social networks.

Mortgates – Excellent Financial Services WordPress Theme

Mortgates - Financial Services WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

In order to fight off your competitors, you don’t need to make a lot of efforts. Just make use of this remarkable template that comes equipped with an incredible mega-menu extension that will allow you to divide your information into different categories. Furthermore, your visitors will be able to find the information that they are looking for in a flash thanks to a marvelous Cherry Search.

Farmelio – Marvelous Farm WordPress Theme

Farmelio - Farm Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Farmelio is a good-looking template that will become a discovery for those who want to present their farm company on the Internet. With the help of different Cherry Plugins (Services, Team Members, PopUps, and others), you will get a chance to become the most reliable provider of farm services. Moreover, you can take advantage of multiple header and footer styles, bonus images, and blog layouts.

Webion – Wonderful Business Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Webion - Minimal Elementor Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

If you still cannot decide which business you want to take up, this multipurpose solution is definitely waiting for you. Thanks to a fully-functional Elementor Builder, you will be ready to work with your content and experiment with its presentation. By the way, you will also get a big pack of such amazing functions as an excellent WordPress Live Customizer, stunning plugins, and many others.

Grandviz – Incredible Financial Company WordPress Theme

Grandviz - Financial Company Premium WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

In order to showcase a professionalism of your financial company on the Internet, use this outstanding template. It comes together with a wide variety of fully-functional plugins that will make it possible to enhance the functionality of your online-project. Don’t forget that you don’t need to browse a lot of websites to find high-quality topical images because they are included in the package.

Your business can become a real discovery for your target audience – just make use of one of these professionally-looking and impressive themes to build your online-project. They include such a big number of robust tools that no one will be left indifferent. Just choose a variant that will convey your message at its best and start creating your website here and now. Thanks for reading!

Your Black Friday and Cyber Monday Destination: Where to Get the Best Deals of the Year?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are always considered to be the most important shopping events of the year. People got used to trying a shot to get a maximum number of discounts. It is a right thing to do if they have been thinking about getting various goods of their dreams during the year.

Without a doubt, the day after Thanksgiving will be full with incredible bargains that lots of people just cannot miss. It will be almost impossible to find a shop that will not be crowded with hundreds of buyers. In addition to this, lots of web-companies will definitely set up some marvelous discounts on your favorite products.

The Internet offers to get a look at different guides on Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts these days. Shoppers are probably making lists with items that they really want to grab. If you are also writing this kind of list, you will add one more point after reading this article.

No need to say more. Let us speak about an amazing discount on high-quality digital products here and now…

TemplateMonster has decided to provide all users with some sensational discounts.




November, 19-29


-50% OFF


On Which Products?


Discounts will be on everything you need to build a professionally-looking and impressive website. If you want to build an attention-grabbing blog, you can get multiple WordPress themes. If you dream of refreshing the look of your online-store, take a look at different ready-made solutions for such eCommerce platforms as Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, and many others. Furthermore, all Elementor-fans will be able to grab lots of items for making this drag-and-drop builder work even better. A bunch of themes, templates, and plugins will be waiting for you to buy them at half a price.

As you can understand, you are going to get every single thing needed for building a powerful website. By the way, Black Friday discounts are also meant to start preparing for Christmas. Such a wonderful chance to decorate your online-project for this incredible holiday, too.

You cannot forget about these two annual shopping days. Yet also keep in mind that Black Friday and Cyber Monday will last even 11 days on TemplateMonster. This means that you will definitely have a minute to buy everything that you have spotted.

Start counting days out to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. There are only a few of them are left till the biggest opportunity to buy all digital products with discounts that you have never dreamt of. Actually, you just cannot miss them. Make sure to catch all of the discounts and enjoy them!


[35% OFF] Grab your Template with Discount

Do not miss the hottest sale of Spring 2018. Grab a superior web template for your online business representation in 35% discount. The deal is valid from 9th April 2018 until 11th April 2018. Launching a website is not as undertaking process as you think. Thanks to the carefully prepared documentation and the help of friendly support team, the website installation is a matter of a few clicks. What is more, the whole customization process will take no longer than a few days, since there are an innumerable amount of templates equipped with a drag-and-drop builder.

You don’t need to learn code or roam the Internet searching for the latest trends in web design. All you need is choose the particular category and, voila – thousands of magnificently designed templates are available for purchase. All of those go optimized for search engines and coded with a valid HTML and CSS code. So you won’t suffer from low ranking.

We have prepared a list of bright examples of both, rich website functionality and incredible design.

Intense Multipurpose Website Template

Intense - Multipurpose Website Template

Details | Demo

Intense theme is an all-in-one solution for your business. This multipurpose template goes with a bulk of preloaded pages: 20 portfolio pages, 11 shop pages, 55 pages for components, 23 blog pages and many more. Enjoy its far-reaching functionality and intuitive design.

Monstroid2 – Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Monstroid2 - Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Meet the absolute bestseller – Monstroid2 theme. Set up an outstanding web presence for your restaurant, hotel, creative agency, shop, personal blog, etc. The theme customization requires no coding skills. Simply use Power Page builder and design your theme on drag-n-drop basic.

Woostroid – Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme

Woostroid - Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme

Details | Demo

Check out vivid design combined with rich e-commerce functionality. Choose one from a multiplicity of website skins enhanced by means of 30+ unique features and numerous plugins. Compatible with both WooCommerce and Ecwid, Woostroid is a winning choice for your online shop.

Anchor General Business Ready-made Website

Anchor General Business Ready-made Website

Details | Demo

Anchor is a theme built with Weblium – the most advanced innovative website builder. Buying this theme you get hosting, superlative support, and sleek editor to customize your website. Use built-in apps and 200+ free images to create an effective business website with a brilliant design.

BeClinic – Multipurpose Medical WordPress Theme

BeClinic - Multipurpose Medical

Details | Demo

Establish a reliable impression with BeClinic medical theme. Lots of demos suitable to different medical compartments are fully-responsive and cross-browser compatible. Thanks to the pack of plugins, such as Jet, Cherry, and WooCommerce you will launch an efficient and powerful website.

Cost – Accountant Multipage HTML5 Website Template

Accountant Multipage HTML5 Template

Details | Demo

Promote your accountant agency with 100% responsive Cost theme. It is built on Bootstrap and super-easy to manage. Handy Carousel gallery script and Image slider allow you to showcase your content beautifully and effectively. SEO-friendly, this theme will rapidly reach the top of search engine.

Modicate Multipurpose Website Template

Modicate Multipurpose

Details | Demo

Are you looking for a multipurpose solution for your web needs? The modicate theme goes with 58 ready made unique pages and will definitely cover them all. Coded with clean and valid HTML5 code it will help you to get the best ranking. With help of 24/7 support, you will adjust your template in few clicks.

Meditation – Yoga, Fitness & Meditation Mobile Responsive Bootstrap HTML Website Template

Meditation - Yoga, Fitness & Meditation Bootstrap Website Template

Details | Demo

Spread the atmosphere of wellness and appeasement with the help of Meditation HTML template. You will get 6 fabulous Home Page designs, 5+ Header types, and 8+ Testimonials styles. Parallax effect ensures the smooth scrolling and the most enjoyable website exploring experience.

Building Responsive PSD Template

Building Responsive PSD Template

Details | Demo

This neat and minimal template suits perfectly for your skills showcasing. Well-prepared instructions will help you to save your efforts while the installation and personalization processes. Choose this theme to create a website-business card with a graceful portfolio of your works.

Thank you for being with us today. Do not forget, you have 3 DAYS ONLY to save 35% by buying your perfect template. Spring is the best time for changes. Do not miss a chance to launch or refresh your website. We wish you to achieve a resounding success and massive income in 2018.

Trendy WordPress Themes For Startups

Do you want start your own business?

Are bored from your job and wants to start your own?

Then you’re in perfect place. Yes, today I’m gonna suggest you some WordPress themes that has outstanding performance records. In this bunch we’ve select all types of multipurpose WordPress themes which are suitable for all kinds of businesses. We’ve take care of every startup purposes like online store, eCommerce, your own agency, marketing and many more.

Shall we start?

1. Kosmic – Multipurpose WordPress Theme

eCommerce is the leading business of the world. It has wide future and business scopes. Kosmic is specailly created for multipurpose eCommerce website. It will lead you to boost your sell to your targeted users. Based on WooCommerce plugin this theme has great features like 10+ In-built Custom Widget, Avartan Slider ($20 Plugin), Powerful Theme Option, Ajax Shopping Minicart, Blog Ready, Customizable Mega Menu and many more. This eCommerce theme is very simple, clean and professional comes with an extensive theme options panel to customize your site easily as per your requirements.

You can sale whatever you want like Gadgets, Electronics stuffs, Mobiles, Accessories, Ethnic and lots of.

Try out Kosmic to build your own store now!!

2. Local Business – WP Theme for Small Businesses

Local Business is perfect WordPress theme to small businesses and retailers. It has elegant, modern and easy-to-use flexible, modular and responsive layouts that is suitable for gardening, bistro, repair shops, beauty or industrial and building businesses. This theme includes lots of features like Drag & Drop page builder, page builder blocks, support for WooCommerce etc. It will outgrow your small business creates your own identity in the market.

Have a look at Local Business to shape your brand and business.

3. Quark – Single Product eCommerce Theme

We’ve select Quark for those who’ve single products and want to famous easily. Quark is a theme dedicated to featuring and selling a single product or group of products. You can easily feature products and sell them with the built-in eCommerce support. It comes with pre-include Visual Composer page builder and Slider Revolution Plugins for stunning and impressive looks. It’s a fully responsive theme so no matters what kind of screen size users have. It’s features like Translation Ready, SEO, Mega Menu, eCommerce Support, Unlimited Colors and much more makes it out of the box.

Take a demo of Quark and start selling now.

4. Business Press Responsive WordPress Theme

Do you’ve any design agency? Or want to start new one? Then Business Press is the best option to showcase any kind of design agency and business site. This Responsive WordPress theme is perfect example of minimalist style and mobile friendly design. Business Press has clean design, minimal layout, and scroll motion slider to surcharge your creativity. It’s core features are Responsive Slider, Custom Background Image and Color, Menus Capability, Theme Options and much more.

Check out Business Press grab visitors attention with your designs.

5. Success – Business and Professional Services WordPress Theme

Success is the nicest option for those who wants to start their services and hospitality business. With a one-click installer it set up everything you want to see. Success theme has perfectly take care of creating a vibrant color palette so your firm will have a striking look. Fully responsive and easy to customize features helps to perform your site on latest web trends.

Also Success has unlimited color and typography options includes Layer slider for great user interface.

6. Beyond All-In-One Creative Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Beyond is the best theme in cheap price. It covers wide range of incredible features and includes $150 worth of goodies, templates and plugins, everything you need to create an awesome site in an incredibly easy way saving money and time doing it. Build any site design without code knowledge! You can have a fully equipped website up and running within just a few minutes. It’s incredible features like Unlimited Site Styles, Visual Composer, Page Builder and much more will definitely rock your site.

Install Beyond now and see the possibilities.

7. New!Shop eCommerce WordPress Theme

New!Shop is a Parallax eCommerce WordPress theme which has fully responsive design so no matter what types of devices users using. It’s built on a very powerful and flexible framework. New!Shop has parallax and slider sections so your content will always look beautiful! It comes with very powerful admin panel so, can control almost every element colour via this panel. This beautiful, flexible and super fast theme is SEO friendly too.

Dial New!Shop on store and give your customers a smooth shopping experience.

8. Veriyas Pro – Responsive WordPress Theme

In the last but not the least Veriyas Pro take the perfect place to compete with all above. Veriyas is the upper version you can also find it’s free version on Internet. It’s great for your marketing, corporate or professional business websites and also you can showcase your business or portfolio. It comes with fully widgetized custom homepage, shortcodes and drop-down menu. This balanced theme supports Video Background, Parallax Background and number of useful custom widgets to present your ideas.

Veriyas Pro also supports WooCommerce to fulfill requirement of eCommerce website.

Last Segment!!

We hope that you guys were enjoying while reading this article, also thinking that you decided to dial one of these on your site. If you like it or you’ve some more great suggestion don’t forget ping me.

Happy Blogging.

10 Amazing WordPress Themes You Should Choose From in 2018

These amazing WordPress themes include a wide range of specifications and features that upgrade your WordPress website or a project you have. The WordPress themes that have reclaimed themselves to this listicle have high-quality designs, pre-built layouts and templates, too many customization settings and options, and useful features that make your website serve its purpose effortlessly.

So, let’s take a look at the 10 Amazing WordPress Themes You Should Choose For Your Next Project. Whichever you choose, you’ll be surely on the way of creating a great website.

1. Bloggers – Responsive WordPress Blog Theme

Bloggers is a blogging theme specially designed and developed for individual bloggers, writers, and authors who are willing to start blogging or even doing it well. It is fully responsive WordPress blog theme abounded with pixel absolute plan, live customizer, custom page layouts and heaps of magnificent features. You can get Avartan Slider worth $20 totally free with this theme!! You can improve your blog page plan with the utilization of Blog Designer Pro module (that isn’t packaged with the package). It makes your blogging uncommon without having any specialized information.

2. Kosmic – Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Kosmic is a responsive premium WordPress theme, which can be vitally used for making a multipurpose e-commerce website. This WordPress theme depends on WooCommerce plugin. The Kosmic theme will lead you to help you sell to your targeted clients comfortably. Kosmic WordPress theme has a ton of highlights which you require to beat global competition. A feature, for example, an exquisite and elegant design which help to attract online clients, you can empower to make customized configuration by utilizing custom widget. One of the real favorable circumstances of obtaining Kosmic theme is you can get an extra responsive Avartan Slider.

3. Veriyas Pro – Responsive WordPress Theme

Make your business and portfolio sites inside within 5 minutes with the theme known as Veriyas PRO. After the fruitful story of our Free Veriyas WordPress topic, we included such a significant number of highlights with this PRO form. Completely widgetized homepage, PRO plugins support, Video Background, Parallax Background and number of valuable custom gadgets are included PRO version. Veriyas PRO incorporates our two best premium WordPress plugins. These modules give you boundless plausibility on your site utilizing Veriyas PRO. 30+ distinctive blog designs, chronicle formats, and single post page format are most developed highlights for any business, portfolio sites, or blog. Veriyas PRO even supports WooCommerce to fulfill the necessity of e-commerce site as well!

4. Biznetic – One Page WordPress Business Theme

Biznetic theme is an intense WordPress business topic and you can be built in whichever way you like. It looks marvelous on desktop, tablets, and smartphones. It is extremely simple, perfect and professional multipurpose subject. Biznetic theme accessible with effective theme options with different choices, hence, anybody can easily change styling options accessible through the theme options panel. High resolution of picture slider is engaged on the landing page. Biznetic theme is good with color combination and has the lot of features to customize the website as per your needs.

5. Ybrant – News & Magazine WordPress Theme

Ybrant WordPress theme is an exquisite theme for news, magazine, e-paper and related sites. It also includes stores of awesome features that you can discover in premium WordPress themes like modify your landing page own way, inbuilt shortcodes, limitless theme options to adjust different theme aspects etc. It is additionally extremely decent with its clean and professional look and gives greater functionality and magnificent support.

6. Sunshine – Multipurpose Corporate And Business WordPress Theme

Sunshine is a comprehensive and flexible WordPress Theme for Business, Corporate, Portfolio, Service, Team, and Agency website. It mainly focuses on Business. Sunshine is a clean, modern and minimalist responsive WordPress Theme. You will be able to showcase your content on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets and all types of devices. Quick and easy setup to create a portfolio and show your works and services. All the codes are clean and well organized. It provides a clear documentation and no coding knowledge is required. This is built with modern technologies.

7. Crane – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Crane WordPress theme is a great responsive WooCommerce theme that is completely customizable and appropriate for companies such as Construction, Cleaners, Plumbers, Education etc. This amazing WordPress theme is loaded with many features. Some of them are: Work on Latest WordPress, 5 types of Homepage, 2500+ icons, Easy to install and manage, WooCommerce integrated, SEO optimized, Powerful Admin panel, Contact form 7 supported, Google forms and maps, child themes and many more.

8. Edga – One Page Creative WordPress Theme

Edga is a OnePage creative and attractive WordPress theme that is modern and exquisite One Page WordPress theme. It is the fully responsive theme and even mobile-friendly that adjusts to any resolution automatically. Edga main features are that it comes with Visual Composer, installs in One click, fully responsive, Fone awesome, free updates and support, OnePage, Bootstrap framework and many more.

9. Koop – Multipurpose Theme and Social Feed

Koop is the theme that is powerful and mainly focused on Social Media celebs or enthusiast media company. It can be built in either way as it is developed as a Multi-purpose WordPress blog theme. Koop WordPress theme comes with inbuilt social feed plugin that will merge all of your social media feeds into one single network and will showcase it into one on your website. Some social media networks are Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Dribble, YouTube, Flickr, WordPress, and Pinterest.

Supported Social Networks

10. Kanaz – Multi-Store Responsive WordPress Theme

This perfect, rich WordPress Theme was particularly designed for making business professional online shops. It is super for form shop, gadgets shop, diversion shop or some other classifications with 5 landing pages variety. Kanaz isn’t just best designed to show your products with delightful images slider in the header area. It is retina prepared, completely responsive to guarantee that your site will work easily with every single modern gadget to give your users an astonishing experience.

So, these are the 10 Amazing WordPress Themes You Should Choose For Your Next Project and we guarantee that you can’t go wrong with any of these themes. If you think there is any other theme that should be listed in this theme, then mention it below. So, tell us which theme you liked the most from this list?