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Tips To Achieve A Great Website Design In 2019

Website design is not a simple task. You have to take into account various factors from the client’s objectives to having to deal with limits in the budget. The entire process is based on planning and the ability to communicate with your client and the other members of your team. In this article, we bring you some tips or guidelines that can be useful when designing a website.

Plan from the beginning of the process

Every great web design starts in the planning. The first step is to define the objectives of your client. If possible, always keep them written on a paper every time you are working on the project. You start the research phase and collection of references based on these objectives.

Many designers and app development companies make sketches on programs such as Photoshop. It is recommended that you always do the sketches for yourself, although there are programs that can help you in this process. However, working with pencil and paper can be positive to improve your creativity.

Use a grid in your digital design

Using a grid will help you better position all the elements of your site. It is a basic technique that all designers and app development companies employ. Grid is essential in the layout to organize your elements and work based on columns. Working with columns help you better organize the different sections of the pages that make up your website.

Another benefit is that the grid helps you work on your design when you want to adapt it to other screens.

Consider using a framework

Frameworks such as BootStrap are quite useful when designing for various devices. The best part is that it is free, has extensive documentation and a large community. Other popular frameworks for HTML5 are Foundation, Skeleton, Gumby, among others. You have a series of options to choose the one that is most convenient for your project.

We recommend using all the web resources you can find. On the web, you can practically find any resource that you propose, from icons for social networks to backgrounds and fonts.

Communicate all the details with your clients

Communication with customers is essential to know if you are going in the right direction. Finally, the design must be aligned with the needs of the. After all, the customer is the one who knows the end users best, so do not dismiss their opinions so quickly. Rather, use this knowledge to your advantage to create a design that is attractive to users.

Another possible problem of poor communication with the client is that if you do not understand their vision and expectations from the first meeting, the final result of the project will probably surprise the client. It is important that in each phase, particularly in the sketching phase, the client approves the ideas that arise in the process. The first is to define what the client’s objectives are. You may not tell them directly, so you should make sure you ask the right questions to understand your client’s vision.

Take into account the hierarchy and the relationship between each component of your design

In design, every element is important for the message you want to convey. Recognizing the importance of every element in a design is essential to achieve a great design. In this way, you make sure you pay attention to each element separately, regardless of its level of hierarchy in the design.

Consider all the devices where your design can be seen

Nowadays, designers and app development companies consider all devices that can access the internet. This is a fact, so you should consider the other devices where the website and app could be used. In this way, you can optimize the experience for each device.

The goal is for the experience to great. Also, there must be some agreement between the design for mobiles and computers. That is, it must be felt in some way known to users. Another important aspect to keep in mind is the loading speed of the websites. You must make sure you do not use a lot of resources or the page will not load quickly, which in many cases translates as a high rebound rate.

Carefully select the type and colors you will use

Both typography and color help you generate an environment in your compositions. Both elements can reinforce or weaken the message you want to pass with the images of your site. If the elements that make up the design are not in sync, you can confuse your users. So always keep in mind the message you want to convey and ask yourself if the sources you have chosen help to strengthen that message. It is important not only to choose a source that reinforces the message but also a fully readable source.

Apart from carefully selecting the typography to use, you must also take into account how color affects your design. Each color you choose has a meaning and generates emotions in people. Therefore, you must make sure to choose your color palette carefully.

In conclusion

Your ability to organize, your level of attention to detail and your communication skills are the greatest tools you can count on to achieve a successful website and app design. No matter how much knowledge you have about programming and color theory, you will not be able to design a web page and app without planning the whole process.