Snapchat is undoubtedly one of the most popular social media platforms out there, and what makes it stand out from other apps are its unique features like filters and lenses. Whether you’re looking for a little bit of fun or want to impress your friends with your creativity, Snapchat has got you covered! In this post, we’ll be diving into some of the best Snapchat lenses that will take your snaps to the next level. So sit back, relax, and get ready to explore some cool and crazy filters that will blow your mind!

Introduction to Snapchat Lenses

As of May 2019, there are over 200 Lenses on Snapchat. They range from the silly (distorting your face into a funny character) to the creative (turning yourself into a drawing) to the outright bizarre (transforming into a different gender).  

Lenses are accessed by tapping the screen when you have your camera open in Snapchat. If you’re front-facing, a white lens icon will appear on the right side. If you’re using the rear-facing camera,  tap anywhere on the screen and the lenses carousel will appear. Swipe left or right to scroll through all the available Lenses. When you find one you want to use, just tap it and hold still for a few seconds while Snapchat scans your face.

The best of the latest Snapchat Lenses

There’s no denying that Snapchat is one of the most popular messaging apps out there, and with its unique features like Lenses, it’s easy to see why. Lenses are a fantastic way to add some fun and creativity to your Snaps, and with new ones being released all the time, there’s always something new to try. So, which are the best Snapchat Lenses right now? Here are our top picks!

  • Butterflies Lens 

There are a ton of great Snapchat Lenses out there, but the Butterflies Lens is definitely one of the best. This Lens allows you to take a selfie with a cute butterfly floating around your head. It’s a really fun and unique Lens that is sure to get a lot of laughs from your friends. In: “Unlock the Butterflies Lens on Snapchat” learn how to get this lens.

  • Crazy Face Swap

This Lens is perfect for those times when you want to make your friends look completely ridiculous. Simply point the camera at two people and their faces will be swapped in real-time. Hilarious!

  • Rainbow Vomit

 If you’re looking to add a little bit of color and fun to your Snaps, then this is the Lens for you. It’ll add a rainbow-vomiting effect to whatever (or whoever) you point the camera at. It’s sure to brighten up anyone’s day!

  • Dog Face

Dog lovers rejoice! This Lens allows you to turn yourself into a cute pooch in just a few seconds. Barking is optional (but encouraged).

  • Baby Filter

Want to see what you’d look like as a baby? This Lens will give you a good indication! It’s also great for making everyone around you look super cute and innocent. Aww!

  • face Swap

 Another great face-swapping Lens, but this one goes beyond just trading faces. This one will also morph features from two different people together for some truly unique results.

Creative ideas for using Snapchat Lenses

There are a ton of different ways to get creative with Snapchat Lenses! Here are just a few ideas:

-Use the face swap lens to create funny videos or pictures with your friends.

-Record a video using one of the many filters available and share it with your followers.

-Add the raindrops lens to any picture for a cool effect.

-Try out the different makeup lenses to see which look you like best.

-With the dog filter, you can turn yourself into a cute pup!

Tips for making creative content with Snapchat Lenses

When it comes to creating content, Snapchat Lenses are a great way to add some fun and excitement to your snaps. However, with so many different lenses available, it can be hard to know which ones to use. Here are some tips for making creative content with Snapchat Lenses:

1. Pick the right lens for your snap. 

There are a lot of different lenses available, so take some time to browse through them and find the perfect one for your snap.

2. Use filters to enhance your snap. 

Snapchat offers a variety of filters that you can use to make your snap even more creative.

3. Add text or drawings to your snap. 

This is a great way to personalize your snap and make it truly unique.

4. Get creative with your angles. 

Try taking your snap from different angles to add interest and variety.

5. Have fun with it! 

The most important thing is to enjoy yourself and have fun while creating snaps with Snapchat Lenses


Snapchat Lenses are an incredibly useful tool to add a unique flair to your photos and videos. With so many different lenses available, it’s easy to find exactly what you need for any occasion! Whether you’re looking for something funny, scary or artistic, there is certainly something on the app that fits your needs. From Face Filters to World Lenses, now you have all the essential knowledge needed when selecting which lens will best illustrate your creative vision. Get ready for some truly amazing snaps!


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