You can leave all these worries behind by unlocking the exceptional benefits of using roof baskets in your travel vehicle without putting a dent in your budget. Then read on to learn about the potential of roof baskets for any car owner. 

In a world where almost everything costs a dime and a dozen, getting a budget-friendly extension for your car roof can feel like a dream. Many car owners often have to stick all their belongings into their trunks because of the expensive roof racks in the market. To make matters worse, others resort to jamming tents and suitcases into the back seat of the car.  

Let’s first answer the question that must be ringing in your mind. 

What Are Roof Baskets 

Roof baskets are exactly what the name suggests. They are a kind of roof rack that resembles a basket. However, unlike ordinary roof racks, roof baskets have a container shape. The shape lets you secure your items inside the curved sides while driving on a rough road. Once you secure your items in the basket, you can be sure nothing will fall off when you are on a bumpy road. 

The only possible drawback you might experience when using a roof basket is its open system. An open system means that your luggage sticks out during transportation. But you can easily avoid the weaknesses of the available system by using a canvas cover for your valuable luggage. 

Benefits Of Using Roof Baskets 

Using a roof basket exposes you to some of the benefits of a roof box at the convenient cost of a regular roof rack. You don’t have to take our word for it. Here are some of the key benefits of using a roof basket. 

1. Cost-Effectiveness 

Spending more money on extra accessories for your car can feel like an unnecessary waste. That is why roof baskets can potentially guarantee utility at a throwaway price. Most roof racks and boxes are generally expensive because of the materials and the design work that goes into them.  

The roof basket avoids this unnecessary cost using readily available materials like aluminum. You don’t expect a box that comes from cheap materials to be as expensive as one that comes from expensive ones.  

Although these materials are cheap, you’d be surprised at how amazing their performance is under the same circumstances. 

2. Easy To Install 

Installing a roof basket is a pretty straightforward process. You can even consider it child’s play. All you need to do is assemble it and clamp it on the existing cross bars at the top of your roof. Some roof rack boxes come preassembled to make the work easier for you.  

But because of their size, you might need some help to hoist it on top of the car. That is unless you have the shoulder span of Elastigirl! 

If you need tips on installing a roof basket, you can get some helpful information from the manufacturer’s guide when buying the basket. A simple search on YouTube can provide exceptional tutorials that will teach you everything you need. 

3. Convenient To Use 

Why would you get a complex storage device that needs you to learn quantum physics and appease the luggage deity before you can use it when you can get a simple roof basket? All you need to do to operate a roof box is place your luggage.  

The shape of a typical roof box also increases its convenience when using it. For starters, the raised side of the basket provides some protection for your valuables. You can’t experience this with regular roof racks. Secondly, the roof basket does not come with a lid.  

That can be both a blessing and a curse. However, having no lid means you can carry any item regardless of size. The sky is quite literally your limit.  

But you should remember to confirm the highway limit in your area to avoid any run-ins with the law. 

4. Versatility 

Roof baskets work with all kinds of vehicles as long as it has an allowance for extra carriage space on the roof. It doesn’t matter whether you own a fancy Range Rover or a run-off-the-mill pickup truck. You can fit the roof basket on the roof of your car and be good to go. 

Unfortunately, this rules out most types of sedan and saloon vehicles. 

5. Aesthetic Design 

If you want extra carriage space on your car without affecting its general appearance, then a roof basket will serve you well. Roof baskets are meant to have an aesthetic design. In fact, you can have your pick when choosing designs. Only your creative bone will determine what roof basket you get. 

Final Thoughts 

While roof baskets might appear as the cheaper alternative to those elaborate roof racks and boxes you might find in the market, that doesn’t make them any less effective. If you use it well, a roof basket might even outlast most roof boxes.  

These baskets are also straightforward to install and use for most people. That quality makes them an amazing first option for most car owners. Get your roof box today and enjoy its amazing potential and benefits! 


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