Your monthly electricity bill is more than just a tally of charges; it’s a powerful compass that can reveal who fuels your home. But how do you uncover the mystery? Thanks to deregulation, Texans now have the power to choose their electricity provider. The trick is knowing where to start.

Customer Service

You have the option to select your electrical provider throughout the majority of Texas, thanks to deregulation. That means you have many options, but not all are equal. It’s important to find an electricity company that provides exceptional customer service. A good way to do that is by looking at customer reviews. You can also check the business history of a potential provider.

Another thing to consider is what type of electricity plan you want. Various options include fixed-rate, variable-rate, and green energy plans. Before making a choice, it is necessary to comprehend the differences between each option’s benefits and drawbacks. Before choosing a plan, read the Electricity Facts Label (EFL) carefully. It will give you a clear understanding of your energy rates. Some providers will advertise a low price per kilowatt hour but must include the utility delivery charges everyone must pay. These fees account for up to 1/3rd of your bill.

Customer Satisfaction

When you are choosing an energy provider in Texas, it’s important to take the time to research ratings and reviews. It can mean the difference between a provider with reliable service, affordable rates, and excellent customer service and one with frustrating outages, hidden fees, and poor communication. Fortunately, Texas is a deregulated state, meaning homeowners and small businesses can choose their electricity supplier instead of being required to use the local electric utility. It allows competition to drive down prices, inspire new energy plans, and improve customer satisfaction.


Texas has a lot to offer as the second-largest state in the nation. From delicious BBQ to the famous Alamo, it is a place that has it all. But most people must realize that the Lone Star State is also a deregulated electricity market, allowing residents to choose their power providers and plans. New electrical businesses have entered the market to compete for customers since energy deregulation went into force. The competition allows Texans to shop for an ideal provider, with each power company offering unique plan options and rates. While you can switch to a new power company anytime, it’s best to start shopping for a provider a month before your contract expires. It will allow you to find a new plan without paying an early termination fee. You can also start exploring different providers by entering your ZIP code on an online marketplace. In this manner, you can evaluate similar items to find your ideal fit. 


Whether you are looking for a plan with a fixed rate or a variable one, the right Texas electricity provider will offer a contract that fits your needs. Look for a flexible contract length, renewable energy options, and a convenient online account management platform. Thanks to Texas deregulation, retail electric providers (REPs) compete for your business with various energy plans. However, finding the best one for your household can be daunting. The best way to determine the perfect fit is to understand the contract terms of each. 

If your contract is about to expire, remember that you can switch electricity providers during a two-week window before the end of your term. During this time, you can find the best energy rates for your home without paying any early termination fees from your current provider.

Compare Rates and Contract Lengths

Using the Public Utility Commission of Texas’ Power to Choose tool can help you easily compare electricity providers, rates, and contracts before deciding. It’s also a good idea to talk to friends and family in your area about which providers they recommend. Look at third-party websites that provide information about electricity companies, often including reviews and rating scores. However, remember that internet reviews can be skewed by overly generous or frustrated customers at their wit’s end with their current provider.


Texans can pick their electrical provider and plan with a deregulated power market. However, many consumers need help understanding the process.  Electricity rates can vary significantly between plans and providers. Some offer competitive fixed-rate plans that lock in a price per kilowatt hour for your contract, giving you energy budget certainty. Others offer variable-rate plans that can fluctuate monthly based on market conditions. It is important to understand how your specific consumption will impact your rates and make sure you compare apples to apples when evaluating your options. It would help if you also considered the contract length of your chosen plan. Some providers may charge you an early termination fee (ETF) if you change plans before your contract ends. Other factors that influence your rate include the cost of fuel used to produce your electricity, TDU (delivery) fees, and energy market conditions. For this reason, it is important to check your rates regularly. Tools can help you evaluate your options and avoid hidden charges.


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