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Top 10 Social Media Feed WordPress Plugins

Social media is an indissoluble part of our daily routine and a great source of traffic. Embedding social feeds to websites is the most popular. Generally, social media feeds to keep your website regularly updated with the latest content.  Moreover, showing social media feeds on your website will reflect a perfect view of the website visitor. The social media feed plugins also boost engagement on your website.

Here, we have explained the best social media feed WordPress plugins that help you to make the right decision for your website. 

Let’s check out!

1. Social Stream Designer

The Social Stream Designer is a powerful WordPress plugin that permits you to showcase multiple social media feeds on your website. You can also develop a social media wall on your WordPress website or blog in just a few minutes from your social media feeds. Moreover, the plugin helps you to get content from several social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, WordPress, and many more.

Most importantly, this plugin is GDPR compatible so, it will not gather any data from the website visitors. It has a fully customizable interface and drag and drop builder to control the layout section for showcase social stream feeds. No coding skills are required to use this amazing WordPress plugin!

With this plugin, you can engage your social media audience and increase shares, likes, comments as well as followers.

2. AX Social Stream

The AX Social Stream is a powerful WordPress plugin that merges all the social media activity in a single stream and shows in the WordPress website. Using this plugin, you can build eye-catching social media feeds such as social media groups, pages, and many more with multiple feed options. In addition to this, the plugin supports 8 different layouts like a Grid, Wall, Timeline, Rotating, Feed, Sticky Rotating Feed, and many more.

You can also modify the style and layout of the social stream using the theme manager or custom CSS stylesheets and make it unique for your website.

3. Facebook Instagram Twitter Feed Grid Gallery Plugin

The Flow-Flow Facebook Instagram Twitter Feed is a premium social media WordPress plugin that allows you to develop fully responsive galleries and widgets for social feed.

It also incorporates user-generated content from multiple sources and adds social proof to your WordPress website. This plugin will boost your brand awareness and increase your sales. It supports social sharing buttons to gain interaction and visitor engagement. 

You can also build, store, replicate, and re-use your social media feeds easily. Also, preview the post before publishing on various social media platforms. This plugin also permits visitors to find particular posts or sort of content by sources.

4. Twitter Feed

The Twitter Feed is a great WordPress plugin that permits you to embed Twitter pages or a timeline on your WordPress website. In addition to this, you can imbed your own Twitter feed with a header and action button. You can also create Tweets by hashtags and showcase testimonials about your products from Twitter. Moreover, it permits your website visitors to perform all Tweet actions such as like, reply, retweet, and share from the website.

Importantly, this plugin provides 20+ different languages.

5. AccessPress Instagram Feed Pro

The AccessPress Instagram Feed Pro is a stunning WordPress plugin to showcase Instagram feeds on your website in the desired location. It is the best plugin to display your Instagram feed and enhance your network. 

You can display Instagram feeds using shortcodes in the Instagram posts or pages. This plugin also supports six lightboxes like a pretty photo, swipe box, and several others.

6. 10Web Social Photo Feed

The 10Web Social Photo Feed is a user-friendly WordPress plugin that presents a customizable Instagram feed on your website. In addition to this, it will take several minutes to set up and customize your requirements. The plugin features allow you to have full control over how to showcase Instagram feeds and content on your website. Apart from this, you can develop Instagram galleries on your website by integrating timelines into your post using shortcodes or widgets on your sidebar.

The plugin is a fully responsive scale perfect to any screen size and provides a better user experience. Additionally, this plugin is for bloggers, photography websites, and WordPress users that are required to develop their posts with the latest images and videos from their Instagram profile. 

7. Feed Them Social

The Feed Them Social WordPress plugin creates and showcases responsive social media feeds on your website. You can add several feeds according to your requirements. This plugin is easy to install and setup on your website.

You can display social media feeds on any post, web pages, or sidebar. And, website admins easily create all the social media feed shortcodes according to your needs using a simple shortcode generator.

The plugin also provides share options for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube Feeds.

8. Social Feed

The Social Feed is a lightweight social media plugin to display your social media feed on from your social media account. It helps you to showcase social media feeds from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Moreover, you can create a simple feed from one account or a custom social media feed from all accounts.

Furthermore, this plugin supports 6 feed templates and 4 feed style layout to display your social media feed. You can develop unlimited social feeds with standard customizations, attractive skins, and feed styles from any of your hashtags or username.

9. Walls.io: Social Media Feed

The Wall.io is a great WordPress plugin that helps you to collect photos, post as well as videos from multiple social media networks in a single place, and showcase them in a customizable social media feed, that you can integrate into your website with ease. The important thing is to use this plugin to create a free social wall account on walls.io.

Most importantly, no coding skills are needed to use this plugin. It also provides advanced moderation options such as language filter and blacklist filters for both keywords as well as profiles.

10. Smash Balloon Social Post Feed

The Social Post Feed WordPress plugin showcases Facebook posts from your Facebook pages or groups on your website. It will also provide several customization options for the perfect look and feel of your website with the Facebook feeds. Apart from this, you can enhance your SEO because all the powerful keywords reach Facebook content from the post.

This plugin will automatically power any Facebook embeds on your WordPress website without breaking them. In addition to this, it is a fully responsive plugin that looks amazing in any screen size.

Final Thought!

We hope this article helps you to find the best social media WordPress plugin for your website. This plugin supports you to fulfill your social media requirements to get success and make your brand well-known and reach more online users.

If you have any questions regarding these above-explained social media feed plugins or have any useful solution then, please let us know in the comment section below.

5 Amazing WordPress Plugins That Track Users Activities Easily

If you’re running a WordPress website with many users of different roles, you’ll probably go insane in finding to figure out the work report or track of every change done on your site. But, eventually, it is next to impossible to find it out manually. But, thanks to Activity Log WordPress plugins that track users activities easily.

In this article, we have enlisted 5 Amazing WordPress Plugins That Track Users Activities Easily and can help you with tracking and analyze your work, done by users and contributors.

Let’s get started!

1. User Activity Log WordPress Plugin 

User Activity log is an amazing plugin that gives you a detailed, cliché and powerful tool for WordPress. It gives various different functionalities like Password security, Blocking user, Email notification, Sorting and filtering options, displays activities, and user details etc. It is available in free and pro version. Pro version is worth the money with the features it provides. User Activity log is an ideal WordPress plugin if you have many contributors, editors, and authors.

2. Timesheet Attendance Management System WordPress Plugin 

The Timesheet Attendance management system is to measure and track the organization’s employees working activity and time duration. There is a feature to Punch In and Punch out. In short, it is a basic system to take attendance and get the effective time duration of an employee or author. It is available in Free and Pro versions.

3. WordPress Task Management WordPress Plugin 

Task Management WordPress Plugin is a simple backend but effective Project management tool to help groups and teams to track activities of a whole organization or an individual. It has features like; Form validation, generate reports, track activity reports, WordPress user manager integration, comment system for tasks and many more. It is available in Pro version and Free version.

4. Time Tracking and Activity Reporting WordPress Plugin 

This plugin is widely known as WPTTAR, WordPress Time Tracking and Activity Reporting, is a WordPress plugin for organizations and companies who would like to track record on the ongoing or past projects. It is really easy to manage where developers and other team members can submit there worked the number of hours along with the comments and the admin or team leader can analyze it. It has features like tracking multiple projects, managing team members, time tracking to enhance better productivity and more. It is available in Free and Pro versions.

5. Activity Board Activity Manager 

Activity board is the simplest system that helps teams to track activities. It can be used by consultant, agencies etc. to checklist activities for the day and even notifies the responsible person. Good and handy tool for small organizations that don’t have sharing software like Microsoft. Features are like, it has user manager that adds, edits, and deletes the user accounts, Track user activities and can be used with an Internet, can generate reports, can export to PDF or excel file, etc. It is available in Free and Pro.

So, here are the 5 Amazing WordPress Plugins That Track Users Activities Easily and helps you to gain the productivity and teamwork easily.

If you get any confusion between any of the plugins or think about a plugin that can be a part of this listicle, do comment below.


The 7 Amazingly Smart WordPress Content Marketing Plugins

“The Sure and Steady way to everlasting fame on the internet is through a finely tuned and well applied content marketing strategy.”

Regardez, you will get better at creating glorious content and marketing it so it receives the attention it deserves. You’ll also need the tools to make it happen. And that’s where WordPress, with its veritable army of plugins, comes in play.

While no longer just a content management system, WordPress still retains all the lovely features that every blogger and content marketer needs. The out-of-the-box features themselves are pretty awesome (see: inline linking, permalinks, titles and tags, taxonomy), but things can get ‘better’ from ‘good’, yeah?

On that note, here’s a list of 7 unbeatable WordPress plugins that will not only put your content marketing strategy in flawless action, but take it right through the roof.

1. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP)

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin
Displays other posts on your site related to the one that a visitor is currently on

  • Last Update: January 2016
  • Usage Stats: 300K+ Active Installs
  • Rating: 4/5
  • Available at: WordPress.org

YARPP is handy to create the perfect Catherine’s Wheel ride for your visitors – keep them engaged to the content.

It does what it says: It uses a customizable algorithm to determine other posts, pages, and custom post types (other than the one your visitor is currently reading) that could be of further interest and displays them in a Related Posts area just beneath your post.

You can choose to display them as thumbnails or list, control how the display looks (via plugin’s built in templates), and even display the related posts in RSS feeds. The premium version has even more options to play with (mostly for sponsored content), but the free YARP plugin is pretty nice on its own too.

2. Pods

Lets you create – and save –templates for varied content types, and more

  • Last Update: April 2016
  • Usage Stats: 30K+ Active Installs
  • Rating: 4.9/5
  • Available at: WordPress.org

Pods is less of a plugin and more of a content framework.

The plugin will take you back to your earlier years of playing with Windows Office tools, especially Powerpoint, where you could create and customize your own formats for ‘slides’ (Yeah, I am old. Go on, laugh). Pods does the same – It lets you create (without code, I must add) formats and custom post types, content types, taxonomies, and more, which you can then save for your own (and other contributors’) future use.
It doesn’t sound like too much of a deal, but when you’re consistently dealing with content types and authors of all kinds, Pods will save you precious time in content creation and publication process.

3. Edit Flow

Edit Flow
Editorial and Publishing Management Plugin

  • Last Update: April 2016
  • Usage Stats: 10K+ Active Installs
  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Available at: WordPress.org

Edit Flow streamlines your workflow by helping you manage it better. It’s like your own personal assistant!

It’s exactly as glamorous as it sounds – Features like monthly calendars, custom status, editorial comments (with threading enabled) and metadata, notifications, budgets, and user groups make this plugin a joy to have around, especially if your workflow is hectic (I am thinking magazine/news, contributor blogs, etc.)

4. MailChimp for WordPress

MailChimp for WordPress
Toolset for email Marketing Automation

  • Last Update: April 2016
  • Usage Stats: 400K+ Active Installs
  • Rating: 4.9/5
  • Available at: WordPress.org

MailChimp needs no introduction, even outside of WordPress.

The plugin (MailChimp for WordPress) is a beauty – a lightweight, brilliantly optimized and user-friendly tool that with amazing customizable sign-up/subscription forms.

There are add-ons to the free (for first 2000 subscribers) core plugin to enhance conversions even further – MailChimp Top Bar, Activity, User Sync, Scroll-trigger Modals, etc. The fact that it integrates with popular eCommerce and form-builder plugins (among others) is icing on the cake.

5. Easy Content Templates

Easy Content Templates

  • Last Update: 2015
  • Usage Stats: 1K+ Active Installs
  • Rating: 5/5
  • Available at: WordPress.org

For those of you who don’t quite need something as extensive as Pods (#2 in the list), Easy Content Templates is the answer.

The plugin lets you create and save custom templates (without code) for future use. You can choose to share these custom templates with other authors/contributors, which gives them the power to use (but not customize) the templates created by admin.

It’s not quite as detailed as Pods, but it’s simple, trustworthy, and gets the job done.

6. ImageInject

Image Inject
Looks up relevant, free creative commons images that can be added to your posts

  • Last Update: September 2015
  • Usage Stats: 10K+ Active Installs
  • Rating: 4.8/5
  • Available at: WordPress.org

Formerly known as WP Inject, the ImageInject helps add some excitement to your text posts by providing you with pictures to spice it up.

The plugin pulls free images from creative commons (Flickr, Pixabay, etc.) based on the post you are diligently working on. It also adds attribution, because it doesn’t encourage petty thievery. It will even upload the picture you select to your WordPress media library and add ALT and title tags to it, because it’s a lovable busybody.

7. SumoMe

Tool set to grow your Email List, Social Sharing and Analytics

  • Last Update: December 2015
  • Usage Stats: 100K+ Active Installs
  • Rating: 4/5
  • Available at: WordPress.org

You must have seen it at quite a few sites by now. The growing popularity is well and truly deserved.

SumoMe has an entire arsenal of features, add-ons and extensions that cover extensive grounds – from social share buttons, subscriber list builder, ‘Welcome Mat’, Top bar, and scroll-triggered modals for better conversion, Image sharer, and more.

The … toolkit loads asynchronously and comes complete with beautiful analytics and A/B testing features. For those who absolutely need complete control over all the minutiae of their digital ‘marketing paraphernalia’, SumoMe is perfect.


I hope I was able to disabuse you of the notion that an SEO plugin is all you need to market your content effectively. It boils down to creating great content, consistently ¬and telling the entire world about it. Search engines may or may not notice, but (some) people will. Those are all you need to start with.