Caring for your natural nails and keeping them nourished, strong, and healthy will offer them longevity and fewer implications. They will fight fit and ready to take on whatever nail treatment you choose. Nail care, in any form: indulgence, self-care or routine maintenance is a worthwhile investment of time, not money. 

Simple lifestyle habits are the best path to longer and stronger natural nails instead of those expensive nail tools. For useful and doable nail care routines, follow the steps below to have longer and stronger nails even before you know it. 

Moisturize Regularly for Proper Nail Growth 

Those facing nail growth and manicure longevity issues due to dry nails should moisturize their natural nails several times during the week, especially after water exposure, to achieve desired growth. Several internal and external factors, like gender and age, can lead to dry nails. Studies have found that the cholesterol levels in a woman’s nail plate decline with age, thus supporting that brittle and dry nails are common in women above 50.  

Environmental factors, like dry and cold weather, can ward off nail moisture, thus causing peeling, chipping, breakage, and splits. They can even lead to cuticle cracking at the nail base, increasing the risk of infection. 

So, moisturize your nails with nail-specific moisturizers containing vitamin E to prevent cracking and strengthen the nails. Alternatively, you can use any moisturizing product containing Brazil nut oil or sunflower oil, the phospholipids that combat dryness and improve nail flexibility.  

Whether using oil or cream, ensure massaging it into your natural nails for at least one minute to stimulate blood circulation for healthy nail growth. 

Take on Nail Slugging 

It involves coating each nail in a thick layer of ointment, like Aquaphor or Vaseline, after moisturizing them with oil or cream. This seals in moisture and improves absorption for better nail growth. Wear cotton gloves overnight to keep everything locked for the best results. 

Keep Hands Clean 

Maintaining hand cleanliness is very important to ensure your natural nails’ proper growth and longevity. After washing your hands, check the nails for grime and use an acetone-free remover to remove nail polish without drying out the nails.  

Next, apply soap or hand wash to a clean toothbrush and gently scrub the nails and surrounding skin to remove dirt. This also exfoliates dead skin around the nails without drying or harsh chemicals. 

Leave the Cuticles Alone

Do not cut or push back the cuticles, as they are your natural nail’s protective seal, and messing with them can leave the nails at risk of infection. Maintain cuticle health by preventing them from getting injured or drying out, which can further injure the nail bed, affecting how your nails grow. Moisturize the cuticles with cuticle oil or cream to strengthen and protect your natural nails.  

Cuticle oil moisturizes the skin around the nails helping your nail polish last for a long, and it even supplies essential nutrients to the nails, keeping them strong and healthy to prevent splits and breaks. 

Use Gentle Nail Polish Remover, Base Coat, and Top Coat to Protect the Nails 

To remove traces of nail paint for a new application: 

  • Use a mild, acetone-free nail polish remover that prevents dryness. 
  • Use a base coat to make the nail paint look more opaque and saturated while preventing the nails from getting stained by nail polish. 
  • Even if you are not using any nail color, opt for strengthening varnishes that offer your nails a shiny hardcover; reinforce the tips, make them appear thicker, and protect against damage. 
  • Take things to the next level by adding a coat of clear gloss between the layers for extra protection and shine. 
  • Do not forget the top coat to decrease the risk of nail polish chipping. 

Avoid Switching Acrylics for Natural Nails 

Many prefer nail jobs done using dip powder nails, acrylics, and gel nails. While these instant manicure processes can give shiny and long nails, they may cause large-scale damage to your natural nails if not done and maintained properly.  

So try sticking to your natural nails as much as possible, and instead of fake nails, go for a clean coat of nail enamel. If you want to try different nail jobs, use branded acrylics and get your nails done by certified nail technicians at a professional salon. 

Have a Balanced and Healthy Diet 

Changing your diet may also improve the shine and longevity of your natural nails. Have a well-balanced and healthy regular diet that offers all nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and essential oils to your body and improves your nail condition.  

Watch out for mineral deficiency symptoms like brittle nails, white flecks within nails, or pail nail color, and if you find them, include core nutrients like calcium, zinc, and iron into your diet to boost the immune system. 

Also, load on protein-rich and nail-friendly foods, such as legumes, beans, and nuts, to boost nail growth. Strengthen your nails further with high doses of vitamins and minerals from green vegetables, such as asparagus, spinach, and broccoli.  

Add a lot of omega-3 fatty acids and Keratin protein to your diet for better nail growth. Besides these, regular supplements, such as fish oil and biotin, along with vitamins A, B, and C, can strengthen the nails; make them glossier and more hydrated while eliminating white spots and nail ridges. 


Your nail care routine will no longer be a nightmare if you follow the steps above religiously. Also, remember that patience and healthy habits pay off in regular nail care making your nails stronger and healthier over time.  


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