Best free and premium jquery calendar and date picker plugins.

Hubeleke jQuery Events Calendar via Ajax

Hubeleke jQuery Events Calendar is a flexible plugin that allows you to connect to your database and show up your event days on a calendar view. You can easily list your events on wherever you want on your page via just one click.

jQuery simpleTimePicker

The plugin creates 2 selectors: hour, minute. After you select a time with these selectors, it puts the result time string in an output field. You can send or serialize your form normally.

jQuery Flat Event Calendar Timeline

It’s a responsive event calendar. It can also be used as a timeline. It’s suitable both for responsive and fixed layout. It comes with Responsive design, Flat UI, 5 layouts included, Supported by all major browsers, Almost fully css customizable, Own layout can be customized, Metro and iOS7 inspired.

Licovents – Linear Calendar of Nearest Events

Jquery Mobile Event Calendar

Jquery mobile based event calendar. Utilizing the powerful Jquery mobile framework to create and display an event calendar for your mobile or mobile web projects.


jQuery Range Calendar Plugin

jQuery Range Calendar is a new approach to a classic calendar. It allows you to select a range of dates simply by resizing the right edge with an easy drag and drop. The calendar is perfect for short and medium range selection.

Jalendar – Premium Calendar and Events Plugin

Jalendar.js is premium jQuery plugin for calendar and events. You can use this plugin for show and add your events.

Jquery Event Calendar

DZS jQuery Mini Events Calendar

jQuery Time Picker

Improve your forms with this usable and easy to deploy jQuery time picker.

Booking Calendar PRO

This item is ideal if you want to add information about bookings to your rentals website. The Back End is easy to use and can be easily integrated into your own CMS as the Front End can be easily integrated into your website.


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