Welcome to Prestige Garden Rooms, where you can get the best Insulated Garden Rooms to improve your outdoor living space. We stand out for our dedication to exceptional craftsmanship and creative designs, which makes sure that your garden becomes an extension of your living space. Come along as we explore insulated garden rooms and how they may transform outdoor living.

Investigating Our Range of Insulated Garden Rooms

To meet your specific demands, Prestige Garden Rooms takes pleasure in providing a wide selection of insulated garden rooms. Our collection, which includes annexes and custom designs, guarantees to integrate in with your outdoor setting and give you a comfortable and useful addition to your living space.

The Benefit of Cedar Insulated Garden Rooms

Check out our Cedar Insulated Garden Rooms to experience the best thermal insulation available. These garden rooms beat conventional building materials like brick, concrete and steel in terms of thermal efficiency since they are constructed with 18mm Western Red Cedar veneer. Both aesthetics and functionality are enhanced by the cladding’s distinctive colors and hidden nail profile.

Cutting-edge construction details

Our Platinum Pent garden room’s framework construction has a 95mm x 45mm design, ensuring stability and durability. A permeable membrane, 75mm of Celotex insulation, and a vapor barrier are all included in the walls to provide the best insulation possible. The interior is paneled with 9mm moisture-resistant MDF with a V groove every 200mm, while the roof has UPVC fascia boards.

Stylish and Practical Additions

Our garden rooms’ doors and windows are made of UPVC and have 4/20/4 TGH double glazing, which combines practicality and aesthetic appeal. The flooring is completed with 18mm OSB and is insulated with 75mm PIR boards to provide warmth and comfort. Our garden rooms come in a range of sizes and can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Customized Outdoor Living Products

Our speciality is building custom, energy-efficient garden rooms of any size and shape. With years of experience, we customize each project to match your unique requirements, converting your outdoor space into a cozy and fashionable living room.

Explore the Opportunities

To see the potential of your insulated garden rooms, view our gallery. Imagine the peace and usefulness it could bring to your life.

Get a Quote Right Now

Ready to take the leap into transforming your outdoor space? Request a quote today and embark on the journey to create a harmonious blend of nature and comfort.


The Insulated Garden Rooms from Prestige Garden Rooms will improve your outdoor living experience. Your garden will transform into a relaxing haven thanks to our dedication to quality, innovation, and individualized solutions. Take a look at the options and start the process of making your ideal outdoor sanctuary.


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