The mini cart, a shopping cart that floats above the pages of an online store like yours, allows buyers to observe what they are buying without having to leave the sales pages. In fact, it provides a better browsing, purchasing, and user experience.

Importance of Mini Cart

By integrating a WooCommerce mini cart or fly-out mini cart into your company, you may enhance the consumer experience. Users are unable to view the Cart by default unless they finish the checkout process or go to a different cart page.

They can’t check if a product has been put to their baskets or assess their choices without leaving the product sites and going to their carts. You risk losing sales if customers leave the store to check their shopping carts. All of this was possible thanks to the mini cart for WooCommerce.

Mini carts are helpful because they let users manage and monitor their shopping carts while they browse a website. Customers don’t need to view the entire shopping page to quickly add or remove items, adjust quantities, or use coupons. The ease of customer purchases will enhance user experience and boost conversion rates.

How to Add Mini Cart

To automatically create a WooCommerce menu cart, utilise the WooCommerce cart widget. We’re using a widget, therefore it can only be put in the places the theme specifically designates for widgets. The Widgets sidebar, Below Header, and Footer are the most frequently used locations.

The WooCommerce Mini cart plugin, however allows you to add a mini cart. You can speed up checkouts with this plugin, which will improve user experience and boost customer flow. Whatever you sell, a WooCommerce mini cart plugin could assist you in expanding your online presence.

This plugin provides a popup side cart that enables quick checkout. The only people who can take advantage of it are customers who click the floating cart icon to speed up the checkout process. The entire WooCommerce checkout procedure may be displayed in the popup quite quickly with the aid of this plugin.

It enables you to move the cart around. Attach the cart to the upper left or upper right corner of the menu. The adjustment should take into account the user’s behavior or the theme of your online business. The cart menu can also be modified.

Some of this plugin’s features include:

  • A fly-out cart or a mini cart can be added to the main menu.
  • Add a customised icon from among 13 other cart-like icons.
  • The sliding cart should be enabled for better UX.
  • Use an icon to show cart items and prices on the primary menu.
  • Put shopping cart icons around the page.
  • You can show a Mini Cart anywhere by using shortcodes.
  • Engage users with the fly-out cart’s animation and any further notifications you like to provide.


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