The growing NFT market brings opportunities for free non-fungible tokens. These tokens are worth something if others want them, but they can be easy to get if you know where to look. Many NFT marketplaces hold giveaways, and you can often win by following a project’s social media channels, participating in AMAs, or joining their Discord community. Other giveaways require you to complete a simple task such as retweeting or commenting. Many NFT projects host giveaways for free tokens to attract new players. These giveaways are usually conducted through social media or Discord communities and require participants to follow specific participation rules and criteria. Another way to get free NFTs is by participating in an airdrop. This requires you to follow the NFT project on Twitter or join its community on Discord to receive the giveaways.

Follow the project on social media

Games with non-fungible tokens can be a fun and rewarding way to get NFTs for free. Getting NFTs this way is more challenging than purchasing them on a marketplace but can still be worthwhile if done correctly. Some projects like those at FreeNFT will give out NFTs to their social media followers. This method is usually used to reward influencers and boost community involvement. It is also an effective marketing strategy. Another popular method for getting free NFTs is to sign up for newsletters that alert you of upcoming NFT mints and airdrops. This is especially useful for new P2E projects looking to boost their user base. Some websites will allow you to filter by blockchain type, requirements, and more to make finding free NFTs easier.

Participate in airdrops

NFT giveaways on social media are a great way to start building your collection without spending money. These giveaways require you to follow the account, comment, or retweet the post to participate. Another common way to get free NFTs is by participating in airdrops. Many new projects will hold airdrops to give away free tokens to promote their product and gain awareness. These giveaways are typically distributed through social media or Discord channels. You can also find NFT airdrops by signing up for mailing lists of popular NFT projects. Some NFT projects will also offer bounties to reward individuals for helping with marketing or development. These bounties are generally posted on Discord servers and can be a great way to make extra money while helping a project. Before applying for bounties, check out the project’s website and social media profiles.


NFTs are non-fungible tokens on a blockchain that represent actual or virtual assets. They can be collectible or tradable and are often worth millions of dollars. NFT collections are gaining popularity and attracting thriving communities that can make or lose money. One of the most popular ways to get free NFTs is through airdrops. This is when the team behind a project will distribute a small number of NFTs to their community for promotional reasons. This can be a great way to drive community engagement and raise brand awareness.

The most common type of airdrop is a standard one that rewards community members for sharing content or interacting with the project. Some also incorporate gamification, rewarding top community members with more valuable NFTs. These are typically done through a project’s website or discord channels and can only be claimed briefly. Another type of airdrop is the holder-only drop, which rewards NFT holders with exclusive items. This is a great way to incentivize NFT holders and reward them with additional value for their commitment to the project.

Sponsor a collection

Many NFT marketplaces offer NFTs for free to new users. These NFTs can be used in-game to create new non-fungible tokens or sold in exchange for cash. In addition, some games offer players free NFTs to encourage gameplay and rewards for completing in-game tasks. These free NFTs are often used to promote the game and attract new users. Another common way to get free NFTs is through giveaways and airdrops. NFT projects frequently hold these events to build a following, and they usually require participants to follow them on social media or join their Discord or Telegram channels. These events may involve retweeting or commenting on posts, providing your Ethereum wallet address, or completing other actions.

The amount of NFTs available in these giveaways will vary, but they are an excellent opportunity to increase your collection. Other ways to get free NFTs include playing metaverse games and participating in bounties. The latter are incentives NFT projects offer to individuals who help them with marketing and development efforts. In addition, it is possible to sign up for mailing lists of popular NFT projects, which can alert you to upcoming giveaways and airdrops. Lastly, some websites track NFT mints and airdrops to provide a central hub for NFT enthusiasts to find these opportunities.

Playing games

Play-to-earn games are a great way to earn free NFTs. These games resemble traditional video games but are powered by blockchain technology. The games offer a variety of ways to earn in-game NFTs that can be sold or traded for other in-game items or real-world currencies. These NFTs can be sold or traded on the in-game marketplace for a profit. Some of these games are free-to-play, but most require an initial investment to start earning in the game. These games are often promoted on Twitter and other social media by their creators and some offer bounties for users who help them promote the game.


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