In 2020, the Online gaming market showcased a 21 billion US dollars growth, a record in itself.

It shows the growth of the online gaming industry since the release of the first virtual game, Mazewar, in 1974. And since then, the trajectory of online gaming has been high. 

More and more players, regardless of gender and age, participate in a virtual simulation. 

But today, we will not understand online gaming but focus on gaming websites. We will show you how to design a Gaming Site – A place where you see high-graphic images, ads, and hundreds of gaming options. 

Are you ready? Let’s start exploring.

User Experience 

It should be the priority of any gaming website. User experience is key to increasing the popularity of the website. And bring more traffic to the website. 

One of the imperatives for you will be to make the website easy to use for any users, whether they are young adults, kids, adults, or older people. 

So, please focus on the user interface and ensure that the users can play immediately when they visit the website. It should also include stressing controls and functions to increase their interest in the site. 

Further, ensure that people can switch games after another game smoothly to ensure they are satisfied with the gaming experience. 

The job of a virtual play site is to give a premium gaming experience to its users. 

Think Like The Audience 

Yeah! It is important considering the fact audience will give the revenue for the further growth of the website. Build a website that is virtually pleasing and has good aesthetics. 

So, when you design a website, you need to think about the audience of different age groups that can visit the site. 

Here are a few things you can do – 

Design style 

Put your head towards the point that you want to add a realistic design or something bright to attract kids and young adults. 

The best would be to ad bright colors that can give a beautiful visual experience to the user. 


Keep your websites open for everyone and allow people to create an account. It strikes the middle ground and keeps the balance between account holders and non-account holders.  

Further, you can provide perks and benefits for the people with an account to increase the site’s visibility.  

Game Selection

One of the crucial segments that will decide the fate of your website.  

Have you thought of a game you want users to experience? 

Do you want to play simple games like solitaire, card games, or ping pong? Or something premia like the Age of Empires or Far Cry?

Modern trends include fantasy leagues, where users can predict a line-up to score high and earn money. 

So, the user interface will come to light with your idea of the game. 

For now, you can take the help of Ubisoft or Far Cry and see how to create a website for all people. 

Or you can help from a professional website design agency in Singapore. They specialize in building gaming websites.


It would be best to have finances to ensure you can sustain the website, include more games, or update the existing one. 

And for that, you need to allow space for the ads through which you can make income and increase your profits. 

It would be best to strike a balance with the right amount of ads, as you can ruin Google’s rankings with more ads. And with less, you won’t earn much. 

Try to place it at the end of the game, which will not ruin the playability of the user and will help you monetize some cash. 


For this, you need an SEO expert, as they will ensure that your website has the right keywords for people to access. With a click on the search bar, they will find the website. 

So, keep a check that your website should be visible to everyone worldwide. 

In The End 

In conclusion, we can add that gaming websites require the right design and aesthetics to increase user visibility. 

Further, it would be best if you focused on the controls and accessibility to give a premium feel to the user. 

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